Guardians Fight for the Puppies in Destiny 2 Live-Action Trailer

What do you fight for, Guardian? Freedom? Life? Vengeance? Loot? What about the poor puppies? These are the motivations offered by Cayde-6 in the latest Destiny 2 live-action trailer as the game spins up the hype for its upcoming launch.

destiny 2 live-action trailer

The new trailer takes a decidedly less morose turn than previous trailers as the sharp-tongued Cayde-6 offers a list of motivations for taking back the fallen Tower from the Red Legion to an assembled fireteam of Guardians.

The trailer itself offers no new gameplay details – or even gameplay footage itself – but it does set a generally free-wheeling tone much like the live-action trailer for the first Destiny game.

Whatever your motivations for beating back Ghaul, you can check out the new trailer in its entirety below.

Our Thoughts

Something about these live-action trailers is incredibly endearing even if they are a bit cheesy. In all honesty, that level of entertaining goofiness is part of the charm. But then again, if you’re not the kind of person who enjoys Cayde’s banter or you take your FPS gaming super seriously, this is probably not going to appeal. Besides, this trailer is certainly not the silliest thing to come from this franchise.

Source: YouTube

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MMOney – Q2 2017, Charts, and Investments

The staff at MMOGames are always looking for new ways to dissect and investigate the online gaming industry. Which is why we’ve introduced MMOney, a new monthly column that looks just at the financial news from the industry in the previous month. We will try to use language that makes it easy for everyone to understand. This column may be more frequent during quarterly report season as so much new information is released. We would also love feedback from you, our readers! Do you like the column? Is there anything we can do to improve it? Let us know in the comments.


Blizzard Q2 2017 Report Falls Short of Expectations

The Q2 financial report for Activision-Blizzard wasn’t as strong as investors were expecting and as a result stock took a bit of a hit. But it isn’t all bad news. Blizzard has been the driving force for the company accounting for 42% of the revenue Overwatch and Hearthstone have both seen their monthly active user numbers continue to rise, despite both being more than a year old. Blizzard also talked up their time spent metric, showing that compared to last year players are spending more time in World of Warcraft. Not surprising at all when you consider Legion’s release.

Destiny 2 was also a talking point for the company. The console beta had more players than the 2014 Destiny beta and there have now been more pre-orders made for Destiny 2 than there were for Destiny. If you look at the reasons why you have the fact that Destiny 2 will be on PC, opening up a whole new audience. You also have those who started playing after pre-orders finished. So really, this is in line with expectations.


Pokemon Go Returns to the Charts and Gaming Industry is Expanding in Superdata Reports

Superdata released 2 different reports this month. The first looked just at July, which most notably saw the return of Pokemon Go on the Mobile Game earning chart. League of Legends tops the PC chart, and Grand Theft Auto V tops consoles. Free to Play MMOs showed the most growth in July, increasing 29%. While pay to play MMOs declined by 2%. PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds sold another 1.6 million units last month.

The second report looked at all of 2017 so far and had a number of different interesting bits of information. Mobile is the biggest platform, female gamers make up 46% of the market in the US, and 665 million people have watched videos about games so far. The biggest game of the year so far is of course League of Legends. For the first time in history, interactive media has reached $100 billion. It is also predicted that by 2020 that number will be $168.8 billion. More people watch gaming video content than HBO, Netflix, ESPN, and Hulu combined. In fact, the audience is twice the population of the United States. Gamers are also more likely to be watching live streams than prime time TV as this is when the most content is watched.


Gamestop Q2 Profits Fall

Despite the Nintendo Switch releasing Gamestop’s profits continue to fall. Their sale of Kongregate kept the decline at 20%. They have seen some growth in the digital market however which increased 28%. Collectibles also saw growth of 36%. In an effort to help the struggling retailer stay afloat ALL Gamestops will be open on Thanksgiving.


Dual Universe Gets Massive Investment

Private investors have given Dual Universe a massive $3.7 in funding, which adds to the $630,000 that was raised on Kickstarter. The MMO will be entering pre-alpha on September 30th. Though it will be limited to crowdfunding backers who have pledged at the gold level or higher. Which on Kickstarter was at least €100.


Guild Wars 2 Hits An All Time Low in NCSoft’s Q2 Report

Thanks to the launch of Lineage M NCSoft’s mobile games totaled 93.7 billion Won. Meanwhile, Guild Wars 2 saw only 13.5, the lowest it has ever been. However, thanks to Path of Fire, Guild Wars 2 will have a fantastic third quarter.


WoW Gold More Valuable Than Real Life Currency

As a result of the ongoing troubles in Venezuela World of Warcraft gold is worth more than the Bolivar. On the black market, now the best place to get Venezuela’s currency, you can get $1 for 8493.97 bolivars while a WoW token is worth 8385 gold per dollar. This was discovered by a Twitter user and later a website that tracks currency said that actually, the gap between WoW gold and the Bolivar is even higher than originally thought.


Korea’s FTC Will Investigate Starcraft

Korea’s PC Bang Association has requested the Fair Trade commission look into Starcraft fees. The association argues that Blizzard are double-charging by requiring an hourly fee on top of the flat fee for the license. They go further to say that it isn’t worthy of the new fees as the upgraded version has no new content. Blizzard Korea fired back saying that Remastered is a new game with new perks and exclusive offerings.


Shroud of the Avatar Raises Almost $700,000

Shroud of the Avatar

The Shroud of the Avatar equity crowdfunding campaign on SeedInvest raised just under $700,000 from 518 investors. While the monthly telethon raised $67,500 which has granted several stretch goals to players.


Elite Dangerous Passes 2.75 Million Sales

This month Frontier Developments announced that Elite: Dangerous and the expansion Horizons have passed a grand total of 2.75 million sales. The last sales count we were given was back in January 2016 when they reported 1.4 million copies sold.


Pearl Abyss Merging Game Companies

Pearl Abyss has its fingers in many pies and they’ve announced that they’re combining all of their game businesses in one pie tin. It will be called Kakao Games Holdings. The company has several mobile games, Black Desert Online, and will be publishing PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds in Korea. The reason for this move is to improve efficiency and to prepare the company for an IPO.


Scott Hartsman Addresses Concerns Over Trion’s Financial State

Delidding Tech put out a piece in which they paint the situation at Trion in a negative light, pointing at layoffs and a shareholder report for Fidelity’s Contrafund as the source of the concerns. Trion’s CEO Scott Hartsman very quickly took to Reddit where the article had been shared in the ArcheAge subreddit to address the concerns. Quite simply one of Fidelity’s funds has had a small stake in Trion since before Scott took over. As for the layoffs, Scott pointed out that in the last 4 years they’ve become a company which doesn’t lay off people every year, something that is quite common in the industry.


More eSports Prize Funds Surpassing $1 Million Than Ever

12 eSports have over $1 million in prize funds, more than have ever been seen before. In 2016 10 games made the list. You only have to go as far back as 2010 to find a time when there was only one game, Counterstrike with prize funds over a million dollars. Dota 2 tops the list so far this year with $32,803,807.04 across 71 tournaments. All of this comes from which has information as far back as 1998.

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Ashes of Creation Video Explains Gameplay and Dates ‘Alpha Zero’

Ashes of Creation is making its way to PAX West, but before it does, its got a lot to show off. A new pre-alpha video from the sandbox MMO has introduced a wealth of new information including details of some of the game’s archetypes and a start date for what it’s calling “alpha zero”.

pre-alpha video

The video, hosted by Intrepid Studios’ Seven Sharif, goes into some deep information about four of the game’s eight planned classes, with details on each of their skills and abilities. The video also touches on some of the aspects of the game’s Node system as well as how combat and skill advancement will operate.

The pre-alpha demo that will be on the PAX West floor will feature two modes; a PvE encounter set in an open world area where players will be able to gather materials and lead a caravan to a nearby Node, and a 4v4 PvP arena where teams will fight each other for control points.

Ashes of Creation will kick off its very first alpha test, codenamed Alpha Zero, on Friday, December 15th. Access to this specific test is available as part of a weekly raffle to those who have registered on the game’s website. You can also take a look at the complete pre-alpha presentation below.

Our Thoughts

This has been the most concrete information about gameplay and mechanics that Ashes of Creation has put out yet and is offering probably the best look at what players can expect heading into alpha testing. We are looking forward to hearing and seeing more!

Source: YouTube

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Citadel: Forged with Fire Adds a Unicorn

The most fabulous horse ever devised by mortals is coming to sandbox MMO Citadel: Forged with Fire. That’s right, you can now ride a Citadel unicorn mount in the latest update. There’s also a new set of armor too, but let’s be honest with ourselves; it’s all about the unicorn.

citadel unicorn

In addition to the pretty pony and the new Tempered Iron Armor set, the latest update will also allow some previously non-functional worlds to come back online. There are also a number of small fixes to several spells and structures, some minor UI tweaks, and a few other optimizations added in this latest patch.

But, again, unicorn mount. Look at it. Look at it.

The devs of Citadel will be hosting a livestream today at 4pm EDT where the new Marble Set will be on display, along with some castle building and other in-development features. That can be seen on the game’s official Twitch channel. You can also peruse the update’s patch notes on the Citadel: Forged with Fire Steam page.

In the meantime, let’s look at the unicorn together in the video below, shall we?

Our Thoughts

Look at my horse. My horse is amazing.

Sources: press release, Steam

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Dual Universe Shows Promise to be First True Sandbox MMO

There are a lot of MMOs out there that claim to be sandboxes but none of them are even slightly comparable to what Dual Universe is attempting. Generally, most sandbox games allow players to choose their role within a set of parameters. In EVE Online, you can pick from dozens of different playstyles but you’re still confined to the cold dark of space whether you’re a miner, mercenary, or crafter. Dual Universe, however, is giving players the tools to create anything they want.

The first time I had a look at Dual Universe was E3 2016, and it was more or less still in the concept phase. I got the see the developer fly around a massive planet while discussing their Continuous Single-Shard Cluster technology and limitless potential for player-created content. This year, things are starting to look a little more realistic for Dual Universe, and necessarily so with the pre-alpha becoming available to Gold Backers and above.

Dual Universe pre-alpha


The Building Blocks of Civilization

Novaquark has been approaching the development of Dual Universe in a similar manner that the first players in the game will be. In order to build a great civilization, first there needs to be a solid foundation. The same can definitely be said about building a game because if the technology isn’t working correctly then there will be nothing but problems in the future.

The two most unique design choices for Dual Universe are the fully editable world designs and the Continuous Single-Shard Cluster. These will allow an assumedly infinite number of players to interact with each other in a single server where they can harvest, mine, and build upon anything that they can touch. This is being achieved through custom-built technology that focuses on cloud-based scalability and a voxel design system.

However, Dual Universe doesn’t look anything like your typical voxel-based game. It’s visually much closer to something like Landmark, without the limitation of being confined to the planet, than Minecraft. Players will be able to claim their own territories where they can build, gather and set access rights for other players. There also won’t be an issue of running out of player-controlled territories as the planets are massive and should be able to support newcomers for years (depending on how quickly the population grows). Furthermore, there’s no limit on gathering in your zone; technically you could mine all the way to a planet’s core, which would take an incredibly long time.

Dual Universe pre-alpha

After all those materials are harvested, there’s basically no limit on what players can create with them. Dual Universe uses 25cm precision voxel technology that allows players to create objects with minute details or massive space stations. Of course, it will be difficult to gather all of the minerals required to created complex machines and players will need to work together to be efficient.

The available demo had a few examples including a player-created room and small spaceship. In order to work correctly, the ship needed a frame, cockpit, landing gear, and engines. Additionally, it used a pre-made physics program that players can even modify with Lua programming. The room was fairly basic, but it had examples of triggers that players could build into their designs, such as pressure plates or laser sensors.


A Place for Everyone

This might sound amazing for players who love crafting and creating grand designs. It’s obvious from other voxel and building style games that given enough time, and resources, players will stretch the limits of a game. However, not everyone is interested in that sort of gameplay. There are explorers, gatherers, fighters, politicians, etc.

While discussing Dual Universe with founder Jean-Christophe Baillie, it became clear that only a small percentage of the population would really be successful at designing and constructing unique creations in the game. However, there will definitely be a role for all types of players and those roles will change and expand as the game goes on.

For example, resources are needed in order to create buildings or vehicles. It won’t be efficient for a single person to run around gathering all the necessary resources for a motorcycle. Instead, crafters will hire people to go out and gather specific minerals or simply buy them from a local market. In order to construct a city, there will need to be people laying blocks and building walls. Furthermore, once something is designed, its blueprints can be sold for mass production.

Dual Universe pre-alpha

Due to the true sandbox nature of Dual Universe, the environment on launch will be completely different than what new players experience months or years down the line. The first players will arrive on a barren planet filled with resources and could eventually turn it into a thriving metropolis. Wars will break out, factions will shift power, and new technologies will be introduced. So even if it doesn’t sound like your type of game right now, that could completely change in the future based on how the players have taken it.


To Infinity and Beyond

Initially, players will be confined to the starting planet, but they will be able to leave and explore others once space travel has been developed. Baillie said that the development team will be starting out small because each planet will be custom designed with a certain set of biomes. As of right now, a single planet and moon are in a playable state but he plans to at least have a complete solar system and possibly other systems in the future.

There won’t be an unlimited amount of planets like other games have attempted, because leaving things up to procedural generation can lead to a generic feeling experience. Instead, the team wants each planet to have a feeling of uniqueness.

Dual Universe pre-alpha


From what I’ve seen of Dual Universe, it’s definitely an ambitious project but the tools appear to be in place. It’ll be interesting to see what the pre-alpha testers do with it and how the single server holds up. If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on Dual Universe, Novaquark is still accepting pledges with gold-tier receiving access on September 30, 2017.

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Cloud Pirates Announces its Sunset

We’ve got some bad news for anyone who may still be playing Allods’ multiplayer ship shooter. The team has confirmed the Cloud Pirates shutdown, granting details on the game’s final days and what will be offered to those players who are still loyal.

cloud pirates shutdown

The final days of Cloud Pirates will go out with a bang as the game issues its last update, appropriately named “Final Frontier”. The update introduces a new PvE mode where three ships face off against waves of enemies. In addition, all progress will become 50% faster, all content will only cost 1 Gold, all items that cost Rubies will only cost 1 Ruby, and all Steam DLC is now free.

If you’re among those who purchased Rubies or other in-game items, the devs are also offering the opportunity to exchange Rubies for Premium Currencies in’s other MMOs or full refunds for items purchased after Update 1.5.

Cloud Pirates officially goes dark on Friday, Septembe 29th. “It’s been wonderful sailing the turbulent skies with you, Captains, and we’d like to thank you for all your support,” reads the announcement.

Our Thoughts

We wish the very best for the developers of Cloud Pirates and hope that they will find new game dev work very soon. We also hope that Cloud Pirates players, in whatever number they are, enjoy the final few weeks of this game.

Source: official site

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MMORTS War of Conquest is Coming to Kickstarter

A new MMORTS is on the horizon for those who are interested in learning about it. IronZog LLC has announced the start date for the War of Conquest Kickstarter campaign, along with additional information about what the new game will offer potential players.

war of conquest kickstarter

In War of Conquest, players will be put in charge of their own nation in a fantasy world with thousands of other players as each nation looks to advance itself with arcane arts. Orbs of Power are the key to this advancement and will end up being the primary point of potential conflict as players will need to build defenses, forge alliances, and gather resources. All of these features operate in real-time through coordination or conflict with other players.

“A nation’s valuable assets are found not so much in the land it holds and the defenses it’s built, which are liable to be conquered, recaptured, rebuilt, destroyed and relocated over and over—but in the technological advances it’s developed, the resources it’s gathered and the alliances it’s engineered,” says lead developer Michael Ferrier.

War of Conquest is seeking $7,000 in order to wrap up the remainder of its development, including artwork, music and sound, localization, licensing fees, and advertising. The game’s crowdfunding campaign will kick off on Tuesday, September 5th. You can check out the title’s Kickstarter page in advance, head over to its website, and check out a trailer below.

Our Thoughts

A single massive map where thousands of player nations are vying for dominance? Sounds like a pretty intriguing recipe. We wish the folks at IronZog the best of luck in their development and hope that the game offers something new and unique to RTS fans.

Source: press release

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Champions Online Anniversary Pack Giveaway Second Chance

Champions Online is a free to play superhero MMORPG that delivers furious, fast-paced encounters previously reserved for action and fighting games. No more boring auto attacks and lengthy recharge times; combat here is instantaneous, unpredictable, and electrifying! This is a highly addicting game where you can challenge players worldwide for battles and score points, design your superhero’s costume and abilities, and go head to head with your arch nemesis! Champions Online has just had its 8th anniversary, and you’re invited to take part in the celebration! Perfect World Entertainment and MMOGames have teamed up for the special Champions Online Anniversary Pack Giveaway. Enter to win not one, but TWO special anniversary packs; one for level 1-39 Champions, and one for level 40!

Champions Online Anniversary Pack Giveaway


What You Get From The Champions Online Anniversary Pack Giveaway

NOTE: Winners will receive TWO different keys. One is for a level 1-39 gift pack, and the other is for a level 40 gift pack.

  • Champion Level 1-39 Gift Pack
    • 30x Healing Devices
    • 5x Costume Change Tokens
    • 5x XP Boosters
    • Temporary Sidekick (One Hour)
    • Full set of leveling gear
  • Champion Level 40 Gift pack
    • 30x Healing Devices
    • 5x Costume Change Tokens
    • 5x Triumphant Recoveries
    • 1x Temporary Sidekick (One Hour)
    • Full set of Level 40 gear


How To Redeem Your Champions Online Anniversary Pack Giveaway Keys

  1. If you do not already play Champions Online, go here to download and install the Arc client and Champions Online.
  2. Visit
  3. Log into your Arc account and enter the code as prompted.
  4. Log into Champions Online and visit the C-Store.
  5. Claim your items in the bonus section of the C-Store. Enjoy Champions Online!
  6. NOTE: These keys can only be redeemed by one character on a single account.


Enter Via Gleam

Sign in with a selection of options within the Gleam widgets at the end of this post and complete one or more entries to enter. You can select all of them or just one, it’s entirely up to you, though the more you choose, the more chances you have to win! This round of the giveaway will end on Monday, September 11, 2017, at 08:00 GMT. This drawing is for 2 sets of 10 keys. Remember, every winner will receive TWO keys.

We will be in touch by email with the winners once the contest comes to an end.  If you have any issues, please contact us.

Champions Online Anniversary Pack Giveaway Second Chance


Round One Winners Below!

Champions Online Anniversary Pack Giveaway

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30v30 Fights Arrive to World of Tanks in Latest Update

It’s time to make 29 new friends and 30 new enemies. World of Tanks Grand Battles have arrived with the launch of Update 9.20, pitting 60 players against each other in one giant map along with a variety of other adjustments.

world of tanks grand battles

The Grand Battles will take place on the new Nebelburg map, a colossal 1.4 km x 1.4 km play space to let Tier X tanks roam wild and free. Since the new mode is restricted to Tier X armor, players can expect rewards to be suitably handsome, along with earning a new Bonds currency that can be spent on Directives or improved equipment.

In addition to the epic new battle mode, Update 9.20 is bringing vehicle rebalancing to four of the game’s nations, SPG improvements, and a total of nine new Chinese Tank Destroyer vehicles across all tiers.

Full details on what the new update can be found on the game’s website and a trailer showcasing the new Grand Battles can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Now this looks like fun. Of course, it also looks like sheer chaos, which is honestly part of the charm. We hope that tank commanders in World of Tanks have an awesome time in the new Grand Battles mode!

Source: press release

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Survived By is a Retro-Style Roguelite Bullet Hell MMO

The combination of retro graphics, bullet hell shooters, MMOs, and a roguelite permadeath game are all coming together with the Survived By reveal. The newest MMO from publisher Digital Extremes and developer Human Head Studios has been officially detailed and is entering its closed alpha.

survived by reveal

Survived By pits up to 100 players in a fight against a mysterious corruption that has taken over the villages and towns of the World Tree. Players can select a variety of classes to beat back the hordes of monsters, explore dungeons, and craft powerful new weapons. According to executive producer Ryan Jackson, Survived By is trying to create a game with “a tremendous sense of wonder and an addictive blend of crafting, social team-work and twitchy bullet-hell madness”.

One of the bigger wrinkles comes in Survived By’s unique death mechanic, where dying takes away nearly all of your equipment and grants you the opportunity to play as a descendant of your slain character. The new heir to your character carries a part of your previous hero’s legacy with them in the form of new buffs and stat boosts.

Survived By will be free-to-play at launch and is currently accepting registrations for a chance at the closed alpha test on its official website. The MMO will also be playable at this year’s PAX West for anyone attending. Until then, you can check out a teaser trailer for the game below.

Our Thoughts

Well this one certainly came out of left field! We’re most definitely intrigued by everything being offered in Survived By and are absolutely looking forward to learning more about this unique MMO experience.

Source: press release

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