Heroes Global Championship Day 3: Group D

Heroes Global Championship Day 3: Group D

The last day of the group stages for HGC Finals 2017. The best minor region team, Soul Torturers, and the second Korean seed Ballistix are both here and are worth talking about, but my mind is not on them. My mind is on Super Perfect Team, the number one seed from China who is playing with an alternate for their support due to visa issues and Team Expert the third seed from EU. Expert and SPT both have a slightly mad scientist feel to their drafting. Misaka and Adrd are players that, due to their drafting, frequently end up defining parts of the meta for their respective regions. Assuming neither team holds anything back, if they end up going against each other it may well be the most interesting drafts we see in the entirety of the group stages.

Heroes Global Championship Day 3


Super Perfect Team vs Soul Torturers

Game one ended up being relatively close with ST taking an early lead in shots on Towers of Doom, but after a slog of a game that ended up 22 vs 22, it all came down to one team fight at bottom shrine. SPT had to channel one altar to win, one alter spawned. SPT had not only Divine Shield but the level 20 upgrade Bulwark of Light, which means that Divine Shield lasts for 5 seconds. The channel time for an altar on Towers of Doom is 6 seconds. If ST allowed SPT to channel for literally even a second, the game was over. They zoned aggressively with E.T.C. but in the end they simply couldn’t trade damage in that scenario with their double spread healing support picks of Brightwing and Lucio and a clutch isolation allowed the pick on E.T.C.

Game two was an SPT special with Ragnaros on Tomb of the Spider Queen. ST almost clutched the come back in the late game even with all their keeps down, but Falstad played distraction for a Greymane backdoor. A few seconds alone with ST’s core was all it took. SPT played well in this series despite their sub, but Scroll in the tank role for ST was nowhere near his usual level and made a surprising number of errors.


Ballistix vs Team Expert

I almost feel like this set was a test for Expert’s belief in how the game should be played. Their holistic, whole map style of play where they are always looking for the asymmetrical fights normally serves them very well, but against Ballistix they were getting out valued at every turn. Ballistix may well play the constrictor style of map control oriented play better than any team in the world, even Dignitas, but that also means it was an incredibly valuable learning experience for Expert and the odds of them going out against other teams in the group is not high. By playing their comfort style and seeing how it stacks up, they have taken an important step in preparing for BlizzCon.

Anyone familiar with Ballisitix’s play saw nothing new in this series, though we get a painful reminder that Korean Muradins are always terrifying. The first game on Tomb had a higher waveclear against a pick composition. Expert couldn’t get the picks and Ballistix strangled the map. Game two on Dragon Shire was all about rotations, Ballistix was always where they needed to be. With both teams having double support and one global each they both had basically the same tools, Ballistix just managed to utilize them better. There was a lot of respect for Adrd and in a later interview he said Ballistix had better prep and won every draft. By immediately identifying the specific issue speaks well for their chances at BlizzCon.

Heroes Global Championship Day 3


Ballistix vs SPT

The first game in this series, SPT ran a composition that just felt unfinished. We saw Zarya picked up on Cursed Hollow, not for push the way we do in NA or EU, but for tribute delay with the grenade cooldown reduction at one. Then we never saw that happen. Zarya was frequently left completely alone in a lane, something that neuters a third of her kit and at least half her damage if not more. SPT’s team fight synergy, when they team fought, made the game go long, but it felt like SPT was ignoring the map and Ballistix was not. Playing the map has become more and more important as the level of professional play in HotS has increased and we didn’t see that at all from SPT.

Game two was more of the same on Sky Temple. Ballistix played for the objective and structures. SPT managed to catch up in experience at level 16 and take a boss but Ballistix just kept being ahead in structures. In the end SPT lost because of two picks that allowed their opponents to go core, but they were never ahead at any point. Even without letting those picks happen they still would have lost unless Ballistix made an uncharacteristic mistake.


Soul Torturers vs Team Expert

In game one on Infernal Shrines, Expert drafted a hyper carry Genji comp: double tank, support, Abathur, Genji. Expert dominated with it from level 1, which is not normal with an Abathur comp. ST may be the best minor region team, but compared to a top 3 team from EU there is no competition whatsoever. The question is whether Expert thinks this was a real composition that they could run against an equal or better team, or is it their equivalent of a pubstomp composition. I don’t think it is likely that we will see this style of composition again from them this tournament.

Game two was more of the same: a Tracer without a Tassadar on Tomb. Malfurion and Brightwing were acceptable stand-ins, but the whole match was so one sided there is very little else to say. Though we did get to see Tychus in pro play for the first time in a while.


Team Expert vs Super Perfect Team

Game one of this series was on Braxis Holdout. It’s important to remember SPT brought Zag back into the meta specifically on this map. They were one of the first teams to break the 1-4 dynamic and have rotational compositions that played the whole map. Expert also was one of the first teams to think about the map that way, playing 3-2 splits and 2-2s with a roam. So this should have been a really interesting game. Instead, SPT either didn’t research or didn’t respect the power of Chromie at delaying and controlling in the laning phase and got bodied by Expert’s Chromie pick all game. At one point they clumped on a boss invade and a Chromie Dragon’s Breath hit four of their players, which should not happen at the pro level if you respect the potential area damage. Very disappointing to watch.

Game two almost looked like SPT gave up. Expert played a very standard Tassadar and Tracer composition on Tomb and did the typical EU thing of controlling turn ins and turning picks into turn ins, into buildings, into the game. Nothing new or exciting here either. A very poor performance overall from SPT and it has to be said that their sub didn’t even play that badly by comparison to their regular support, but SPT overall seemed disheartened. Maybe it was jet lag or unhappiness about their visa issues, we can’t really know even though we see something clearly holding them back in their play. Expert on the other hand seemed extremely crisp overall.


That secures the top 8 spots for Blizzcon. The bracket has already been published so we know exactly what we have to look forward to next week!

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Heroes Global Championship Finals Day 3: Group C

Heroes Global Championship Finals Day 3: Group C

In any given group stage of a tournament there is a group of death. The group that is, for whatever odd seeding reasons, the group most stacked with talented teams. For 2017 HGC groups, that is group C. Roll20 is the first NA seed and has been bootcamping in Las Vegas. In their own words, they have broken themselves down and built themselves back up into the strongest version of their team they can imagine. Dignitas is the second seed from EU and is hungry for a world championship. For all their accomplishments as one of the longest standing professional rosters, who have five first place wins under their belts, they have not won a world event. Tempest are the world champions of summer 2016 and the third seed from Korea. Considered to be the best team fight team in the world, they have struggled with the largely macro focused or double support metas that have dominated the game for the last year. Red Canids is the Latin America team and they are the decided underdogs in this group, having not won even a single map at an international event.

This is the group that every analyst has hedged their bets on predicting the winners. But it should be noted in a meta that has so far been heavily team fight focused, the favorite based on past success in different metas should be Tempest.

Heroes Global Championship Finals Day 3


Roll20 vs Red Canids

There always seems to be a story at every international event of a major region team heavily underestimating a minor region team and gets destroyed due to their own mistakes. Game one was Roll20’s turn on the arrogance chopping block, making a boss call on Sky Temple 19 to 19 with inferior boss control tools and zero bush checking. They lost the boss and Canids pushed to end.

Game two and three were more what we’ve come to expect from Roll20. Canids didn’t seem to have any chance, getting picked off again and again in game two to Chromie and Genji, and then being unable to do anything against Glaurung’s Medivh in game three. We did see some clever thinking from Canids, taking Roll20 to their best map: Tomb of the Spider Queen. Canids is essentially guaranteed to lose on this map against Roll20 but it means in game three, when they have first pick and Roll20 has map pick, Roll20 cannot take them to Tomb and Canids will have a more favorable map. Unfortunately, Roll20 has two speciality maps: Tomb and Infernal Shrines.


Team Dignitas vs Tempest

Macro wins games. In every game in this series Dignitas was in control of the map. They were so far ahead in game one in map control that they opted to make a gutsy backdoor Medivac play and got the core to 55%. Some major errors prevented them from getting it lower, as expected since it isn’t exactly something you can practice. However, it gave Tempest the experience lead and Dignitas did not commit to the second backdoor to finish core, which was honestly their best chance of closing out the game. Instead they gave Tempest an opportunity to fight on core 19 to 20 with infinite Archon and Tempest’s team fight in that situation proved to be dramatically superior. Game two and three Dignitas did not take any risks and closed out the series by abusing Tempest’s classic weakness: they cannot macro to save their tournament lives.

Heroes Global Championship Finals Day 3


Team Dignitas vs Roll20

The most anticipated match up in groups by many, many viewers from NA. Game one was a stomp in Dignitas’s favor. They were winning from the very beginning of the game with an Abathur composition. When you have a power spike at level 10, and were winning before that, you’re far more ahead than it might first appear. The gap between EU and NA continues to be much larger than NA teams understand, impacting their ability to close it.

Game two was essentially a cheese attempt by Roll20. Something I say with respect, as worse team will not beat a better team without unexpected strategies. The key aspect, however, is that you have to practice your strategy enough that you can execute that strategy better than the opponent can respond. D.Va, Hammer, Morales with double global on Cursed is a very workable composition, but Justing mistalented D.Va and there were positional errors into Dignitas’s Garrosh. Despite a clutch boss play right at level 10, Roll20 was unable to overcome the wall that is Dignitas and was closed out 2-0.


Red Canids vs Tempest

Heroes of the Storm as a competitive eSport is about mechanical execution first, strategy second. It doesn’t matter how perfect your strategy is if you can’t execute it. In contrast, you can have average or even bad strategies and win because your mechanics are strictly superior. This series demonstrates just that. JSchritte is a thinking player and has very reasonable drafts. He’ll make the right call for his team to get ahead or catch up, but when Sonya has every spear juked and the enemy team hits every skill shot then you can’t win. Tempest simply pushed their buttons better than Canids. There is no dressing up the sheer mechanical skill difference between these two teams.

Heroes Global Championship Finals Day 3


Roll20 vs Tempest

Game one was a familiar strategy by Roll20 that they used against GFE on Warhead Junction. It is astonishing to me that Tempest did not realize what was going on the moment the map was selected and that can only be attributed to a lack of research on their opponents. Roll20 was in the driver’s seat of this game the entire time and it casts a long shadow over the entire series. If Tempest doesn’t respect the pocket strategies of Roll20 then the odds of them winning with their general weaknesses as a team in this series go down dramatically.

Game two was a cheese attempt by Tempest, in exchange for game one, with triple warrior and double support on Battlefield of Eternity. They should win the race, the side soak, and the sustain war into Roll20’s composition, which they do for almost the entire game. With both keeps down it looked like we are going to a game three, then Roll20 wins three straight fights. Void Prison into Dragonblade with Haymaker isolation, over and over again. Roll20, for the first time since 2015, took a game off of a Korean team through straight up out team fighting in the late game. We can talk about the mistakes Tempest made – H82 taking a bad trade so he was low health for the Genji reset, the small positional errors that let those big Void Prisons happen – but it’s not as if Korean teams are perfect players that never make mistakes. It’s just that NA hasn’t had the level of synergy and coordination necessary to punish those mistakes. Until now.

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League of Legends: World Championship Semi-Finals, Heeeeeere’s Galio!

The semi-finals have come and gone and only two teams remain to fight for the Summoner’s Cup. It has all been leading up to this point – each week the stakes getting higher and tension becoming more palpable. We have seen minor upsets and exciting games. We have seen clinical victories and hard-won dogfights. What does next week hold in store? Who will be crowned the World Champions of 2017? We will have to wait, with baited breath, to find out. For now, we will have to settle for the highlights of the weekend, and two legendary series between China and Korea.

Samsung Galaxy vs World Elite

This series was a decisive win for Samsung Galaxy. Early on they found a solid impetus and steadily built on it until their opponents couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by them. However, Samsung Galaxy did not begin as they meant to go on.

The first game of this series raised the roof of the auditorium as the crowd saw their team, WE, exert a dominance we have rarely seen when facing off against a Korean team. From the outset, this game was one-sided, with WE showing well-calculated moves around the map and a considered awareness of SSG’s composition’s strengths and weaknesses.

However, from this point on, the light seemed to fade from WE’s eyes as they slowly fell into the grip of the war machine that is SSG. In Game 2, WE also showed some promise, however, SSG gained an early lead and boy did they know how to use it. They closed out this game with relative ease to put the series at 1-1.

Game 3 began at a glacial pace but eventually gathered momentum and snowballed into a veritable avalanche of well-played teamfights from SSG and questionable decisions from WE. With no kills before the 21-minute mark, this game had the latest First Blood of Worlds and led to SSG’s eventual victory.

The fourth and final game of the series showed some fight was still left in WE. SSG secured First Blood but WE turned a messy dive from their opponents into a couple of revenge kills and later managed to pick up two more through good individual player skill. After these minor victories they were, in fact, leading in gold and had picked up an Infernal Drake for themselves but SSG pulled off a turnaround to a crucial teamfight in the botlane and flipped the balance. This led to them securing Baron and patiently closing the noose around WE. Series 3-1 SSG.

I often feel that watching SSG play is like watching a surgeon working on an unruly patient. They assess the situation, consider all the factors, decide on a course of action, and execute it with precision and skill. They know when to hang back and allow the patient to flop about and shout, and they know when to cut. And when they cut, they cut deep. Samsung Galaxy are heading to the finals.

SKTelecom vs Royal Neve Give Up

This series was much closer than the above match-up. Both teams demonstrated some excellently well-orchestrated plays and some brave champion choices. However, it was the three-time World Champions, SKT that eventually came out on top. They will be heading for a rematch with their old foes Samsung Galaxy next week, but before we look into predictions for this historic final let’s look at some highlights from the semi-finals series.

Game 1 of this series was a real show of dominance from RNG. From the outset, this Chinese team seemed confident and ready to take on the best team the world has ever seen and more importantly, they showed it in their plays. This team operated with a level of aggression that is characteristic of their past performances, giving them a solid win to start to series.

The second game was much closer, though SKT built up a steady lead for themselves during the mid-game and abused some crucial power-spikes in order to close out a victory. The stamina and patience possessed by this team is unmatched. They will pick scaling champions, lie in wait until their composition is nigh-on unstoppable, and steamroll for the win. Series 1-1.

Game 3 saw Xiaohu make an insane outplay in the midlane against the uncontested best player in the world, Faker, and take First Blood in the 1v1. An excellent performance on Vayne by Uzi and some more aggressive plays spelled doom for SKT in the end. RNG leading 2-1.

The fourth game showed some more great plays from Xiaohu on Ryze early on, but SKT possessed the ticking time-bomb that is Kog’Maw and Lulu and they reached a point in the game when RNG just couldn’t deal with the kiting and damage coming out from the little void puppy. RNG managed to take a turnaround fight to close the lead, but by this point, SKT’s composition was at near-peak power and there was no stopping them take Game 4. Series 2-2.

Game 5 was RNG’s last chance to dethrone the three-time World Champions but they seemed to choke from the outset, with SKT taking two early kills and the first turret. RNG tried to play with their classic aggressive style by picking up champions like Lee Sin and Corki, but SKT is simply too good at executing teamfights and reacting to engage attempts. SKT, again, move to a decisive victory over RNG and a place in the final.

Faker stepped away from any high-mobility assassins this series and instead played every single game on Galio. If anything, this proves his mastery of such a wide champion pool and his game knowledge, as he not only played very well but actually carried his team to most of their victories in this series. I think we’ll see some serious priority put on this champion going into the final.


My prediction for the final is rather simple: this year we have seen SKT’s weaknesses. We have seen them bleed at the hands of Misfits and RNG. We have seen them fail in competitions over the summer. We have even seen them make silly mistakes on occasion.

However, some say the beast that is SKT cannot be stopped. Some say the players are not human but that they are in fact robotic experiments in League of Legends perfection. Others say they were forged in a secret lab and escaped to exact their revenge by winning at eSports.

Whatever the truth, it still remains to be seen whether or not this team is mortal.

One thing is for certain, though, if there is one team in the world that has a chance at proving once and for all whether it is in SKT’s programming to lose, it is their old rivals, Samsung Galaxy.

Don’t miss the last installment next week for the Finals Results and Highlights!

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Ship of Heroes Previews the Dark Blast Powerset

With today being Halloween, now seems just as good a time as any for Heroic Games to offer a look at the Ship of Heroes Dark Blast powerset. Of course, the video showcase also took advantage of the holiday for a little bit of set dressing as well.

ship of heroes dark blast powerset

Dark Blast is a primary powerset for Devastators and a secondary powerset for Support. As one would expect from the description, the powers in Dark Blast assault foes with a combination of single-target and AoE attacks. Most of the abilities also tack on an accuracy debuff, but some also have a DoT, slow, or damage debuff, along with some abilities that raise your character’s attack or defense.

According to the description of the demonstration, Dark Blast should prove to be a versatile choice for solo and group players, particularly when facing off against bosses in the game. The Dark Blast set is also the first powerset to use fully customized animations and effects.

You can take a look at the spooooooky new powerset in the video below.

Our Thoughts

Dark Blast was always a fun and thematic choice from the original City of Heroes, so we’re certainly glad to see it make a comeback in Ship of Heroes, including its inherent ability to reduce target accuracy. Here’s hoping that accuracy debuff feels a bit more substantial than it did in CoX, though.

Source: YouTube

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Additional Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Details Revealed

Yesterday we had the official announcement, but today we get a bit more. New Curse of Osiris details have been brought to light, with some more nuggets on character and Power level caps, story content, and game content.

curse of osiris details

Once Curse of Osiris launches, players will be able to climb up to a new character level cap of 25 and a Power level cap of 330. The new expansion will bring new Adventures, a new Strike, and more raid content to the game with Mercury’s arrival.

Story-wise, there aren’t many surprises here, as Ikora Rey’s mentor Osiris will be a prominent fixture in the plot. Players will also be introduced to other NPCs such as the ghost of Osiris, Sagira, and Brother Vance, the Trials of Osiris representative from Destiny 1. Players can also expect a lot of backstory regarding the Vex, particularly in the Infinite Forest, which is described as a Vex-created simulated reality.

Players will also get access to the Lighthouse social space, which was originally only available to those who achieved a flawless victory during the Trials of Osiris. PlayStation 4 players are also getting an exclusive multiplayer map known as Wormhaven. When this map will open to everyone else was not detailed.

Fans can expect more information about Curse of Osiris from Bungie during a series of planned livestreams through the month of November. Until then, it has been officially confirmed that the December 5th release date is universal across all platforms.

Our Thoughts

Well, there we have it: further information about Curse of Osiris. As we anticipated, most of the expansion will simply add on to what Destiny 2 already offers, though perhaps we’ll see or hear about some shake-up of things once the livestreams for the expansion begin.

Source: VG247

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Echoes of Eorzea: Creating a Screenshot Gallery Site

Creating a Screenshot Gallery Site

In this week’s article, I will be providing a guide on creating a screenshot gallery site from scratch, start to finish. Aside from editing and lighting inquiries, this is the second most frequent subject I’m asked about and so it seems only sensible to do a quick guide for those that may not have any experience creating something of this nature. Yes, there are vast communities of screenshot avid players on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter, but sometimes it’s just nice to have one place to organize and categorize your work, the way you would like it to be displayed.

Creating a Screenshot Gallery Site

I assure you, it’s easy!

For this guide, we are going to head on over to WordPress.com to begin the process. For science, this guide was tried and tested by someone who has never used WordPress. The site was up and functional within 15 minutes!

What is WordPress?

Perhaps many of you will already know the answer to this, but here’s the definition of WordPress CMS from Investopedia:

“Wordpress is a free publishing software and content management system (CMS) that is popular in America. The software is open-source allowing developers to create a wide array of plugins, themes, and widgets. WordPress is widely considered easy to use and is the CMS of choice for almost 75 million websites.”

Before we get started:

Ensure your screenshots are sorted into their respective galleries on your computer. For example, Portraits, Locations, and Action.

To take, sort, edit and organize my images I use a program called Picasa. Here’s a quick video guide on how it works:

“Picasa is a discontinued image organizer and image viewer for organizing and editing digital photos, plus an integrated photo-sharing website, originally created by a company named Lifescape (which at that time may have resided at Idealab) in 2002.”


Creating a Screenshot Gallery Site

Click to enlarge.

Navigate to WordPress.

  1. Click on Get Started and provide the requested details.
  2. Select Start with a portfolio.
  3. Enter your desired domain name.
  4. Select the Free option.
  5. Enter an email address, username and password.

Note: Validate your account using the confirmation email, you will need to do this otherwise you will be unable to publish.

Return to your WordPress site. The first thing you will need to do before making any customization is to pick a Theme. Some themes work in slightly different ways when it comes to creating gallery/portfolio pages and so it’s good to start with a base theme and work up from there.

Click My Site in the top left corner, then select Themes from under the Personalize menu (don’t click on the Customize icon that comes up just yet, we’ll get to that in a little while).

Type in Portfolio or Gallery (the choice is yours) and select the Free toggle in the right-hand corner, unless you wish to browse the paid theme options.

For this example, I am going to be using the theme called Argent by Automattic.

Creating a Screenshot Gallery Site

Click to enlarge.

Click on the three dots to open the submenu and select Activate. Alternatively, you can click on the thumbnail of the theme itself, and select Activate from the menu at the top. You receive a dialog box prompt from which you select Back to Themes.

Return to the sidebar menu and click on the Add box within the Site Pages section.

Title the page Portfolio. Leave the contents of the page blank for now.

Creating a Screenshot Gallery Site

Click to enlarge.

Click on Page attributes on the right sidebar menu. Under Page Template, you will see a drop-down box. Select Front Page.

Click Publish in the top right corner.

Here we are defining the shell for the front page portfolio layout.

Now when you click on Site Pages in the left-hand sidebar menu, you should see three pages: Portfolio, About and Contact (shown above).


Next, we will modify the look and feel of the site.

Creating a Screenshot Gallery Site

Click to enlarge.

Click on the Customize box from within the Themes section on the left side menu. We will go through each section, one by one.

Site Identity: Rename your site to your desired name and add a Tagline if you wish to. Change the Footer Credit if you wish to. If you would like to have a custom Site Icon you may upload an image or icon now.

Note: I click Save & Publish between each section to save as I go (just to be safe!) but alternatively you can Save & Publish at the end once the modifications are complete.

Click the back arrow in the top left to return to the main Customize menu after each of the following points.

Colors & Backgrounds: If you would like to alter the color of the text on the middle banner or the background of the site, now’s the time to change this! You may wish to return to this section once the header and portfolio images are displaying to give you a better feel for the site.

Fonts: Here you can change the Header and Base fonts. I prefer to keep mine cleaner with sans serif fonts but there are quite a few to select from within this theme. Currently, I have chosen Oswald for the Header font and Lato for the Base font.

Header image: This image will be the first thing that visitors to your site will notice, so try to choose one of your best screenshots. Click Add New Image and upload your screenshot. You will be prompted to crop the image. Do this.

Note: If you upload multiple headers and select Randomize headers, try to keep your images on either a dark or light theme so that the Site Title does not get lost if the colors are too similar to it.

Menus: There are three submenus here.

Menu Locations: allows you to define which menu appears where. For this site, I have used the drop-down to select Social Media to appear on the top banner.

Primary: Allows you to edit and add to the Primary Menu. For this example, we will leave this as it is.

Social Media: Allows you to edit, add, remove and reorder your social media menu. Make sure all the links are correct!

Widgets: Here you can alter the contents of the footers on the website. You may wish to keep things simple and just stick with the text and the search bar for now, but you can come back to this later when you’re adding more to the site. You may wish to add your relevant copyright notices including the Square Enix one: Copyright (C) 2010 – 2017 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Static Front Page: This is the most important section! Toggle the ‘A static page’ option then select Portfolio from the dropdown list and save (just to be safe again!).

Theme Option: Make sure the Show Portfolio Section is ticked. You may then choose whether to display 3, 6 or 9 portfolio sections on your front page. For this example, I am sticking with 3.

Portfolio: Not currently relevant, so you can ignore this for now!

Click the Save & Publish box in the left sidebar menu.

When the blue box has switched to saying Saved, you may click the X in the top left corner to return to the main site.


Next, we need to create the pages containing the images that the portfolio page will be pulling in.

Click the Add box within the Portfolio menu on the left sidebar menu.

Title your page with the subject of that particular gallery. For this example, I will use the Portrait title.

To add media to the page click on the ‘+’ sign, then the Media option. A new box will open. Click the Add New box from the top left. File Explorer will then be displayed. Navigate to the images you wish to add. You may select multiple images to upload at a time.

Tip: Make sure your file names are neat and relevant (unlike mine!).

Click Open, then your images will upload to WordPress and remain selected as they do so.

Then click Continue in the bottom right. Your images will be added to the page.
Note: You may edit the order of the images by selecting the ‘edit tab’ however, the mosaic layout will become irrelevant as the theme puts the images into a carousel layout for the pages.

Important: Set a featured image by clicking on the Featured Image menu section on the right side menu. This will be the image that appears as a thumbnail on your front page.

Creating a Screenshot Gallery Site

Click to enlarge.

Click Save & Publish.

Add more galleries in the same way as above and then you are done!

Creating a Screenshot Gallery Site

There’s a lot more you can do with the site, but we’ll leave it there for now. If you wish to make more additions to the site in the future you might want to add more menus so you can include the About and Contact pages, add more galleries, integrate widgets and set up a blog page.

Remember, this is just a demonstration website put together for this article. If you’d like to see my actual site for screenshots please take a look at this link: aeyvi.wordpress.com.


Thank you for reading and I really hope you found this guide useful! If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in contact either through here or Twitter. I’m afraid I won’t be able to provide support for all the themes that if you did come across problems while creating your portfolio I’ll do my best to help!

Creating a Screenshot Gallery Site

For all related articles please see my author page where you can find guides on GPose and ReShade.

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Vampiric MMO Shadow’s Kiss Arrives to Kickstarter

Are you thirsty for a multiplayer title that lets you live out your un-life as a vampire? Then you perhaps might be interested in the vampiric MMO Shadow’s Kiss, a new Kickstarter project that launched today. Just in time for Halloween.

vampiric mmo shadow's kiss

You might remember Shadow’s Kiss from a story we ran last year, but here’s a refresher. Shadow’s Kiss is a project pieced together by indie studio Clockwork Throne, which is made up of a team with combined 17 years of MMO experience, including work on such titles as Pirates of the Burning Sea, Wizard 101, and Crowfall.

Players can create their own vampiric avatar by selecting their look, story motivations, and even their appearance when they transform. The type of vampire a player can be ranges from the classic “true” vampire to an incubus/succubus to even a zombie-commanding Verdilak. In either case, Vampire’s Kiss emphasizes a “classless” system.

Combat in Shadow’s Kiss is turn-based, granting players the opportunity to consider their moves, including those of diplomacy. Influence is also important in the world of Shadow’s Kiss, as players can make enemies or allies with a variety of in-game factions.

Shadow’s Kiss is asking for $25k, with the majority of the funds being put to game programming, world building, and story and lore. Stretch goals are also being offered in the form of “mini-factions” that will be playable but not have quite as much content as vampiric player characters. These additional factions include the Loupgarou werewolf and the magic-wielding Adept.

More details about Shadow’s Kiss, including backer tiers and a video detailing the game, can be found on Kickstarter

Our Thoughts

Clockwork Throne is right: there is no vampire fantasy MMO out there, and the ideas being laid out by Shadow’s Kiss are definitely intriguing. Considering the project is more than halfway funded, there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing this game make its way to greater development and we’ll certainly be keeping our eyes peeled.

Source: Kickstarter

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CCP Games Shutters VR Dev Studios

It turns out the gambit on virtual reality development isn’t paying off for CCP. A press release confirms that additional CCP Games VR development is being shut down, with a report stating that a large number of employees have been laid off as a result.

ccp games vr

CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson has stated in a press release that focus will shift away from additional VR development and back to PC and mobile gaming. “We will continue to support our VR games but will not be making material VR investments until we see market conditions that justify further investments beyond what we have already made,” said Pétursson in a statement.

As a result of the move, approximately 100 employees are being laid off and satellite offices in Newcastle, UK and Atlanta, Georgia are being closed.

As far as EVE: Valkyrie goes, a post on the game’s forums goes into additional details for the game’s future, stating that ownership of the Newcastle studio is being handed over and that the multiplayer first-person spaceship battler “is not going away”.

“The development team at the Newcastle studio will remain intact and complete work on the upcoming Winter Update,” reads the post. “This is not the end of EVE: Valkyrie, not by a long shot. It’s just the beginning of a new chapter.”

Our Thoughts

We first want to wish those who have been affected by this decision the very best and hope those employees that have been laid off will find new opportunities soon. That said, it would seem that the writing was on the wall with Valkyrie’s decision to drop VR exclusivity. Perhaps someday virtual reality gaming will get a greater foothold, but there seems to be too many roadblocks for that to happen.

Sources: PC Gamer, EVE Valkyrie forums

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Nexon and EA to Reveal New Project This Week

With G-Star 2017 closing in this November, Korea’s biggest game developers are preparing to power up their respective hype machines for their lineup of MMOs and games. Not one to be outdone, a surprise joint Nexon and EA project is set to be announced ahead of this year’s show.

nexon and ea

As one would expect from a teaser announcement, specifics are pretty vague. All that’s confirmed is the fact that this new joint project between the two companies is set to be revealed this coming Thursday, November 2nd.

While there’s no official confirmation yet, it’s expected that this new game will be making a prominent appearance at the G-Star event, whatever it may end up becoming. The announcement is the first out of Nexon ahead of G-Star, with Netmarble already making a variety of announcements and Bluehole Inc. also set to unveil their own secret project at the show.

Our Thoughts

The combination of Electronic Arts and Nexon to create any sort of game, whether it’s an MMO or otherwise, is most certainly one to raise a lot of eyebrows and even more suspicions. We’ll bite our tongues and not make too many snap judgements about business model practices until more information is revealed in the week. Just know that it’s hard as heck to do so.

Source: MMO Culture

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Anthem Lead Animator Leaves BioWare

We’re however many months away from seeing more concrete information on Anthem, the multiplayer sci-fi action shooter from BioWare, but there has been a shift in the game’s development team. Steven Gilmour, the Anthem lead animator, has left his position in BioWare according to his LinkedIn profile.

anthem lead animator

According to the profile, Gilmour worked on Anthem as its lead animator between December of 2014 and August of this year. His previous credits include lead animation duties for games such as Dragon Age: Inquisition and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Bryan “BioAdmiralX” Johnson, a senior QA analyst at BioWare, responded to a Reddit thread making mention of Gilmour’s departure, stating that people shouldn’t try to overthink the matter. “Generally speaking of course we are sad when people leave, and we no longer get the opportunity to work with them. But no company is without turnover, even senior people it happens,” writes Johnson. “I know it’s easy to look for any details to determine what is going on when there is little news, but I would say don’t read into departures too much.”

Meanwhile, Anthem’s director Jonathan Warner has stated that the game will get a beta at some point, with only mention of that beta being “some distance out” according to a tweet reply back in September.

Our Thoughts

We’re willing to not leap to conclusions regarding Mr. Gilmour’s departure, particularly considering that he appears to be the only lead developer that has left Anthem mid-development. That said, we’re most certainly among those who are hoping for much more concrete information on this game soon. We also would like to wish Mr. Gilmour the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Sources: LinkedIn, Anthem subreddit, Twitter

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