The Tyrian Chronicle: What Guild Wars 2 Daybreak Gets Right

I’ll be the first one to stand up and say that I’ve never been hugely happy with the living story releases. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they aren’t, and sometimes they feel like they’re just designed to keep people distracted. Now that Season 4 has started I wanted to take some time to discuss the things I think Guild Wars 2 Daybreak did right. This isn’t to say everything was perfect. Perfection is impossible. But with Daybreak, ArenaNet did quite a few things worthy of praise.

Before we go any further, yes, this article is full of Living World Season 4 Episode 1 spoilers. If you haven’t finished the story yet please stop reading this article. Come back after you’ve finished it. You’ll have a greater appreciation for what’s discussed and you won’t have anything ruined.

Final Warning: Spoilers.



Guild Wars 2 Daybreak

Different Classes React to a Situation Differently

When you’re locked up in a prison cell a Mesmer isn’t going to react to the situation the same way a Warrior is. There’s also no reason, in world at least, why they wouldn’t use their strengths to get out. Thieves would pick the lock, Mesmers simply teleport out. For the first time, this is exactly what we see and it is amazing!

It’s much easier for the developers to have everyone react to the situation the exact same way. But with that ease, you give up a little bit of the Commander’s personality. Allowing each class to react differently to the challenge in front of them makes it a little more personal.

It also gives the story replayability. Now, I’m not suggesting that people will replay the story on a different character just to see one little change in one moment. But, if ArenaNet continued this trend and it popped up more often I could certainly see myself playing the story once on every class just to see all the different ways my character does things based on class or even race.


All of the Mounts Are Useful

One of the biggest irritations I had during Season 3 in relation to the maps was that the masteries that we had spent so much time working on in Heart of Thorns were barely any use at all on the living story maps. ArenaNet has already shown that won’t be the case in Season 4. Domain of Istan offers the chance to use every one of the mounts. Each one of them has time to shine on the map. I think it’s even better done than the Path of Fire maps which each tend to focus on the mount you can get in that map rather than making all of them useful. It might be a small thing but it was really important after going through Season 3 where most of the masteries weren’t very useful at all.

Guild Wars 2 Daybreak

GW1 Character Gets Treated Kindly

In Season 3 we had the opportunity to meet a couple of important people from Tyria’s past, namely Livia and Lazarus. Many long-time Guild Wars players who had played the original were really disappointed by how both of the characters were treated in the story. There was absolutely nothing to suggest that Kerida, the Shining Blade we’re with is Livia until it’s revealed. There was no impact on the encounter and there was no lasting impact afterward either. Livia hasn’t been seen or mentioned since we parted ways. Would she not have been an amazing ally to have in the fight against Balthazar? Equally, there was a problem with Lazarus. He was very quickly killed and if you haven’t played the first Guild Wars game there was absolutely no reason for him and his defeat to be in the game.

Thankfully ArenaNet has heard the community’s feedback and the cameo in Daybreak was written in a much better way that was treated with respect. This time around it was Koss. There were hints that he might be seen before we actually saw him and there is a connection to Path of Fire as one of the NPCs you meet is a distant relative of his. Koss himself was handled with care. Yes, the encounter was somewhat brief. But there was a bit of fluff text for people to enjoy and there was also the sense that if we manage to defeat Joko we may see Koss again in the future.


Braham is Less of a Jerk

So Braham only drops in briefly and very unexpectedly but he seems to have cooled down a little bit. Will he finally be ready to listen to reason and act like the mature Norn he should be? I suspect we’ll find that out in the next episode. I didn’t immediately feel the need to punch him and I did like that Rytlock growled at him. I’d like to see more of that until Braham mellows out. And I would like to see Braham fixed. I think his character had a lot of problems with inconsistent writing in Season 3. But, thanks to the AMA shortly after Daybreak released we know they’re going to put a lot more focus on continuity between the different episodes. So, my fingers are crossed that Braham gets better.


The Map Will Keep us Busy

Guild Wars 2 Daybreak

I really enjoyed Bloodstone Fen. I actually ran through it with all 26 (at the time) characters that I had. Every zone after that, from my point of view, went downhill. They were places where the story happened and once you finished the story you had no reason to be there anymore. I don’t think this is the case with Domain of Istan. It looks like there’s a lot to do and there are meta events to take part in. Unlike Season 3 maps I have a feeling we’ll be spending all of our non-Wintersday time in Istan and I love it!


Season 4 got started with a bang! The stakes are high and ArenaNet seems to be getting more comfortable with what they’re doing. I have a lot of hope for the next update which is expected sometime around the end of January to the end of February. What did you think of Daybreak? What did ArenaNet do well with the release? Is there anywhere they could still improve?

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Dragon Nest 2: Legend Shutdown Coming Before End of 2017

It’s totally unexpected but we will see Dragon Nest 2 Legend shutdown before the end of the year. The mobile-based sequel by Nexon will be shutting down on December 29th. This was announced on the official Dragon Nest 2 Facebook page and has come as a complete surprise to fans. The announcement has also left a lot of questions. Has something happened to bring about the shutdown? Is the game not performing? Has Nexon decided to move the developers to another project?

If you’re curious about all of the details of the shutdown here is the full announcement.

????Dragon Nest 2 Legend Service Termination Notice ????


We would like to share some sad news to you heroes, who have shown love and support towards Dragon Nest 2 Legend since its launch.

On December 29th, service for Dragon Nest 2 Legend will be terminated.

Once again, we would like to show our sincerest gratitude towards you who have loved and supported the game. With a heavy heart, we ask for your kind understanding that it was extremely tough and difficult to have come to this decision .

With the upcoming service termination, we will be closing off app downloads and in-app purchases. It will still be possible to play the game normally after access to app download and in-app purchases have been closed off.

Access to the game will be impossible after the service in terminated. We therefore ask that you use all your in-game currencies before the service end date..

[Service Termination Details]

■ Closure of in-app purchases: 2017. 11. 30 (Thurs.) 05:00 – 14:59 UTC+0

– In-app purchase will be blocked after 11.30 (Thurs.) maintenance. Please restrain from purchasing in-app items after the maintenance.

■ Service Termination and closure of app download: 2017. 12. 29 (Fri.) 05:00 UTC+0

We again appreciate your love and support towards Dragon Nest 2 Legend and hope that we meet you again in another of our games in the very near future.

Thank you



Source: Facebook

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Elder Scrolls Online Free This Weekend

If you haven’t tried it out yet now is your chance. Play Elder Scrolls Online free this weekend. The event will be running from November 30th until December 6th for PC, Mac, and PS4.

All new accounts will be given 500 free crowns to use in the in-game store to buy XP scrolls, potions, or even pets. If you’ve played Elder Scrolls Online before during free weekends you’ll find that all of your character’s progress is still there.

Should you decide to buy Elder Scrolls Online after the free weekend your characters will be exactly where you left them.

New players will also be able to take part in the In-Game Dungeon event. To take part just complete a random dungeon via the dungeon finder and earn a mysterious reward box. You can earn one box per character per day. The boxes can contain experience scrolls, potions, pets, mounts, and costumes. There’s also a chance for you to hit the jackpot and win a pack of 20 homes or 20 mounts. This event will be taking part throughout the free weekend.

Finally, you can sign up for the 10 Million Stories Sweepstakes where you’ll be able to win awesome in-game events along with real-world prizes. You can earn a bonus entry into the sweepstakes every day by completing a random dungeon. The sweepstakes end on December 6th. There are some restrictions on the sweepstakes so be sure to check out all the rules before you get too excited.

If you’ve never played Elder Scrolls Online before this is the perfect opportunity to experience the game without having to spend a single cent. If you do plan on taking part in the free weekend your first task is to find 80gb worth of space on your computer. Good luck with that!


Source: Official News Post

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The State of Destiny 2 Changes and Break Down

It’s no secret that Destiny 2 has had somewhat of a turbulent time as of late, with the player base in uproar over an underwhelming end game, badly balanced exotics, an overabundance of RNG, and lack of any real progression after 305 Light, as well as this weekend’s discovery of an exp throttling system tied directly to the games’ paid loot box system, it is fair to say that Destiny fans around the world were about ready to grab their space pitchforks and form a space mob.

Seeing the rising tide, Bungie decided to cancel last night’s livestream detailing next week’s launch of the new DLC ‘The Curse of Osiris’ and instead focus on a blog post looking at player feedback and the changes to Destiny 2, both in the coming weeks and not too distant future.

The full list of items can be found here but here are some of the highlights. I will be adding my personal thoughts to these changes as well.

Masterwork Weapons

Legendary Weapons above 250 Light will now have the chance to become Masterwork Weapons with a new added weapon bonus (the example shown was a faster reload speed) which is chosen from a random pool of perks and can be rerolled as well as including a kill tracker and the ability to generate orbs of light from multi-kills, high-end Raid and PVP weapons will have a “very high” chance to become Masterwork and unwanted Masterwork items can be dismantled for items to upgrade non-masterwork legendaries. This will be added on 12/12.

This is a much-needed change. The static nature of perks in the Destiny 2 legendaries is one of the sorest points in the community and helped kill a lot of the replay value of activities once the light cap had been reached. Adding in this small change, while a minor increase to the RNG in the game, adds to some of the excitement of getting legendaries that the current game lacks. Players of the high-end and more difficult content, even as a very casual player of the game, is a good and much-needed addition to the system, rewarding a core group of the community that has sadly been ignored in the current game.

Legendary Shards

Legendary Shards are now… actually useful. A number of sweeping changes to vendors is being implemented from December 5th to the 12th that will balance many of the RNG methods formerly used to gain gear in Destiny 2. All vendors will now have the option to trade faction tokens and Legendary shards for a selection of weapons (which rotate weekly) and every armor piece belonging to the set sold by that faction vendor. This includes short time events such as Faction Rallies and Iron Banner. Players will need to trade in tokens for reputation engrams, just like they did in season 1 of the game in order to unlock these rewards (increasing by 1 hand-in per item) but Bungie has confirmed that this will carry over from season 1, so players who have already gained 8 or so faction rewards will have everything unlocked from the start.

Seeing players currently sat on 2-3k Legendary Shards is never a good look for what used to be one of the most important currencies in Destiny, with only Xur and rebuying already-owned exotics left to use them on (I myself currently sit on a stockpile of 2,000 of the damn things). The ability to trade these in directly for items is, to be honest, the best change of the list. The insane system currently in-game did more to punish players than anything else, especially with limited time events in limited time seasons, meaning players who did everything right could still miss out on core parts of an armor because of a bad roll of the dice. For instance, my Titan never did get the Iron Banner chest even after 30 or so engrams. The need to gain faction rewards via Token hand-ins before unlocking these works as a great replacement for the old faction level system that means a player has to put in some rewards beforehand.

Exotics and Mods

Xur will be getting new items, one of which will be a Fated Engram which for 96 Legendary shards once per week can reward a new exotic item that the player doesn’t already own. This will start 12/12.

“A new Exotic Item the Player doesn’t own”… 10/10 Destiny 2 Game of the year, every year. Okay, not quite (that is still Pokémon SoulSilver for the Nintendo DS) but as someone who sat on a pile of 15 Graviton lances and 12 Doomfang Pauldrons before the damn Sweet Business dropped, a 100% new Exotic every week is a godsend.

The Gunsmith will now offer players a daily selection of Epic Mods that players can buy straight away for 5 Mod Components and 10 Legendary Shards (available 12/5), as well as Engrams being available for Legendary Shards (12/12), Bungie also mention big changes to the mods system that will come in 2018.

They have confirmed Kinetic weapon Mods are included in this, so thank the Nine.

Armor Ornaments

New season 2 reputation armor sets will now have cosmetic upgrades called ‘Armor Ornaments’ which are unlocked by completing short tasks within the game world (the example given is: Win 25 Iron Banner matches for the IB Titan Mark ornament), this will be rewarded for Vanguard, Crucible, the 3 Player Factions, Trial of the Nine, The World Eater raid, and Iron Banner. This will be added 12/5.

This system was added in Destiny 1 and honestly, I can’t think why it was removed. Giving players a way to show off their progress and letting focused players get a visual representation of their ability is a great system for a game that REALLY needs one, I only hope these challenges are difficult to complete.


Vanguard and Crucible vendors will now sell consumables that reward every player in a Strike or Crucible (yes even enemy players) with extra rewards such as faction tokens and exotic engrams. This is being implemented on 12/12.

Faction Rep items are being buffed across the board with token drops and planet gathering item reputation being increased greatly. To make up for this, planet faction and Gunsmith reputation amounts are being increased, this goes into effect on 12/5.

Exploit safeguards on Chests and Resource Nodes (AKA Token Throttling) is being removed, or at least reduced dramatically, meaning players who play a lot will no longer be punished for doing so.

Both of these changes make sense, Punishing players who play constantly is never a good look and locking them out from rewards just leaves them with a sense of wondering why they even bother. I can’t see why this was even added in the first place.

Destiny 2 XP Throttling Sneakily Activated

Going Forward

Bungie also laid out their plans for the game going into 2018, as well as reminding players of points raised in the past State of Destiny 2 update which can be found here. Part of the update is also a reminder of the new Heroic Strikes and Adventures which will provide more content and rewards for players. Mention is also made of their commitment to making the fiendishly difficult Prestige content (set for the January update) much more rewarding for players as at the moment, bar some cool cosmetic items, once you reach 305 Light they are pretty much pointless.


The EXP throttling and stealth exp nerf was brought up as well with mention of the current 160k per level being too slow for many players. Bungie made mention of plans to alter this after feedback and data from players has been obtained, but little else was mentioned on this front.


Overall this seems like a massive step in the right direction for much of what the Destiny 2 community has been clamoring for. More rewards for endgame players, more stuff to collect and a loot system not completely based on RNG. Time will tell if it is enough to save the playerbase, as the dark years of year one of the first Destiny game might have drained any patience the playerbase had (even if the game, by year 2, was the classic it was supposed to be at launch). Bungie has proven before they can turn the game around but one has to ask why, with all the lessons learned from the first game, has so much been forgotten since then? Destiny 2 was their chance to prove Destiny as a staple of the online gaming world, and it seems we’ve ended up with another pseudo early access game.

Sadly, no mention was made of the Seasonal Perverse system and its kinda predatory system of removing items that the player can mostly only get from pure RNG. Locking all Cosmetic Emotes, Ghost Shells, ships and Sparrows behind a RNG casino paywall and THEN throttling the only way to get them (this is the real reason anyone should be angry about the EXP throttling by the way) is bad enough, adding a hard time-limit to these items which, again, you can mostly only get by pure chance, is predatory at the least. This, in a full priced game no less, hasn’t gotten much traction from gamers as of late, partly because of the focus on the other problems with the game and mostly because everyone is queueing up at EA’s door at the moment but regardless, its lack of mention in this has left a bitter aftertaste to the post.

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Destiny 2 Alexa Partnership Announced

Have you ever wished you could talk to your game without the need for a headset? Well if that game happens to be Destiny 2 and you happen to have an Amazon Alexa you’ll be able to! During the AWS re:Invent 2017 conference, a Destiny 2 Alexa partnership was announced. If you own an Alexa and you have the Destiny 2 Ghost Skill for Amazon Alexa you can ask Alexa to ask Ghost to perform certain actions for you. Examples of what you can ask Ghost to do with Alexa include asking what to do next, calling for backup, and telling you which of your friends are online.

It is available for Alexa customers now completely free of charge through the Alexa app and is compatible with all Alexa devices. This partnership is the first of its kind for the games industry. Speaking on stage about it CEO of Activision Eric Hirshberg said, “The Destiny 2 Ghost skill is the first of its kind and the most innovative and immersive gaming experience to date on Alexa. We’re excited to give our community of players, who are among the most-dedicated fans in the world, new ways to play Destiny 2 with the Ghost skill and Limited-Edition Destiny 2 Ghost. The lines between in-game and out-of-game have been blurred in an incredible new way.”

While the Vice President of Amazon Alexa, Steve Rabuchin added, “Gaming is an example of where voice can create a more engaging experience in a natural and delightful way for customers. Rather than interrupting gameplay to navigate menus, players can just ask Ghost through Alexa to help with certain tasks. Players love the Destiny 2 experience, and now Alexa can make it even more immersive and fun.”


If you like you can also get the limited-edition Ghost Speaker which is compatible with Alexa devices. It is available for pre-order now and will be available on December 19th.

This, of course, isn’t the only bit of Destiny 2 news that has come out recently. Here’s our take on the State of Destiny 2 blog post.


Source: Press Release

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Return to Clockwork City Launches

Return to Clockwork City launches in Elder Scrolls: Legends today! This latest story expansion is inspired by classic adventure tales and is set hundreds of years after the death of Sotha Sil. Players will venture into the Clockwork City, which Elder Scrolls Online players recently gained access to, where they’ll be met with a number of monsters, traps, and betrayals on their way to the shiny loot at the end.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends - Return to Clockwork City Launches

This new expansion to Elder Scrolls: Legends introduces 35 story missions spread across 3 acts, more than 50 new cards, as well as the Fabricants, a new creature that rewards players for playing with neutral cards such as the Dwemer Contructs. It also sees two new mechanics:

  • ‘Assemble’ – When players play an Assemble creature, they will choose one of two bonuses. That bonus will be bestowed upon both that creature and every Factotum in the player’s hand and deck.
  • ‘Treasure Hunt’ – While in play, these creatures will watch each card the player draws to see if it’s the treasure they’re looking for. Once the player draws everything the hunters want, a reward awaits.

Return to Clockwork City is available to download right now for PC, iOS, and Android. You can grab all 3 new acts along with alternate Laaneth card art as a bundle for $19.99. Alternatively, you can purchase the acts individually for $7.99 or 1,000 gold. Don’t forget to check our preview before you go!

Our Thoughts

Return to Clockwork City is a neat tie-in with the recent Elder Scrolls Online expansion, something I’ve often wondered if Blizzard would ever do with Hearthstone. While they don’t directly mention a correlation between the two, it can’t be a coincidence that they released so close together. We can’t wait to check it out for ourselves, new mechanics and ways to play card games are always exciting.

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Second Albion Online Expansion Since Launch Announced

The second Albion Online expansion since the game launched just 5 short months ago has been revealed. The expansion is called Kay and it will introduce innovations in Guild vs Guild battles and Territory Raids along with much more when it launches on December 6th.

In Kay, Sandbox Interactive is introducing a season mode to Guild vs Guild, with the first season beginning on December 9th and running for three months. During this time players collect points with their guild for successfully holding resource territories and conquering enemy territories. Whichever guild has the most points in the end, will see their guild emblem flying in Caerleon for the duration of the next season. Players will also earn currency to unlock exclusive items and battle mounts.

Along with the changes to Guild vs Guild Kay will introduce modifications to territory raids. These modifications will allow guilds to directly fight the energy-gathering mages of their opponents. That way, they can weaken the enemy, deprive them of valuable energy which they can purchase new weapons or items with, and in addition gain big points for the season rating.

Of course, this isn’t all you’ll see in the Albion Online expansion. It has an extended tutorial, a new expedition, hardcore expeditions, and enhancements to game performance, along with much, much more. If you’re interested in the full list of features that Kay will introduce to Albion Online you can read more on the Albion Online official website.

With just a week until the expansion releases now is a fantastic time to start getting your guild prepared for the battles to come. Or you can take part in the test run of the new season mode for GvG which begins tonight and runs through December 4th. This short trial will go through all the phases of the season in just a few short days.


Source: Press Release

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WoW Wednesday: Pantheon Trinkets and How They Work

Antorus the Burning Throne was finally released yesterday and with it came the new and interesting Pantheon trinkets. To my surprise, many players don’t know or understand just what these Pantheon trinkets are or how they work. There are six different trinkets, five of them cover each type of spec, with the sixth being a new Legendary trinket. Before we get to talking about the specific trinkets I have to add that you can only equip one trinket at a time, so no stacking separate trinkets trying to double your buff. Also besides the Legendary trinket, the others drop at item level 940 regardless of difficulty (except LFR), but they can be upgraded using an item called Pantheon’s Blessing that you get from Argus the Unmaker.  Now let’s go over the different trinkets you can obtain, starting with the most sought after, the Legendary Pantheon trinket.

Pantheon Trinkets

Aman’Thul’s Vision

Aman’Thul’s Vision is a new Legendary trinket that was introduced with Antorus yesterday. I have to start off with the biggest question; “Will this Legendary count against our two Legendary cap?” The answer to that is a happy no. You can equip this trinket along with your other two Legendaries.  The reason this trinket will be more sought after over the others is for one it already drops at item level 1000, while the others drop at item level 940 and need an item to be upgraded to item level 1000. Also, it’s itemized like an Unstable Arcanocrystal which is absolutely amazing. Let’s go over its stats and the proc.

+1,430 Critical Strike

+1,430 Haste

+1,430 Versatility

+1,430 Mastery

Equip: Your spells and abilities have a chance to grant you 2,220 Speed, Avoidance, and Leech for 12 sec.

Aman’Thul’s Grandeur (Proc)

  • When empowered by the Pantheon, your main stat is increased by 6,700 for 15 sec.

Aggramar’s Conviction

Aggramar’s Conviction is the tanking Pantheon trinket.

+2,994 Strength or Agility

Equip: Taking damage has a chance to increase your Versatility by 4,354 for 14 sec.

Aggramar’s Fortitude (Proc)

  • When Empowered by the Pantheon, your maximum health is increased by 1.6 million for 15 sec, and you are healed to full health.

Eonar’s Compassion

Eonar’s Compassion is the healing Pantheon trinket.

+2,994 Intellect

Equip: Your healing effects have a chance to grow an Emerald Blossom nearby, which heals a random injured ally for 74,816 every 2 sec. Lasts 12 sec.

Eonar’s Verdant Embrace (Proc)

  • When empowered by the Pantheon, your next 4 direct healing spells grant the target a shield that prevents 125,391 damage for 30 sec.

Golganneth’s Vitality

Golganneth’s Vitality is the agility DPS Pantheon trinket.

+2,994 Agility

Equip: Your damaging abilities have a chance to create a Ravaging Storm at your target’s location, inflicting 466,818 Nature damage split among all enemies within 6 yds over 6 sec.

Golganneth’s Thunderous Wrath (Proc)

  • When empowered by the Pantheon, your auto attacks cause an explosion of lightning dealing 110,793 Nature damage to all enemies within 8 yds of the target. Lasts 15 sec.

Khaz’goroth’s Courage

Khaz’goroth’s Courage is the strength DPS Pantheon trinket.

+2,994 Strength

Equip: Your damaging attacks have a chance to make your weapon glow hot with the fire of Khaz’goroth’s forge, causing your auto attacks to do 108,366 additional Fire damage for 12 sec.

Khaz’goroth’s Shaping (Proc)

  • When empowered by the Pantheon, your Critical Strike, Haste, Mastery, or Versatility is increased by 4,219 for 15 sec. Khaz’goroth always empowers your highest stat.

Norgannon’s Prowess

The last trinket is Norgannon’s Prowess the caster DPS Pantheon trinket.

+1,370 Mastery

Equip: Your damaging spells have a chance to increase your Intellect by 11,483 for 12 sec.

Norgannon’s Command (Proc)

  • When empowered by the Pantheon, you gain 6 charges of Norgannon’s Command for 15 sec. Your damaging spells expend a charge to inflict an additional 287,308 damage to the target, from a random school of magic.

How the Procs Work

Every Pantheon trinket has a personal proc that could happen at any time, but each one also has a Pantheon proc that requires a bit more rng to get. For you to receive the Pantheon proc you first must have 4 unique personal procs overlap. This means you must have 4 different trinket types on 4 different players, and that each personal proc on those trinkets have to overlap at some point altogether for the Pantheon procs to activate. As of right now, the procs don’t have to happen all at the same time. For example, you could have two personal procs about to expire, but then the other two personal procs activate you will still receive the full duration of the Pantheon proc. As long as all of the personal procs overlap at some point the Pantheon proc will activate.

For those that don’t see the obvious, only the players that had their personal proc go towards the activation of the Pantheon proc will be the only ones to receive the Pantheon proc. If another player gets their personal proc to activate after the Pantheon proc has already gone off, their proc will be the start of a new count towards the next Pantheon proc. It doesn’t matter if every member of your raid has a Pantheon trinket, the first four unique personal procs that overlap are the only ones to receive the Pantheon proc.

Acquiring the Pantheon Trinkets

For you to obtain these amazing trinkets you must defeat Argus the Unmaker. Blizzard wanted to keep quiet on how the Legendary Pantheon trinket would be obtained, but like most expected it was confirmed it’s just a random drop off Argus the Unmaker. As stated above the Legendary Pantheon trinket is the only one to drop as item level 1000 while the others regardless of difficulty (except LFR) will drop as item level 940. You can get an item called Pantheon’s Blessing that drops off Argus the Unmaker that allows you to upgrade the 940 trinkets by 5 item levels up to item level 1000.

Pantheon Trinkets

Final Words

I personally think these trinkets are pretty cool. I think it’s a neat idea how different trinkets from different players in your raid will work together to give you a mega proc. Of course, some players will not use these trinkets and for that kind of information, you can either check your class Discord for advice or sim it for yourself. Hope you enjoyed this week’s WoW Wednesday and congrats to those that have already cleared Normal and, or Heroic and major congrats to those that have already received one of these Pantheon trinkets. Let us know what you think about these Pantheon trinkets in the comments below.

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EA Not Giving Up Microtransactions Despite $3 Billion Stock Value Loss

While speaking at the annual Credit Suisse conference yesterday EA’s Chief Financial Officer, Blake Jorgensen, made it very clear that they aren’t giving up on microtransactions. This came the same day that it became clear that EA’s stock has lost 3.1 billion dollars in value because of the Star Wars Battlefront II microtransaction fiasco.

Jorgensen went on to say that they didn’t know when players should expect to start buying loot boxes, simply stating that they “haven’t decided yet.” Which suggests that it is still an option on the table despite all of the backlash that has taken place. Backlash that is still being felt, even through Black Friday. Analyst Drew Crum stated that sales of Star Wars Battlefront II on Black Friday were underwhelming. The game has also failed to reach the top 100 list of Amazon’s best-selling video games this year. A list which includes Grand Theft Auto V which released in 2014.

EA Not Giving Up Microtransactions

This of course also comes as government officials from several states and countries around the world are putting pressure on the gaming industry for what they say is promoting gambling to children and vowing to put an end to the predatory practice.

If a $3 billion dollar loss isn’t enough to make EA reconsider their stance on microtransactions you have to wonder exactly how much money microtransactions are making for game companies that are using them. Will EA continue to put microtransactions in their games going forward or will the continued backlash make a difference? And what, if anything, is the industry learning from this fiasco? Only time can give us the answers to these questions.

Jorgensen also said during the conference that cosmetic microtransactions weren’t possible because they would break canon. “If you did a bunch of cosmetic things, you might start to violate the canon. Darth Vader in white probably doesn’t make sense, versus in black. Not to mention you probably don’t want Darth Vader in pink. No offense to pink, but I don’t think that’s right in the canon.”

And finally, he also said that Star Wars Battlefront II is one of the best games EA has ever built. With retention higher than almost any other game they’ve made. So it would appear that not everyone is taking issue with the game.


Source: Eurogamer, wcctech, CNBC

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DayZ Beta Won’t Happen in 2017

The developers at Bohemia Interactive have given an update on the status of a DayZ beta test and what the rest of 2017 will look like. Unfortunately, it isn’t very good news for anyone who has been waiting for DayZ to go into beta. With only one month left in 2017, this may not come as much of a surprise but it is still a little disappointing to hear. They decided to push the beta to 2018 in order to give themselves some more time to work on polishing the game.

DayZ Beta

The beta isn’t the only thing that is being pushed to 2018, the release they had planned called 0.63 Experimental has also been delayed. In the status report, they gave a list of things they’d like to have finished before they launch 0.63 Experimental ranging from Inventory UI to Crafting.

While releasing some bits of the patch would usually be possible it isn’t this time around as they consider 0.63 Experimental and 0.63 Stable (beta) to be vital steps to get right as they leave Early Access. They want to make sure each step is right before they move on to the next.

After the launch of 0.63 Experimental, they do plan on introducing a few more features like vehicles, helicopters, and base-building.

They don’t give any exact dates on when the next release will be, instead simply saying that it will be as soon as possible in 2018. The beta release (0.63 Stable) is set to release some time after that.

2018 is gearing up to be one of the most important years DayZ has ever had as they’re planning on taking the game from beta to full release. MMOGames has been following DayZ since 2011 and we cannot wait to see them take the next steps as they leave Early Access behind. Will you be taking part in the DayZ beta when it releases?


Source: Official Status Report

The post DayZ Beta Won’t Happen in 2017 appeared first on