MMOGames Best of 2017 Awards

What a year! 2017 was certainly a weird one. The gaming industry was put in the public eye more than ever before. There was scandal, there was joy, and there was a whole lot of money being thrown around. But what was the best of the best this year? It’s time once again to look at the best MMOs of 2017.


Games That Shut Down – Marvel Heroes


There were quite a few games that shut down this year but none bigger, or more poorly handled, than Marvel Heroes. It was filled with a lack of communication, a possible sex scandal, Disney calling off the deal they had and Gazillion shutting down. For fans, though, it came out of nowhere. The console version of the game had just launched a few months before and it seemed like everything was going well…until it wasn’t. It’s sad to see the superhero genre shrinking even more and we’re sorry to see Marvel Heroes go.


Best Sandbox MMO – Black Desert Online

MMOGames best MMOs of 2017

It has been a great year for Black Desert Online. They’ve continued to put out new classes and new content. This year at Gamescom they showed off what the 4k console version of BDO looks like and its graphics are incredibly lifelike. This was also the year the game released on Steam, giving it a massive boost in player numbers. Oh, and Pearl Abyss says they’d like BDO to last another 20-30 years! This is fantastic news for anyone who has seen their favorite game shut down. All in all, it was a great year for Black Desert Online and we can’t wait for next year.


Best Mobile – Vainglory

MMOGames best MMOs of 2017

Vainglory has continued to be one of the best, if not the best, MOBA you can play on a mobile device. In fact, it’s the best mobile game you can play with multiple people. Best of all, early next year it will be getting a 5v5 mode so you’ll be able to play with even more people if your device can handle it. As a result, its eSports scene is growing. Next year the mobile category is going to have a lot of competition, but this year Vainglory was an easy decision to make.


Best PvP – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

MMOGames best MMOs of 2017

Speaking of easy decisions, giving best PvP to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the easiest decision. It may have spent the whole year in beta testing but hands down it was the most talked about game this year (Other than that Star Wars game…you know the one). PUBG has brought so much joy to gamers this year we had to include it on the list. Now that it has launched we can’t wait to see what they come out with next.


Best New Online Game – Fortnite

MMOGames best MMOs of 2017

The best new online game of 2017 has to go to PUBG’s competitor Fortnite. Players have been having a blast in this battle royale since it launched earlier this year. It boasts 30 million users and at one point had 1.3 million people playing it concurrently. Epic hit on something great with this game.


Best MMO Expansion – Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

MMOGames best MMOs of 2017

We’re kind of cheating a little bit for this one. Morrowind isn’t a proper expansion, it’s a DLC. This is something that the studio stressed heavily before it launched. However, we’re allowing it because it was just so much fun. With new dungeons, new quests, and the Halls of Fabrication trial it takes about 30 hours of playing to complete all the new content. It was great to get a new tutorial after having run through Coldharbour so many times. We’re also huge fans of all the Easter eggs in the game. We had a great time playing Morrowind, even if it wasn’t a true expansion.


Best Beta – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

MMOGames best MMOs of 2017

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds spent months around the top of the revenue charts. For a game that was still in beta, it made a whole lot of money. It also brought a lot of happiness. The game made for some fantastic viewing this year as it thrived on Twitch and, well, everywhere really. It was the most fun to be had in a beta and it didn’t really feel like a beta at all (if you can forgive a few bugs). After all the testing, the game has now officially launched. Congratulations PUBG!


Best F2P – Warframe

MMOGames best MMOs of 2017

Warframe is one of those games that everyone knows someone who plays yet it rarely gets talked about. Even though it’s four years old at this point, Warframe has seen a massive surge in players in 2017. This year it became the second most played F2P game on Steam with 121,000 concurrent users. This underrated game released its most popular expansion yet, the Plains of Eidolon, which added new weapons and an open world zone. 2017 was a fantastic year for Warframe and a great year to play it.


Most Anticipated – Chronicles of Elyria

MMOGames best MMOs of 2017

There are a lot of great games we’re expecting to come out in 2018 so it was really difficult to pick just one. However, Chronicles of Elyria came out just a little ahead of the rest in our minds. With true MMORPGs becoming a dying breed, we have a lot of hope in Chronicles of Elyeria to help the genre we adore. It’s also promising to introduce something we haven’t really seen since Mabinogi: aging. We’ve been following development on this game since it was first announced and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

An honorable mention needs to go to Crowfall, however, which is clearly a favorite for the MMOGames’ writers.


Best MMO – Final Fantasy XIV

MMOGames best MMOs of 2017

Final Fantasy XIV has continued to impress and entertain its players throughout the year of 2017. Not only did it make an excellent appearance at Gamescom and host the incredibly successful Fanfest 2017, but we also saw the release of the newest expansion Stormblood, which has received high praise all around from fans old and new.

Its dungeons and raids are not only beautifully designed visually but provide interesting challenges and mechanics for a wide variety of skill levels. Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t only caters for those interested in raiding as the landscape, content, and characters of Eorzea inspire thousands of artists and content creators to generate beautiful works of art and establish wonderful communities surrounding game-inspired projects. The main storyline continues to reward the player throughout Stormblood with dramatic and heartfelt experiences along the way, allowing the player to immerse themselves in the content. This makes Final Fantasy XIV not only one of the best MMOs of 2017 but also one of the greatest of this generation.

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Kansas Man Dies in Swatting

It’s a headline that we all knew we would see one day, Man Dies in Swatting. Sadly, the time has come. Andrew Finch, aged 28 was shot by police officers answering the door to the Swat team at his door on December 28th.

According to police, they were answering a call that said there was a hostage situation on the Witchita block that Finch lived on. As Finch came to the door an officer fired. Police say it isn’t clear yet why the officer fired his weapon. His family who were at the home at the time, however, has said that he wasn’t carrying any weapons.

On Twitter, an account which has now been suspended sent out a tweet saying “That kids house that I swatted is on the news.” This tweet is reportedly coming from one side of an argument about Call of Duty. According to Dexerto, the argument was over a $2 wager. The person on the other side of the argument had given a fake address, which is how police ended up at Finch’s house. Finch himself wasn’t a gamer.

On Twitter, more than a dozen people who identified themselves as CoD players contacted The Wichita Eagle letting them know about the feud. Overnight the Twitter account who claimed to have made the call was suspended. But before the suspension took place they had this to say.

The Twitter account of the intended target has also been taken offline.

The police officer who fired the shot is a 7 year veteran of the police department. They have been placed on administrative paid leave, which is the department’s policy. The investigation into the swatting is ongoing and it is expected that more information will be released by the police later today.

Andrew Finch leaves behind two children, ages 2 and 7.


Source:, Dexerto

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MMOGames’ 2018 Predictions for Online Gaming

We’re just a few short days away from the end of 2017. It’s time to look ahead at 2018 and the year to come. We asked the MMOGames writing team what they thought would happen next year. Here are their 2018 predictions for online gaming.

Chris Hughes

So as I mentioned in the previous write-up about MMOs in 2018, I have a feeling that Kickstarter games are going to become…well…games.

The reason I come to this is really just a matter of time for some of the larger titles that are in the crowdfunding space. Crowfall immediately springs to mind, but I also feel that games like Chronicles of Elyria, Pantheon and Dual Universe will make some really big strides in terms of development and possibly even full release.

Of course, this doesn’t completely wash away the bitter aftertaste of ballooning projects like Star Citizen or games that seem more interested in selling design documents instead of games like Ashes of Creation or Saga of Lucimia, but overall I still feel like the crowdfunding platform is going to grow a bit more legitimacy overall. And in my opinion, it’s still a great place for genuinely intriguing MMO ideas to spawn. I’m lookin’ at you, Shadow’s Kiss.

But then, this is all the ramblings of a person who has a hard time getting angry about video games in general and is hopeful about MMOs and multiplayer titles, so take that as you will.


Hannah Richardson-Lewis

My prediction for 2018 is more of the same if we’re being honest. Development continues on the in-progress titles, drama arises around monetization and free-to-play, one or two (probably) disappointing launches, perhaps a Beta for Crowfall and/or Camelot Unchained, or perhaps an Early Access, outrage over something Blizzard does, and maybe a shutdown or two. Oh and maybe another reminder that the older titles are still rolling and still decent MMORPGs with an anniversary event, progression server launch… who knows? Of course, my hope is that we see the launch of a couple of MMOs that are actually decent games with plenty of reasons to keep playing and perhaps the announcement of a AAA title from somewhere that offers a renewed hope for those of us who still love these massive digital worlds.


Nick Shively

What Could be Coming in Overwatch 2018 - New Ways to Unlock Skins

One of the most volatile aspects of online gaming right now is eSports. It’ll be really interesting to see what happens with the industry in the next couple of years. With the announcement of The Overwatch League changes during BlizzCon 2017, I expect more games and organizations to follow suit. It would definitely be interesting if every major city around the world had its own League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and Overwatch team. I’m not sure if that’s something that will happen by the end of 2018 but I expect some type of progress to occur during next year.


Rissa Trent

I think that in 2018 we’re going to see more sandbox style play. We saw a glimpse of it in games like EverQuest, which was much more about exploration and teamwork than completing quests, but it quickly got off the rails with games like World of Warcraft and EverQuest 2. Now we’re seeing a return to that concept with games like Dual Universe, Life is Feudal, Albion ONline and others that have embraced the idea of allowing the players to choose their own destiny and create the world they want to live in.


Shannon Doyle

Without a doubt, 2018 is going to be the year of the mobile MMO. We already know there are several lined up to be released and several full MMOs are getting mobile versions. Niantic, the makers of Pokemon Go are working on a new game that takes place in the world of Harry Potter. All signs as far as revenue goes says that mobile is where the money is. So I fully expect to see more mobile tie-ins to popular games next year. Maybe that means a Guild Wars 2 card game or maybe there will be a single player adventure story from the Secret World Legends universe. As a result, we will see studios who have traditionally been PC only expand into mobile gaming as well.



2018 will be more lockboxes, less MMOs, but more online games. Overwatch may get another story-based PvE mission akin to the Uprising event, while the new WoW expansion will most likely impress all but the most dedicated fans. Destiny 2 will continue to barely stay on the radar, Amazon will fail to impress, and other single player IPs will get online multiplayer options, complete with microtransactions. Star Citizen may or may not release, but it’ll fail to impress in a positive way just because, at this point, it’s too big to succeed the way anyone could reasonably hope it could. On the bright side, with new online multiplayer options, it’ll be easier to game with friends. I just worry how long PC gaming will have as the younger generations use phones and tablets for their internet activities instead of standard desktop and laptop computers.


Jonathan Doyle

2018 has two things coming as near as I can tell. Two things I expect to see. An absolute gold rush on voxels and an absolute collapse on crowdfunding.

Part of these predictions are entirely based on thinking about my most anticipated. The technology underpinning Crowfall promises to be hugely interesting for MMOs going forward, especially with any creative additions. Keeping people constrained for a shooter is sensible, but for everything else? They should be set free to create … and to destroy. EQNext and Landmark fell but the ideas they espoused can still easily find fertile ground.

However, we shouldn’t rely on slick marketing videos (well ever) on Kickstarter or any other such sites in 2018. I don’t know if Star Citizen will come out successfully but it is making me exceptionally uncomfortable. Either it’ll be savaged for not coming out or savaged for not being what people imagined. There’ll then be backlash on everything that brought it to us… so in this case crowdfunding.



These are just a few of the predictions for what 2018 has in store for us. What do you think next year will be like? Give us your 2018 predictions for online gaming in the comments below. Also be sure to vote for your most anticipated MMO for 2018 in the MMOGames Reader’s Choice Awards. Come back at the end of 2018 as we look back and see if any of us were right.

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CCP Developing New MMORPG

CCP, the makers of Spreadsheets in Space EVE Online may be developing an all-new MMORPG. On the careers page of CCP’s website, they advertise that they’re looking for a lead designer and art director along with a handful of other positions.

So what are they working on? Well as we know CCP is also working on the EVE first-person shooter Project Nova. But, it doesn’t appear to be this project as on the careers page the ones that are for Project Nova are clearly marked and listed for Reykjavik. This MMORPG is being developed in London. There’s also the mobile game Project Aurora which we know very little about. There is, of course, the possibility that this is an entirely new game.

The game is being made using Unreal Engine 4, which is what they also used to make EVE Valkyrie. Under the listing for lead designer, they state that they’re looking for someone with experience on high profile MMOs, RPGs, and other systems heavy games. In the Senior Animator listing, they state they’re looking for someone with a passion for AAA games, ideally MMOs, MOBAs, and ARPGs.

All of this, of course, comes just a short time after CCP downsized and abandoned their ambitious VR plans. It would appear that this MMORPG will be made with a small team though. It’s safe to say that VR didn’t become the next big thing like the industry expected it to. So while it may seem out of place on the surface you have to ask yourself, is it really? Having all your eggs in one 14-year-old basket, even if that basket is EVE Online, isn’t a good idea. So this may be a good move for CCP.

It’s obviously still very, very early days on the development of this new title. But CCP is calling it an ambitious new MMORPG so of course, we’re excited. We’ll be keeping an eye on the development of this game for some time.


Source: Official Website via MassivelyOP

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World of Warships Blitz Sets Sail in January

Wargaming is pleased to announce that they will be releasing the mobile version of World of Warships, titled of course World of Warships Blitz early in 2018. The game will be available in the Google Play Store and on the Apple App Store starting on January 18th.

Players will be able to pick between Japan, USA, Germany, or the USSR. Each with four distinct classes to pick from. Battle will take place in 7v7 matches where you can play with friends or random players. You’ll also be able to play single player missions and unlock new ships.

World of Warships Blitz will take advantage of Wargaming’s unified ID. This means you’ll be able to swap devices and keep your progress no matter which one you’re on. The game will also allow cross-platform play. So don’t worry if your friend has an iPhone and you’ve got a Samsung device, you’ll still be able to blow enemies out of the water together.

Pre-registration for both iOS and Android has already begun. As a thank you for pre-registering you’ll get the Aurora Premium Ship when the game launches. The game requires iOS 8 or later and Andriod 4.4 or higher to play. For more system requirements and more information about the ships in World of Warships Blitz head over to the official website.

World of Warships Blitz is the second mobile game from Wargaming, the first was World of Tanks Blitz which launched back in 2014. Does this mean that sometime in the future we might see a mobile version of World of Warplanes? The world can only hope. This release goes along with one of the predictions from the MMOGames writing team about trends to expect in 2018. Find out what else we’re predicting for the year to come in our 2018 predictions for online gaming. If you’re curious about what the MMO mobile scene currently looks like take a look at our Reader’s Choice awards where you can vote for the best mobile game of 2017.


Source: Press Release, Official Site

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WoW Wednesday: Seething Shore

As someone who spends most of their time in battlegrounds nowadays, I can’t explain how excited I was when Blizzard announced its new Battleground, Seething Shore, at BlizzCon 2017. Deepwind Gorge was the last Battleground to be released and that was four years ago. Blizzard did announce that Seething Shore will be released in the upcoming Patch 7.3.5. We were able to test it out during a scheduled testing event this past week. Sadly there is no official release date for Patch 7.3.5, but there is speculation that is will be some time around mid-January. Now let’s go through what you should expect when queuing for Seething Shore.

Seething Shore is a 10vs10 player battleground off the coast west of Silithus. A quote directly from Blizzard “This Battleground will offer dynamic control point gameplay similar to Arathi Basin, but with new control points appearing periodically as resources are depleted.” Each faction is fighting to control this new material Azerite that is erupting onto its surface.



Prior to the Battleground starting, each faction will be placed on their own Airship similar to how Strand of the Ancients starts off on boats. Once the battle begins all players will jump off their airships and parachute down onto the battlefield. When you jump a vehicle button will appear, and when used it will thrust you forward in the direction you are facing. Don’t worry about having to activate your parachute; when you’re close enough to the ground it will automatically activate itself bringing you safely down to the ground taking no fall damage.

This feature will definitely bring some unique strategies to the table when players get the Seething Shore for a Rated Battleground, but in Random Battlegrounds don’t be shocked when you see a few teammates flying directly into the opposing faction only to instantly die. Blizzard also made the airships your team’s graveyard as well, which I think is awesome for the sole reason of not getting graveyard camped like most other Battlegrounds. This will allow your fallen teammates to parachute back into battle where your team currently is located.

Seething Shore



The goal for this Battleground is to be the first team to collect 1500 Azerite resources. When looking at the map there are 12 different locations the Azerite nodes can spawn at. The locations that the nodes can spawn at will never change, but where the Azerite nodes spawn is random.  Before a node spawns you will get a warning text that will read “Azerite fissures begin to erupt!” Once you receive the warning you will also be able to see the spawn location on your map, there will also be a giant green light shining on the spawning location.

Once the Azerite node has fully spawned players will be able to start their attempt to mine the Azerite for points. Mining an Azerite node is just like trying to capture a flag in Arathi Basin. Players will get a neat mining animation while trying to capture the node. It takes about 6 seconds to capture an Azerite node. Any amount of players can try capturing, but only one will get credit for doing so.

During the battle, each faction’s airship will start airdrops that contain all the buffs we have already seen in previous Battlegrounds. An audio queue will happen right before the airdrop and you will be able to see where it’s dropping giving you some time to get there before another player takes it. Personally, I am not a fan of the rng part of the airdrops I like to know what buffs I’m going to get and where they spawn, but that’s just me.

Seething Shore


Personal Experience

Before I go into how my experience was with the Seething Shore, I want you to keep in mind that this is still in PTR. Anything about this Battleground could change at any moment until it is fully released in Patch 7.3.5. Now I personally enjoyed this Battleground… maybe a little too much. The best way I can describe how I felt during this Battleground is it felt like world PvP to me. Without there being static bases that players have to sit at and guard it allows more free roaming, which leads to more fights and who doesn’t love killing the opposing faction. There is a bit of a downside to this and that’s the one thing everyone hates “Road Warriors.” Those players that ignore the objective and just fight on the road all game and I’m sad to say that I caught myself doing that more often than not in this Battleground.

I only have one negative thing about this Battleground so far and it’s only the RNG buffs that come from the airdrops. I think it’s a neat idea, but I like knowing what buff I’m going to pick up and when it is going to spawn. One negative thing I can see happening when it comes to Rated Battlegrounds is the random spawns for the Azerite Nodes. Your team could be fighting over one node while two more can spawn right behind the opposing team giving them two easy and quick captures while your team is still fighting over one node. This scenario actually happened a few times; it’s not a big deal in Random Battlegrounds, but when it comes to ranked it might get a bit frustrating. Besides that, I’m excited to see what kind of strategies the top Rated Battleground players will come up with.

Seething Shore

Other than that, I can’t wait to play some more of the Seething Shore again. So far I am beyond happy with what Blizzard has given us. Let us know what you think about this new Battleground in the comments down below: did you like it, hate it, or are you wishing they would balance PvP before adding new maps?

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Wild West Online Development Roadmap Released

File this under the, “We missed it because it was Christmas” news. The Wild West Online development roadmap for early 2018 was released on Saturday. It outlines what the team will be working on through January and February along with future plans as well.

In January they’ll be adding Factions and Faction Wars, public events, character progression, crafting, and more. Right now there are three skill trees to pick from that will improve your sustainability, your combat efficiency, and also allow you to unlock crafting recipes and perks for your character. You’ll be able to customize your character to match your playstyle and make them stand out in a crowd.

February will bring hunting, homestead ownership, campsites, and uh…scalping. Scalps can be used as a form of currency to exchange for noteworthy items. Brutal. The hunting grounds have been one of players most requested features to be introduced. Personally, I’m still not over the trauma of trying to hunt in Oregon Trail.

The roadmap then lists a Steam Release Winter 2018, though it would appear it means earlier in the year rather than later.

Post-release, during Q1 and Q2 of 2018 you can expect to find female players introduced to the game along with gangs/clans, a train robbery PvP adventure, trading between players, and something called the Viva Mexico Expansion. There aren’t any details on this expansion. The roadmap just teases it and says to come back in January. Which is exactly what we’re going to do.

From the sound of things, the Wild West Online development team have a busy few months ahead of them with a lot of new things being introduced to the game in a short period of time. If you’re looking forward to the release of Wild West Online be sure to vote for it in our MMOGames Reader’s Choice Awards. It’s up for Most Anticipated MMO of 2018.


Source: Official Site

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Post Human W.A.R Steam Game Giveaway

Post Human W.A.R is a turn-based strategy game with psychological elements, set in an absurd post-apocalyptic, post-human universe. In the third millennium, humanity went extinct. Now mutated animals, advanced monkeys, and household robots gone bad inhabit Earth, and they’re all fighting for supremacy. Form your armies and set off on an adventure through solo campaigns, or face off against players online. Experience purely strategy-oriented gameplay with nothing left to chance. Explore a world and full of demanding battles, tactical challenges, bluffs and absurd humor, and thanks to a new giveaway, you can do it for free! Enter our special Post Human W.A.R Steam Game Giveaway now for your chance to win a key for a free copy of Post Human W.A.R on Steam!


What You Get From The Post Human W.A.R Steam Game Giveaway

  • A free copy of Post Human W.A.R on Steam!


How To Redeem Your Post Human W.A.R Steam Game Giveaway Key

  1. Post Human W.A.R is played through Steam. If you do not have Steam installed, go here to download and install it.
  2. Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account.
  3. Click the Games Menu.
  4. Choose Activate a Product on Steam…
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.


Enter Via Gleam

Sign in with a selection of options within the Gleam widgets at the end of this post and complete one or more entries to enter. You can select all of them or just one, it’s entirely up to you, though the more you choose, the more chances you have to win! This round of the giveaway will end on Thursday, January 4, 2018, at 08:00 GMT. This drawing is for eight (8) keys. If you have any issues, please contact us.


Post Human W.A.R Steam Game Giveaway

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Play of the Fortnight: What Could be Coming in Overwatch 2018

With 2017 coming to a close, we get the opportunity to look back over a year of gaming and of course what could be coming up in the new year. Overwatch has had a fantastic first full year. Blizzard added new heroes and ran plenty of wonderful events. We’ve had changes made based on player feedback, and the development team genuinely seems to be listening to the community. But would could be coming to Overwatch 2018?

For this Play of the Fortnight, let’s look to the future and do a little speculation for what could be down the line for Overwatch this coming year.


How will the Overwatch hero roster change?

What Could be Coming in Overwatch 2018 - Hero Releases (Moira)

We’ve seen the hero releases stabilize into a somewhat predictable pattern. We had three hero releases this year: Orisa, Doomfist, and Moira. Orisa was released in March, four months after the last hero release in 2016, which was Sombra in November. Doomfist landed four months later, followed by Moira another four months after that.

With that in mind, it looks like we’ll see the next hero release in March 2018. There’s obviously room for Blizzard to change its mind on this and modify the pattern, but it gives us something to look forward to.

What Could be Coming to Overwatch in 2018 - Hero Roster Changes

This year we got a Tank, an Offense, and a Support. Last year, we got a Support and an Offense outside of the official launch. There’s currently two more Offense heroes than the other roles, so I’d cautiously estimate that the next release will be a Defense hero. We haven’t received a single Defense hero release since the game launched, so it’d be great to have one added to the roster. After that, maybe another Tank and another Support, to bring all the archetypes up to the same number of heroes by the end of 2018? We can certainly dream.


Blizzard World Skins

What Could be Coming in Overwatch 2018 - Blizzard World Skins

Blizzard confirmed it’ll be adding the Blizzard World skins, announced during Blizzcon 2017, at the beginning of the year. These skins are going to be added to regular loot boxes and won’t be tied to a specific event. This means players can unlock them at any time, and they all look pretty great.

Each skin ties into an existing Blizzard IP (except Mei — hers is linked to Overwatch Ecopoint: Antarctica). Interestingly, they haven’t stuck specifically to weapon choice for the skins they chose. For example, Zarya’s Barbarian skin features the classic barbarian from Diablo III, but with no huge lumbering melee weapon. Her cannon did however get a nice rework to complete the look. This means they’re not restricting themselves for future skins as well, which is good to know.

What Could be Coming in Overwatch 2018 - Nova Widowmaker

It’d be hard to pick a favorite of these skins. However, the Nova Widowmaker (Starcraft) and the Crusader Reinhardt (Diablo III) are pretty amazing.


Overwatch Quest System

Something we mentioned in our 5 Ideas for New Overwatch Features article back in April is a questing system. This is something that Blizzard has already implemented in Heroes of the Storm. It could look very similar for Overwatch, but with a few tweaks to make sure it doesn’t negatively impact the competitive gameplay scene.

New Overwatch Features - HotS Quest System

There are two reasons this quest system could be a great addition to Overwatch. For a start, it’d give players a new and fun way to earn credits in game to unlock skins they want. This would be especially nice around events, and could even be tied in with event-specific quests such as “Win 5 Games of Yeti Hunt as Mei.”

Secondly, it could be tailored to encourage players to try new heroes. While being a “one-trick pony” isn’t the worst thing you can do, often players are reluctant to try new heroes or roles. If they never step outside their comfort zone, they might be stifling their own opportunity to improve, let alone preventing a win by playing something that doesn’t fit the team comp. With quests, at least in Quick Play, players could be encouraged to play a tank hero for a few rounds.


Change to How Overwatch Loot Boxes Work

We’ve talked about the whole loot box controversy before. While Blizzard is careful to only include cosmetic items in their games’ loot boxes, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. There’s been talk of loot boxes being considered gambling in Europe, and with that in mind, Blizzard may want to get ahead of the curve and make some changes nice and early.

What Could be Coming in Overwatch 2018 - Loot Box Changes

They don’t have to do much, but maybe we’ll see a less random way of unlocking content that we want. Players can already buy skins for credits, but perhaps there will be a way to buy a specific skin for real money rather than having to spend that money on loot boxes only to have the potential of unlocking something you want. It would take out some of the randomness of loot boxes and reduce the value of the “gambling” aspect.

If they went this direction, the skins could be more expensive to buy than just buying a loot box. It’d be interesting to see how they’d balance this, but we’re keeping an eye out to see how Blizzard handles the loot box discussions in the future.


New and Interesting Ways to Unlock Skins

Right now, skins can only be unlocked through loot boxes or buying with credits. There are obviously exceptions to this, with events in other Blizzard games unlocking Oni Genji and Officer D.Va. However, it’d be great to see new and creative ways to unlock skins in the game.

What Could be Coming in Overwatch 2018 - New Ways to Unlock Skins

There are tons of achievements players can unlock. Some of these achievements unlock sprays that can be used in game, but why not also skins? There could be Mastery Skins that can be unlocked by players after reaching a certain number of hours played or a certain milestone with each hero. Alternatively, each hero could have a specific achievement you have to eventually unlock in order to access the skin.


Closing Thoughts

Overwatch has had a fantastic 2017, and we hope it’ll be an equally great 2018. There are tons of things that will definitely be coming to the game (new heroes, new maps, new skins) and a few things we’d love to see. We’re looking forward to hearing where Blizzard takes the game and its events next year.

If you’ve not tried Overwatch yet, it’s worth mentioning that there is an ongoing sale now on the Blizzard store. It ends on January 2nd, so if you don’t have the game yet and want to pick it up, you can get it for a discount until then.

What’s on your Overwatch wishlist for 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

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MMOGames’ Most Anticipated MMO of 2018

Here we are at the end of another year of gaming. It certainly had its ups and downs, just take a look at the most popular news stories to see. 2018 is already starting to look incredibly exciting so we asked the writers and Editorial team at MMOGames what their most anticipated MMO of 2018 is.


Hannah Richardson-Lewis

I’ve been thinking a fair bit about my most anticipated MMO of 2018 recently and I have honestly come to the conclusion that I’m not really “hyped” for anything. MMOs are definitely in a strange place at the moment, but that being said, there is certainly some intriguing stuff on the horizon. Crowfall, Chronicles of Elyria, and Ascent: Infinite Realm are all games I will be watching closely. However, my most anticipated MMO is still World of Warcraft. It is my MMORPG home, and I will definitely be playing Battle For Azeroth. Anduin is cool now, okay?


Nick Shively

crowfall livestream

The MMO that I’m most looking forward to in 2018 is one that I’ve had my eye on for quite some time: Crowfall. It’s finally to the stage where the actual game is going to start coming together. Until this point, ArtCraft has been building a foundation for a potentially great game, but there hasn’t been a whole lot of interesting content to playtest. Crowfall was expected to soft launch in 2017 but that wasn’t to be the case and honestly, I wasn’t really surprised at the delay. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to the game, but I don’t mind waiting for it to be polished and we should see some type of public release in 2018.


Rissa Trent

I’m really looking forward to Dual Universe – it might be a worthy competitor for Star Citizen. It may also pave the way for more sandbox MMORPGs, and honestly, we can’t have enough of those. It’ll give the players a chance to forge their own alliances and write their own story rather than having the game write it for them, and honestly, I think that’s the way MMOs should be heading.


Hendrik Cone

My most anticipated for 2018 has to be Crowfall. I am not personally invested in the PvP side of things which may make the pick very odd but I can’t wait to see it all come together. There’ve been a few crowdfunded MMOs in recent memory but this is the one that always sticks in memory for me between the technology used, the pedigree behind it and the potential of it all going forward. All of that, but come on, we know the real reason why Crowfall will be the game of 2018. The world loves Porgs at the moment. Guineceans, your moment is now. Come up from your burrows, holster those pistols and let the world see your glory.


Shannon Doyle

The MMO I’m most anticipating in 2018 is Stardew Valley multiplayer. What? That isn’t an MMO? Well, it should be. Okay, okay…the game I’m actually most looking forward to is only very loosely an MMO, it’s Niantic’s Harry Potter Wizards Unite. A mobile game that follows in the footsteps of Ingress and Pokemon Go before it. I’ve been a big fan of Ingress since it was announced back in 2013. I was also one of the legions of fans who tried out Pokemon Go when it first came out. I still have the game installed on my phone but living so far from a city, I don’t really play it. My hope is that Niantic learns from Pokemon Go and takes inspiration from Ingress to make a game that people can really enjoy wherever they are, even if they don’t have a Pokestop nearby. I also hope that it is embraced by the world the way Pokemon Go was, but maybe this time they’ll stick around? At least if things don’t go well, I’ll still have Stardew Valley multiplayer.



My most anticipated online game for 2018? I’ll optimistically go with Crowfall. I’m not doing so many MMOs these days (call it a holdover from my time in Japan that emphasized local multiplayer), but the idea of a “lobby game” which has a persistent lobby feels right. I loved the old World of Warcraft Alterac Valley map when each BG match took at least a day or longer to complete. It had that world PvP feel without people complaining about getting “ganked” when they clearly chose a PVP server. I’m more on console so it may not stick, but hey, Overwatch gets my attention, and I largely play that solo despite owning it on PS4 as well.


Jonathan Doyle

Vermintide 2.




Chris Hughes

"massive" update

MMOs are dead! Long live Games as a Service!

Actually, no, I’m full of it. 2018 in MMO gaming can certainly seem piecemeal, but ultimately there are more than a few titles that tipped their hats at us this year that have me looking forward to the next year in my beloved genre. After considering several of them, my mind keeps going back to one title in particular that always stands out to me: Crowfall.

Not only does this one feel like a PvP sandbox that I could probably stomach, it also appears to be one that actually wants me – the softest of sheep – to play the way I want to play in terms of crafting. Crafters are valued and necessary to the war effort and that’s more than most MMOs out now can say. Plus the game’s style of RvR has me intrigued to see if Crowfall is the missing piece to make me fully appreciate sandbox-style MMOs.

To the point of 2018, I think we’ll start to see crowdfunded games finally wrap development and release, further legitimizing crowdfunding as an honest way to make dream titles come true and not another winking scam artist looking to cash in.

Except for Star Citizen. That damn thing’s never coming out.


You may have seen there was a bit of a theme for MMOGames’ most anticipated MMO of 2018. There’s a whole lot of hype for Crowfall. There was also a lot of discussion about crowdfunding and the future. There’ll be even more of it in our predictions for 2018, which will be out after Christmas.

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