The Guild Wars 2 Crimson Assassin Achievement was a Mistake

The achievement hunting players of Guild Wars 2 have recognized a bit of an issue with the Crimson Assassin achievement. Namely, the fact that actually earning said achievement would take approximately five real-life human years to complete – something that ArenaNet has agreed is an oversight.

crimson assassin achievement

According to one Reddit post, the red SAB weapon skins cost a total of 200 Crimson Assassin tokens to get the full set of 16, which is the only way one can get the Crimson Assassin achievement and subsequent backpack reward. Combined with the limited token earnings per day and the fact that Super Adventure Festival is also limited, that adds up to players getting the achievement by 2021, assuming many dailies aren’t missed.

One of the devs has responded to the matter, admitting that this achievement isn’t quite meant to be so…uh…long-term. “We kept it on standard with the other SAB backpack (SABackpack?) collections, but didn’t really consider the sort of pressure this would apply to you,” reads the response.

Unfortunately, the devs are unable to make any adjustments to the achievement as of right now while the festival is running for fear of ruining every player’s achievement progression. That said, they are looking into a solution that will not require players to get all 16 Crimson Assassin weapon skins to earn the Crimson Assassin achievement.

Our Thoughts

It’s a shame that they’re not able to hotfix the problem quite so easily, but at least they’re aware that is indeed a problem and are going to work on a solution. Because, seriously, five years or so is a really long time to wait for a backpack skin.

Source: Guild Wars 2 subreddit

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Tale of Toast Decides to (Mostly) Scrap Open-World PvP

Apparently, the majority of former players of Tale of Toast aren’t exactly big fans of map-wide, free-for-all PvP. To that end, new server rules regarding Tale of Toast PvP are going into place with the game’s next update, trashing open PvP in favor of a “no-man’s land” danger zone.

tale of toast pvp

Once patch 0.2.2 drops in the game, players will get to PvP in a dedicated zone that will be completely optional, while the rest of the game’s world will be a PvP-free area. The benefit of entering this so-called “no-man’s land” will include a higher concentration of trade skill nodes, but will otherwise offer no other boons outside of simply having a place to PvP.

Why the change of heart? As mentioned before, most people who left the game enjoy playing Tale of Toast but don’t like being pounced on everywhere.

“Having conducted exit interviews, we have come to the understanding that a lot of the players leaving the game really love the game and love playing it, but they don’t want to play with constant risk of dying to another player.

“From feedback, testing and such we have come to the conclusion that while [open-world PvP] is great in theory, it didn’t (for us) turn out as good in practice.”

For those who would rather play Tale of Toast as a fully open PvP title, a new server will be opened that will feature the same PvP system as the original game. Those interested in moving their character to this server are asked to open an in-game ticket. A deadline, instructions and an FAQ about this process can be found here.

As for patch 0.2.2, expect to see that launch at some point after this Easter holiday weekend

Our Thoughts

Kudos to the devs of Tale of Toast for deciding to offer a bit of flexibility in this matter. Considering the population of this game is likely small, it’s certainly understandable why they’d consider changing the base game’s PvP rules. Here’s hoping this move will entice players to return to the game.

Sources: Steam page 1, 2

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Equipment and Inventory in Chronicles of Elyria Eschews Silly for Realistic

If you’re the kind of person who likes to stuff five different longswords into the pouch of an inventory bag, then you might not be a fan of the Chronicles of Elyria inventory system. Also, if you like having a helmet that increases your intelligence, you’ll also likely not be big on the upcoming MMO’s equipment angle.

chronicles of elyria inventory

The most recent development blog offers deeper insight into the design decisions behind Chronicles of Elyria’s approach to inventory management and the benefits of gear. According to the post, the devs are looking to provide a sense of realism, with belts that have a limited number of slots to attach bags or weapon scabbards, bags or rucksacks that can have additional pouches added, or armor that can have pockets sewn into them.

As for armor, the concept of equipment conferring strength benefits or magical properties was considered too “silly”. That said, that doesn’t mean armor won’t be good to have, it’ll just be more about survival than stats. “We are aiming for a relatively realistic feel to equipment and inventory,” reads the post. “Instead, your skill as a character and a player will be the source of your skill. Crazy, I know!”

Our Thoughts

We can certainly appreciate the line of thinking behind these decisions, but we also have to wonder if managing inventory and considering what to bring and not to bring will be worth the effort, especially if finding a neat piece of equipment suddenly becomes a source of aggravation as you futz with your bags and belts.

Source: official site

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Digital Extremes “Examining Possibilities” of Warframe on Nintendo Switch

Could a Warframe Nintendo Switch port be coming? Not anytime soon, but some time with Digital Extremes’ COO has confirmed that the company is at the very least open to the idea. So maybe we’ll see the high-speed sci-fi MMO on the system later in the future.

warframe nintendo switch

In an interview with Digital Extremes’ Sheldon Carter, it was revealed that the company are not only intrigued by the idea of Warframe on the Nintendo Switch, but are fans of the system as well. “Oh, man, personally I love my Switch! I have collected so many Korok Seeds in Zelda, it’s a little embarrassing. In the studio, we are playing all sorts of games on it,” said Carter.

That said, Warframe’s arrival to the system doesn’t look to be on the cards anytime soon, though the idea isn’t entirely off the table. “Recently [we were] playing and loving Doom. That’s a great conversion. But as for putting Warframe on Switch, that’s a tougher question,” said Carter. “Like all new systems, we’re looking at and examining possibilities, but we have no current plans to put anything on the Switch.”

The interview also talks about Warframe’s success and what helped the MMO reach its popularity, so be sure to check it out.

Our Thoughts

The demand and delight of ports to the Nintendo Switch is definitely something of a hot commodity right now, and Warframe would have the distinct advantage of being the only game of its type on the system. We’d definitely like to see a Switch edition; ideally one that lets you enjoy cross-platform play. Who knows what the future will hold for Warframe?

Source: Express

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Destiny 2 Offers a Peek at Upcoming Exotic Adjustments

With the Go Fast update now out the door, the team has now begun to turn its attention to Destiny 2 Exotics as part of their 1.2.0 update focus. In the weekly update from Bungie, a quick peek at just one set of Exotic tweaks was highlighted in the form of Sturm and Drang.

destiny 2 exotics

For those who are unfamiliar with this particular pair of weapons, Sturm is an Exotic hand cannon weapon that pairs with the Legendary sidearm Drang. When kills with Drang are scored, the magazine of Sturm is refilled while it’s stowed to the point of being overloaded. The intention was for players to swap between one and the other, but ultimately the benefit lacks a sort of flair for an Exotic-tier weapon.

In the upcoming update, both weapons are getting an overall stat boost while the swapping mechanic gets some new benefits; namely, kills with the Drang sidearm will now also increase the damage output of the Sturm hand cannon once its overloaded, resulting in what’s being called “significant” damage in PvE and demonstrated double-tap headshot kills in PvP.

The Sturm and Drang example is just part of what are planned to be extensive changes to Exotic weaponry. Players can look forward to additional details in the coming weeks, while the Exotics update itself is set to land with the start of Season 3 sometime in May. For now, a video showing the new-look Sturm and Drang mechanics is available below.

Our Thoughts

Making the perks of Exotics more…well…exotic is a good move and will hopefully mean that granting a sense of uniqueness and fun for this tier of weaponry will continue to trump making things PvP-balanced and ultimately boring. What do you think of this new version of Sturm and Drang?

Source: Bungie website

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Play of the Fortnight: Overwatch Archives/Uprising Event Speculation

We have two Overwatch events to look forward to at the moment. The Uprising event is due in April, now known as the Archives event. In June, we can expect the Overwatch Anniversary event. Some news has come out in the last few days that has definitely sparked some speculation among the community. A new Overwatch mural has been spotted in Melbourne, Australia. A few days later, Blizzard tweeted a teaser about the upcoming Archives event, confirmed to start on April 10th.

In this Play of the Fortnight, we’re talking about the mural and what it might mean for the Overwatch Archives or Anniversary events.

The Overwatch Mural in Melbourne

Overwatch Archives Event - Mural

(photo courtesy of Redditor chynesse, original here)

Last year, around the time of the first Overwatch Anniversary event, Blizzard commissioned murals in Melbourne and Sydney. These murals didn’t drop too many hints about the event, but they were in celebration of the first full year since Overwatch’s release.

Earlier this week, a Tumblr user called prisiidon posted a photo of an in-progress mural in Melbourne. The mural features McCree and Genji standing in some kind of office. There’s a broken window behind them.

The completed mural was posted later, courtesy of Reddit user chynesse.

What Could the Mural Mean?

Redditor Karahe theorized that the mural represents a murder scene. McCree and Genji appear to be standing in an office we haven’t seen before. Karahe suggested it might be in Dorado due to the roof styles outside the window. However, it’s possible it would take place in King’s Row again. Karahe’s in-depth Reddit thread on the topic can be found here.

Overwatch Archives Event - Blackwatch Reyes

Both McCree and Genji worked for Blackwatch in the past. Blackwatch was a covert organization led by Gabriel Reyes, also known as Reaper. Moira was also a member. We know that Blackwatch has something to do with this upcoming event as we can see the Blackwatch logo in between glitches on the teaser tweet.

We can see in the background of the mural a broken window, as if someone has been pushed out of it into the street. Or, potentially someone has broken in. Though if that were the case, it wouldn’t be very covert!

Could this be for the Archives or Anniversary Event?

Last year, the murals in Australia coincided directly with the Overwatch Anniversary event. This year seems a little early for that. It’s possible that Blizzard is using the murals to build hype and expectation for the Archives event instead. The Archives event will be starting in under two weeks, whereas we have around two months to wait until the Anniversary event.

Overwatch Archives Event 2018 - Blackwatch

With that in mind, we’re going to assume that the mural is aimed specifically at the Archives event. This event ties directly in with the Uprising event of last year, as seen in the tweet. They reference the King’s Row Uprising. The image shifts and glitches, and we can see that the upcoming file references Blackwatch heavily. Again, this makes sense, as the mural has two former Blackwatch agents.

Possible Archives Event Game Modes

Players were a bit confused when the idea of a Blackwatch event came up. If it has a PvE game mode, what would we do without a tank? We don’t know of any Blackwatch tanks. However, if we look back at the first PvE event, Junkenstein’s Revenge, there was no tank there either. Could we see a Blackwatch PvE game mode that featured a more covert operation? This would certainly be more suited to their style and history.

Overwatch Archives Event 2018 - Blackwatch Moira

This would mean we would be playing as McCree, Genji, Reaper, or Moira. Maybe the murder scene will be central to the game mode.

The teaser glitches between “7 years ago” and “8 years ago”. This could mean that we’re looking at exactly the same time period as the Uprising event last year, since a year has passed. With that in mind, maybe we’ll also be doing a different part of the mission simultaneously. It would be amazing to see the original four heroes from last year’s event through a window while we’re playing this event!

Possible Archives Skins

The odd thing about this is we already have a Blackwatch McCree, Genji, and Reaper. Perhaps we’d see an exclusive skin for this event for each of the four members of Blackwatch that we know about. This would be great because players cannot obtain the Blackwatch Reaper skin (known as Blackwatch Reyes).

Overwatch Archives Event 2018 - Blackwatch Genji

If each of the four heroes receives a skin, we can expect to see another four Legendary skins on top of that. It’s unlikely we’ll see skins for the heroes who received Legendaries last year during the same event. That means Mercy, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, Tracer, and Widowmaker are out. Orisa and Bastion got skins last year, but they were both Null Sector skins and Bastion’s was only Epic. We shouldn’t rule them out completely.

Perhaps it will come out during this event that there were other members of Blackwatch we don’t yet know about. There aren’t any unaffiliated heroes that stand out as being particularly what Blackwatch generally seems to look for. However, we have been surprised in the past.

Other Archives Event info

We know for sure that the old event content will be making a return. Players who missed last year’s event will be able to buy the skins at their normal non-event prices, or obtain them in Archives loot boxes. These loot boxes will also potentially contain new event content as well.

The Overwatch Archives event will start on Tuesday, April 10th. We can expect it to run for the usual three weeks, giving us until Monday, April 30th to complete the event and unlock as much as we can.

Closing Thoughts

We like the way Blizzard released this information. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Sombra’s ARG was a long and drawn out process. However, the idea behind it was solid. Releasing small amounts of information to tease your community and allow them to theorize about upcoming events is actually a lot of fun. As long as you don’t draw it out for months on end, that is.

Regardless of what happens, we have an event to look forward to in less than two weeks. Whether we get a new game mode entirely, or a rehash of the old one remains to be seen. We’ll definitely see new content in the form of cosmetic items, and be able to obtain the old ones we missed.

After that, we’ll look forward to the Overwatch Anniversary event as well. We’ll deal with some speculation on that one a little closer to the time. What are you most looking forward to in the Archives event? Let us know in the comments below!

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Fortnite Players Surf the Guided Missile to Victory

So the latest update to Fortnite brought a new weapon with it – the Fortnite guided missile. Apparently, you can ride the missile after its been fired. And that’s precisely what a pair of streamers did, using the trick to net themselves a Victory Royale.

fortnite guided missile

Fortnite’s famous streamer Ninja pulled off the trick with another streamer by the name of DrLupo during the closing legs of a duos match. Ninja fired the missile in a trajectory that allowed DrLupo to time his jump and hop on. After that, Ninja steered the rocket around the corner of a building to the final two opponents, crashing the missile into one while DrLupo leapt off the rocket and shot down the other for the win.

The ability to surf rockets isn’t a new activity in Fortnite Battle Royale, as players learned that the regular rocket launcher’s rockets could also be hopped on to. The obvious benefit of the new rocket launcher, of course, is the fact that this particular ordinance can be manually controlled for some easier setup.

A pair of clips of the stylish Victory Royale is below; the first from Ninja’s perspective and the second from DrLupo.

Our Thoughts

Words fail on how hilarious and brilliant that is. We’ve got to believe that the team that lost that match can’t be mad at the way they were taken down.

Source: VG247

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Overwatch Uprising Teaser Posted on Twitter

The Overwatch Twitter has decided now’s a good time as any to kick the beehive of Overwatch fan hype. A new teaser video posted by the game’s account has posted a new Overwatch Uprising teaser, granting a new date for the PvE-based co-op mission’s return.

The above embedded video is all we’re going to get right now, while the associated tweet confirms that the event itself – or the “mission files” to borrow its parlance – will kick off on Tuesday, April 10th.

Almost immediately, folks have begun scrutinizing every last pixel of the tease for clues about what might be different this time around. For instance, the folks at BlizzardWatch have examined one part of said video where the text on-screen flickers, which changes the mission file number from 382 to 274. This leads to the suspicion that the Null Sector mission that featured in the last Uprising event will be from a different perspective, or will be entirely new.

In any case, we’re expecting returning skins and emotes along with additional details at some point soon.

Our Thoughts

And here we go once more! Overwatch fans appear to be pretty eager for more co-op PvE modes. Provided, of course, those they team with aren’t just the worst players in the history of everything FPS. Which case, we suggest you mute your microphone and just add those players to your avoid list. It’s just better for your blood pressure.

Sources: Twitter, BlizzardWatch

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Super Adventure Festival is Now Live in Guild Wars 2

It’s either the best time of the year or just the most obnoxious in Guild Wars 2 depending on who you ask, probably. Yes, today’s the start of the Super Adventure Festival, which re-opens Moto’s Super Adventure Box for all of the platform-hopping fun or frustration you can handle.

super adventure festival

Players of Guild Wars 2 can once again experience two worlds of retro-styled platforming in either standard or Tribulation mode, along with a new race in the game’s lobby. Players are going through all of this leaping madness for rewards, which are unlocked by combining Shimmer Baubles into Bauble Bubbles. This currency can then be used to buy items like weapon skins, guild hall decorations and boom boxes that play SAB’s tunes.

Super Adventure Festival runs from now until Thursday, April 12th. This year’s festival has an all new website coated in all of the 80’s neon glory and with all of the information you could hope for right here.

Our Thoughts

Personally, we’re glad to see SAB make its triumphant return once more, even if there aren’t any new worlds added to this year’s edition. If nothing else, this will hopefully be a way for newer players of Guild Wars 2 to experience what all of the fuss is about. Which, of course, likely hinges on whether or not said players find jumping puzzles in the base game to be interesting at all.

Source: press release

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Guns of Icarus Alliance Heads to PS4 May 1

If you’re the sort who wants to be part of a ship’s crew but enjoys steampunk airships more than a sea of pirates, then you might be interested in the upcoming Guns of Icarus Alliance PS4 launch, which has been announced by developer Muse Games and dated for the beginning of May.

guns of icarus alliance ps4 launch

It’s, admittedly, been a while since we last talked about this particular game, so let’s have a refersher. Guns of Icarus Alliance crews four players in a steampunk-styled airship in 32-player PvP combat or PvE skirmishes against AI. Players will take up the role of either Pilot, Engineer or Gunner, and will need to work together to keep their airship sailing and shooting.

One of the marquee features of the PS4 version of Guns of Icarus Alliance is the introduction of cross-platform play between PS4 and Steam players, including cross-platform voice chat. According to Muse Games team lead Howard Tsao, securing this feature turned out to be a lot of work, but ultimately vital.

“We knew in order to experience Guns of Icarus the correct way we had to implement [voice chat] in both the PS4 and PC versions,” said Tsao. “In Guns of Icarus Alliance a team’s successes and failures depends on their communication skills, and our voice chat allows players to become a coordinated unit, regardless of platform.”

Guns of Icarus Alliance will land on PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, May 1st. Pre-orders are now open and will cost either $14.99 or $11.24 depending on if you’re a PSPlus member or not. A trailer for the release can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Awesome! We’re glad that Guns of Icarus Alliance will not only open up to more players but will let those more players play along with existing PC players. It’s not often that Sony lets people play together, so consider us pleasantly surprised!

Source: press release

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