White Supremacists Recruit in Fortnite, Minecraft, and Other Online Titles

We’ve heard before that white supremacy groups recruit in online games but now thanks to a recent AMA we’ve learned that white supremacists recruit in Fortnite, Minecraft, COD, and other online games. The AMA was with Christian Piccolini, a former member of neo-Nazi groups in the United States. These days Christian is a peace advocate and he decided to take to Reddit to answer questions about the current political environment in America.

In the AMA a question is asked about predatory behavior on poor and disenfranchised youth used to recruit new members. Piccolini said that today they go to depression and mental health forums as well as multiplayer games. When pressed further he explained that they will drop benign hints then ramp things up once they’ve been hooked. The recruiters are mostly from Russia, Eastern Europe, and Poland. He also specifically mentions Fortnite, Minecraft, and COD by name as games that recruiters are active in. But he also adds that they can be found in all multiplayer games. When asked for actual evidence that they’re recruiting through video games Piccolini declines to give it but says that it is easy to find.

Discussion in the thread turns to Elder Scrolls Online where people mention they’ve seen such behavior that was mentioned in the game. Blizzard is also name-dropped in the discussion where the Redditor accuses them of doing nothing when they reported such activity in World of Warcraft, adding that they didn’t do anything that was openly offensive or against the TOS.

a gate in Summerset

While the previously linked article to The Guardian talks about the idea that white supremacists are recruiting in games this AMA is the first time we’ve had anyone concretely come out and say that yes, this is happening. So the next time you see someone say “Make Tamriel Great Again” keep in mind that they may actually be a white supremacist recruiter.


Source: Reddit

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Occupy White Walls Interview

Occupy White Walls is a new type of MMO currently in development by StikiPixels. Instead of grouping up with friends to take down enemies and save cities, players can curate their own art exhibits. Although currently still in early development, we had the opportunity to speak with StikiPixels CEO Yarden Yaroshevski about the future of the game.

occupy white walls interview

I know you’re adding new art in the future, but is it all going to be two dimensional, or will we eventually start to see sculptures? If so, what formats might be supported if a user wants to upload their own artwork?

For the foreseeable future, we are going to keep the user uploaded artwork 2D (when we launch this functionality). It’s much easier to mess up digitization of a 3D object than a 2D image (although you’d be surprised…). Quality and visual fidelity are very important to us.  We may revisit this in the future.


Do you have plans to add additional avatars to the game? Will users be allowed to look more ‘human’ if they choose?

New customization options are being added all the time, be it avatars or accessories, humans will not be a part of that. We feel it doesn’t fit with the aesthetics of the game and it definitely helps with tone we’re trying to set – one of our slogans is ‘be who you aren’t’ and we mean it. Lastly, human avatars are common in just about any other game.


What plans do you have for galleries? Right now they’re pretty awesome, not going to lie, but are we going to see custom music or more interactive exhibits?

Thanks, we think they’re pretty awesome too. What some people have built so far is beyond what we imagined possible in the game – and we are blown away (and LOVE it!). We have a ton of ideas on how to keep developing the galleries and empowering our players to be even more creative, nothing specific to report just yet but soon. Custom music is on our roadmap too, but it can take a while (you can guess why…).


As the game evolves, how will D.A.I.S.Y be adjusted to make sure that users are able to see new art and not back themselves into a sort of corner with their preferences, so to speak?

We could talk about Daisy for hours. But the player will never back themselves into a corner. Because she doesn’t just show you things based on what you like. It will doubt what you tell it and give you new things, things that you might not have seen before. It’s quite the complicated system, cutting edge AI. Bear in mind that every time you visit another players gallery you are exposed to a lot of artworks that DAISY didn’t choose for you and if you look closely or indeed buy a copy, DAISY uses this information to further enhance your recommendations, which themselves constantly evolve, with new artworks we keep adding and better recommendations in general. What’s so awesome (and a little scary) about her is that every choice a player does, helps DAISY improve the recommendations for every other player. When multiplied by thousands of players and thousands of artwork…

occupy white walls interview


Are we going to see any kind of paid content to support the game? Or is it always going to be free?

No game is truly free, we have 15 people working on this title and servers to pay for, all those things cost money. For as long as we’re in alpha the game will be 100% free, eventually we will move to a ‘free to play’ model –  to help us to cover these costs. But we do promise that we will be completely fair in this. Nobody likes it when their gameplay experience is ruined because they couldn’t spend money on it. And definitely no loot boxes!


When players are eventually allowed to upload their own content, what will the approval process be like?

We are going to try to be as hands off as possible because what is art for us might be completely different than what is art for someone else. There will be a few guidelines to follow for the obvious things like protecting minors. But if there is ever a real dispute we will bring it up inside the community for their opinion on the matter. Since this is Art we are talking about and the game is designed for adults we’d like to think it’ll be quite relaxed…


Do you have any plans for implementing virtual reality? Like the HTC Vive or the Occulus Rift?

That’s the eventual goal yes. We think that an experience like ours is just the perfect fit for VR. Getting up close to a painting. Walking through these elaborate structures people have built. It will definitely open up the game to an entirely new way of playing. However, if we are honest the current state of VR can’t really support a game like OWW in all its glorious detail and we are likely to wait until VR can do it real justice. On a side note a Mac version will probably come out before the VR one.


This game seems like a perfect candidate for consoles, do you see that happening in the future?

That’s too far off, let us focus first on the PC release before thinking about potentially releasing on other platforms.


What’s the biggest feature you plan to implement before the final release?

I think that depends on who you ask, for my personally it’s collaborative building. We’ve been testing it and users think it’s really fun. To some artists it might be the art uploads. It’s too much of an individual question. We’d also like to keep a few surprises up our sleeve.


Do you plan to improve the social options at all?

Definitely! Starting with collaborative building and a sort of “guild” type structure to support it together with a social space are all in the works. And that’s just a taste of what’s to come.

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Ark Park Pterosaur Hill DLC Launches Today

The first DLC for the VR dinosaur game Ark Park launched today on SteamVR, Windows MR/PSVR today. Ark Park Pterosaur Hill is built completely around the concept of flight. In addition to using land-based vehicles to explore three new maps players will also be able to float in a hot air balloon, ride a sky lift, or get in a cable car to be amongst the clouds and the nest of the Quetzalcoatlus, the largest prehistoric flying creature.

In the new battle map called Death Valley players will be able to climb onto a pterosaur and traverse the Death Canyon in search of the nest of a fire-breathing dragon. The map also features in air combat.

In all the new DLC includes…

3 New exploration maps: Mountain Lake, Crystal Sky Lift, and Aviary
1 New battle map: Death Valley
2 New battle weapons: Tachi, Shotgun
2. New consumable items: Grenade, Crossbow
1 New collecting tool: Scythe
1 New resource: Asteroid Rock
14 New creatures
8 New subspecies

This expansion is exactly the kind of thing that virtual reality was made for. Flying on the back of a dinosaur is one of those things that we’ve all dreamed about doing and now thanks to Ark Park we can do just that.

Pterosaur Hill has voiceovers and subtitles in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. It is expected to launch on the Oculus Rift and Viveport sometime in early July. The DLC is completely free for anyone who already owns the game.

Ark: Survival Evolved, the game which Ark Park is a spinoff of is currently on sale on Steam for 67% off as part of the Steam Summer sale. PixArk, the Minecraft meets Ark: Survival Evolved game is also on sale, for 20% off until July 5th.

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Will To Live Online Steam Game Giveaway

Will to Live Online is a hybrid MMORPG / shooter set in a harsh post-apocalyptic world full of dangerous mutants and struggling survivors. You find yourself in this open world, and what you do here is up to you. You can team up with other players to increase your chances of survival, or you can go it alone to be your own boss. You must contend with the needs of survival, from hunger and thirst to fighting off mutants, enemy players, and a host of other dangers. Will to live also offers a true MMORPG experience! Explore dungeons, fight against raid bosses, team up with friends to form clans, and complete quests while you explore a vast sandbox world. Now, thanks to a special giveaway organized by Will To Live Online and MMOGames, you can try the game for free! Enter the Will To Live Online Steam Game Giveaway for your chance to win a key for a free copy of Will To Live Online on Steam, a $14.99 US value!

Will To Live Online Steam Game Giveaway


What You Get From The Will To Live Online Steam Game Giveaway


How To Redeem Your Will To Live Online Steam Game Giveaway Key

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  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process!


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We will be in touch by email with the winners once the contest comes to an end.  If you have any issues, please contact us.


Will To Live Online Steam Game Giveaway

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Turtle Rock is Working on a AAA Competitive FPS Game

Thanks to an ad for a position we now know that Turtle Rock is working on a AAA Competitive FPS game. They’re looking to fill several positions on an unannounced AAA title. The ads also stresses that it is a globally known game franchise. Turtle Rock has worked on more than one globally known franchise since they were founded in 2002. They’ve worked on early Counter-Strike games, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Evolve, and the games they’re most famous for is Left 4 Dead.

Other positions they’re looking to fill make reference to other games. The Audio Programmer position states that they’ll be working on the studio’s own original IP as well as supporting announced and unannounced projects. The position also asks for experience with next gen or previous generation consoles. Also, experience working with Unreal Engine 4. The listing for Environment Prop Modeler talks about working on a globally known franchise as well as experience on next-gen platforms. However, they’re also working on a VR title as they’re looking for an Environment Artist that specifically does VR.

So, what can we gather from all of this information? Turtle Rock has several projects going on at the moment. The one everyone is talking about right now is the AAA competitive FPS game from a globally known game franchise. Many people are speculating that this will be a Left 4 Dead game and at the moment that’s a pretty fair thing to assume.

They’re also working on a game that is their own original IP. This may or may not be a VR title, it’s difficult to tell based just on the job listings. If it isn’t the VR game that means that they have a third title they’re working on. That seems like a bit of a stretch though considering the size of the studio. Wikipedia lists them as having approximately 80 employees while Linkedin lists 93. In comparison, ArenaNet, which as far as we know is only working on Guild Wars 2, has 400 employees.


Source: Turtle Rock Careers Page

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Neverwinter Ravenloft Darkfish Fey Wolf Giveaway (PC)

Neverwinter is a long running free to play fantasy MMORPG set in the Forgotten Realms, the core setting of the beloved tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons. Neverwinter has recreated many iconic classes, locations, and encounters that you might recognize. You might choose to adventure as a hearty Guardian Fighter, deceive foes as a Trickster Rogue, follow the righteous path as a Devoted Cleric, or overcome challenges as a powerful Wizard! On your journey through the city and the surrounding lands, you will face Kobolds, Beholders, Mimics, and other nasty creatures of the D&D universe; keep your sword and spells at hand. Neverwinter’s next module, the iconic Ravenloft, has arrived on PC and, Perfect World Entertainment has teamed up with MMOGames to bring our readers a special celebratory giveaway. Enter the Neverwinter Ravenloft Darkfish Fey Wolf Giveaway for your chance to win a special Darkfish Fey Wolf mount for your PC client of Neverwinter, and ride into the swirling mists of Ravenloft in style!

NOTE: These keys are valid only for the PC version of Neverwinter. They will not work on other platforms. They will not work on the Russian (RU) server.

Neverwinter Ravenloft Darkfish Fey Wolf Giveaway


What You Get From The Neverwinter Ravenloft Darkfish Fey Wolf Giveaway

  • Suratuk’s Darkfish Fey Wolf Mount: +80% Movement Speed, 3 Insignia Slots
  • NOTE: These keys are valid only for the PC version of Neverwinter. They will not work on other platforms. They will not work on the Russian (RU) server.


How To Redeem Your Neverwinter Ravenloft Darkfish Fey Wolf Giveaway Key

  1. Visit playneverwinter.com to install and launch the Arc client if you haven’t already.
  2. Select the gear icon at the top right of the client.
  3. Select “Activate a Product,” enter the item code and click Next.
  4. Select the Library icon below “Charge,” locate Neverwinter and launch the game.
  5. Once you complete the tutorial, your item can be found at the Rewards Claim Agent in Protector’s Enclave.
  6. Please note that these items are Bind-on-Pickup and may only be redeemed once per account.
  7. NOTE: These keys are valid only for the PC version of Neverwinter. They will not work on other platforms. They will not work on the Russian (RU) server.


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NOTE: These keys are valid only for the PC version of Neverwinter. They will not work on other platforms. They will not work on the Russian (RU) server.

Sign in with a selection of options within the Gleam widget below and complete one or more entries to enter our giveaway. You can select all of them or just one, it’s entirely up to you, though the more you choose, the more chances you have to win! This round of the giveaway will end on Tuesday, July 3, 2018, at 08:00 GMT. This round of the giveaway is for 10 keys.

We will be in touch by email with the winners once the contest comes to an end.  If you have any issues, please contact us.


Neverwinter Ravenloft Darkfish Fey Wolf Giveaway (PC)

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MMO Money: Gazillion Assets Sold and Pokemon Go Population Goes Up

Gazillion is back in the news, for a short time at least. CCP takes a jab at Star Citizen, but it’s all light-hearted fun, and the Pokemon GO Population goes up for the summer. There’s all of that and more in this week’s MMO Money, the weekly gaming business news report.


Trion Buys Gazillion Assets

Marvel heroes

In an interview with VentureBeat, Trion World’s CEO Scott Hartsman revealed that the company has purchased what remains of Gazillion’s assets. The goal isn’t to revive Marvel Heroes, though fans of the game are hopeful this could happen. They were specifically interested in Gazillion’s tools that will help them with the publishing side of things. In the VentureBeat article, it says

“We‘ve built an amazing ecosystem in support of our games and those we’ve published. We’re excited to add more tools to our library in order to embolden our teams and partners to create truly fantastic games,” said Hartsman. “Our suite of vital technology and experience in publishing and operation at a global scale allows us to provide essential ‘ecosystem as a service’ support, empowering developers from all over the world to create all new AAA online experiences, sustain their studios in very crowded markets, and take more creative risks.”

The article also points out that as part of this asset purchase Trion also got a game engine to make it easier to develop isometric games. This along with all of Gazillion’s trademarks, licenses, patents, and it’s library of games. However, they don’t have the license to bring Marvel Heroes back. They would have to work with Disney for that to happen, and while it doesn’t seem likely that Trion will go this route, it can’t be entirely ruled out either.


Pokemon Go Gets a Summer Boost

Superdata has released its monthly look at the industry and the biggest story of them all is Pokemon GO. The game is enjoying a boost thanks to summer and fantastic weather. In May it generated $104 million, which is up 174% year over year. That boost is only getting bigger thanks to the introduction of trading and giving gifts to friends, something that has been sought after since the launch.

Other news from Superdata shows that Fortnite has reached another all-time high…but it is slowing down. They estimate that Fortnite made $318 million across all platforms in May. That’s up 7% from April.


Bethesda Sues Behaviour Interactive and Warner Bros. Over Alleged Fallout Shelter Ripoff

Fallout Shelter

Bethesda, of Fallout and Elder Scrolls fame, is suing Behaviour Interactive (Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade) and Warner Bros. because the new Westworld game is very similar to Fallout Shelter. Behaviour Interactive developed for Bethesda, and the two games are so similar that the same bug appears in both games. Bethesda accuses them of using the same design, code, and gameplay for Westworld without being given permission. “The Westworld game is a blatant rip-off of Fallout Shelter. Working with the same copyrighted computer code used by Fallout Shelter, Westworld has the same or highly similar game design, art style, animations, features and other gameplay elements as Fallout Shelter, all of which are owned by Bethesda.”

What the financial outcome of the lawsuit will be remains to be seen. However, Warner Bros was apparently surprised by the “baseless accusations” in the Westworld lawsuit. They further went on to say that while it is built around a similar concept to Fallout Shelter their game is entirely new and features no code from Behaviour’s work on Fallout Shelter. “Warner Bros. has been assured by the game developer, Behaviour Interactive, that Bethesda’s allegations are untrue and that none of Bethesda’s code was used in the Westworld game. Moreover, contrary to Bethesda’s baseless accusation, Warner Bros. at no time ‘induced’ Behaviour to use the Fallout Shelter code in Westworld.” A pretty bold statement considering the same bug has been found in both games.


EVE Online Pokes Fun at Star Citizen

CCP decided to have a little fun after EVE Online fans pointed out that Star Citizen has, in their words, blatantly ripped off the looks of one of EVE Online’s ships. They introduced a bundle of skins for the Venture ship with a price tag of 120 plex. A jab at the the $120 Vulture ship from Star Citizen that looks just like the Venture. In the official announcement for the skin bundle CCP says, “Just beware of sneaky vultures attempting to swoop in and loot your assets!” Well then! I guess we know how CCP feels about the whole thing. At least they’re having a good sense of humor about the whole thing.

On the Star Citizen subreddit, CCP Falcon made an appearance in the thread saying they were glad the majority of the comments are light-hearted and fun. Ending a long post by saying, “I’m super interested to see what’s next for both Star Citizen and EVE, and contrary to what some of the more vocal fans on both sides of the fence might think, over here in Reykjavík we’ve got nothing but love for our fellow sci-fi developers, and continue to wish Cloud Imperium Games and the Star Citizen community nothing but fair skies and smooth sailing.”

Doesn’t that just warm your heart?


Shroud of the Avatar Suffers Layoffs

In the wake of Shroud of the Avatar launching Portalarium has downsized. This is a fairly common practice in the industry, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less. On the official forums, they had this to say about the layoffs.

“Now that we are almost complete fulfilling our Kickstarter promises (brewing coming online in R55, physical rewards shipping very soon, progress being made on castle defense, etc.), we are adjusting our team size to better match our current monthly revenue. This will give us the balance we need to begin work on Episode 2 while ensuring we can support the online service. To do that means having, at least for now, a smaller team. Right now we will shift our focus from creating new content to polishing our existing systems. This means making a stronger new user experience, fixing bugs, reworking the quest system, performance improvements, user interface polish, and more. At the same time, we will continue the Tier adjustments in progress which will rework our existing scenes to more appropriate difficulty levels based on our current player population.”


Valve Turns off Lootboxes in The Netherlands

Valve has temporarily turned off lootboxes for CSGO and Dota 2 players in The Netherlands. This comes after the Dutch Gaming Authority named Valve as one of several companies that needed to change their lootboxes or face prosecution. Valve’s official statement has said that they don’t agree with the DGA’s ruling and that appeals are ongoing. Many people who are against lootboxes hoped that the ruling from the DGA would result in a worldwide shift but it looks like Valve is going to fight it and at the very least find a way around it on a local level. This could mean that in the future game experiences will be different in different countries, which is something nobody wants.

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Crowfall Elaborates on the Hunger Mechanic

Just to clarify off the bat, when I’m writing about Crowfall Hunger, I’m not talking about a mechanic that forces your avatar to eat berries scavenged from the forest. I’m referring to a world-corrupting malevolence that freezes natural resources and irrevocably twists natural life into ravenous terror-beasts. Pretty different mechanics, those.

crowfall hunger

The Hunger in the lore of Crowfall is some mysterious force that has continually eaten up the shattered worlds of the game’s universe. When this force arrives in the campaign world of Crowfall, it does so in pretty obvious fashion, spawning a corrupted crystal that freezes the ground, traps all harvestable resources in unbreakable ice, and turns local wildlife into corrupted and violent forms regardless of their usual nature.

The only way to clear this corruption is to use Spirit Tools on the crystalline formation that spawns, which will free up the frozen resources for harvesting once again while also yielding Hunger Shards for use in activities like crafting or starting a siege.

However, players don’t stop the corruption of the Hunger so much as delay it; the mechanic is directly tied to both seasons and the day/night cycle that were brought up by the devs in a prior blog post. In short: the night is more dangerous, and the Hunger more widespread as the campaign world closes in on Winter and that world’s eventual end.

While the blog post does a good job of explaining the mechanic, what it doesn’t offer is a timeline for when these new features will be arriving to either Test or Live, other than the nebulous promise of Soon™.

Our Thoughts

Considering that Campaign Worlds are meant to be temporary, it does make sense to have some all-consuming force make sure everyone gets what they want done in time. The question that remains here, though, is whether the moment-to-moment gameplay of fighting over worlds that are going to be eaten up by the Hunger anyway will be enough to keep people around for a long period of time. After all, what’s the point of a game of war if you’re not getting a sense of progress?

Source: official site

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MapleStory 2’s Second Closed Beta Starts on July 18

It’s been a fair bit of time between the last closed beta and the next, but the devs have finally locked down a firm date for the next MapleStory 2 closed beta test. CBT 2 is arriving Wednesday, July 18th with new features and for a longer span of time.

maplestory 2 closed beta test

As mentioned in previous posts from the game’s producers, MapleStory 2’s second beta will feature more quests and more dungeon and raid content at the end game. CBT 2 will also open up to more people this time around, though the scope of those being invited wasn’t elaborated upon. What was elaborated upon was the length of time for testing, which will kick off at 1pm EDT and run for two weeks until August 1st.

In addition to the new content, this round of closed beta will also open up the game’s cash shop, the Meret Market, for the first time. A blog post from earlier this week provided a closer look at the kinds of items that will be up for sale, including outfits, emotes and mounts.

The Market will not be taking any money directly during CBT 2, however, as testers will be granted 1,000 Merets every day of testing. The post also goes out of its way to mention that prices and fees are not final.

Until then, fans can get a look at a variety of the goings-on from CBT 1 in the video package below.

Our Thoughts

Considering the vignette above, it seems like the first beta test went off in generally enjoyable style, so we’re certain that fans are eager to get their invitation to this next test. Here’s hoping that all that’s being added will be enjoyable for “Maplers”!

Source: official site

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Bless Online Outlines its Upcoming Server Merges

Looks like its time for the multiple servers to squish into less multiple servers. Bless Online server merges are indeed on the way and a dev blog post shared on the game’s Steam page has the when, the how many, and the instructions on what players need to do, if anything.

bless online server merges

NA players of Bless Online will see their six servers consolidated to two, while EU players are seeing their seven servers also compacted into two. According to the producer’s letter from earlier in the week, this consolidation will help free up the temporary servers should they be needed once Bless Online fully launches.

For those who either have multiple characters on both factions or spread across different realms, you should bear in mind that they may be deactivated according to a number of priority guidelines. In both instances, priority will first be given to guild leaders, then to the highest level character, then to the most recently played. There are also different priorities for characters or guilds of the same name.

All of the server merging will take place on Tuesday, July 24th at a time to be determined later. There are a lot more specifics that fans of Bless Online will want to keep in mind, so be sure to head to the Steam page for more.

Our Thoughts

Really, it was just a matter of time. There is certainly a lot of things for players to consider, but ideally the server merging will take place with as little a hassle as possible. Fingers crossed for you Bless fans.

Source: Steam

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