Enplex Games Release Official Population Zero Trailer

Hotly-anticipated Sci-Fi MMO Population Zero is poised for early access via Steam on May 5th. And now developer Enplex Games has unleashed not one, but two videos to help whet your appetite: the official Population Zero trailer & a retrospective development video documenting its progression since its 2017 beginnings.

Set on uncharted planet Kepler, the player is tasked with survival over the course of 168 hours (7 days) after which the cycle will repeat, only this time bolstered with new mechanics and modes unlocked with the experience gained in the last cycle. PvP modes are unlocked via account progression after the first few hours of life on Kepler, though entirely optional. 

This offbeat approach to the MMO genre, a time-constrained objective fulfilment mechanic, comfortably sets Population Zero apart from others of its ilk and already has us eager to get stuck in. 

Well, now Enplex Games has decided to amplify that anticipation with the sublimely-crafted Population Zero trailer below entitled ‘Gravity’, in which we are given not only a taste of the myriad hazards that await us, but also a tantalizing look at the living colourscape that is Kepler:



Complete with its very own stirring soundtrack courtesy of Indie Pop artist Naadia, this trailer is giving us some serious Fallout meets Outer Worlds vibes. The recent decision by Enplex Games to shift from free-to-play to buy-to-play is indicative of the quality we can hope to expect. 

The promising impressions continue  as we take a look at the retrospective video below which showcases Population Zero’s development since its initial conception in 2017, compared to the product that we can expect this May. 


The graphical progress is dazzling, transitioning to a mesmeric vision worthy of its $29.99 price tag. Population Zero will be available through Steam early access with an additional 17% discount for the first week, and additional packages containing cosmetic perks to help you stand out from the crowd of survivors on Kepler. If you’re as excited as we are, prospective players are invited to add the game to their Steam Wishlist ahead of its release on 5th May.


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Introducing Hautli – Magic: Manastrike’s White/Red Planeswalker

The latest free-to-play mobile game instalment of the franchise that should need no introduction has received a new update and, with it, a new Planeswalker. 

Magic: Manastrike is mobile game developer Netmarble Corp’s first foray into the illustrious franchise Magic: The Gathering, taking its vast lore into a new direction as a fast-paced PvP strategy game. You can check out our full review of the new game here, but to summarise: so far, so good. 

The latest update for the game introduces White/Red Planeswalker Hautli, a new Planeswalker skin, the new Ikoria Battlefield dimension and a patch to balance out the stats of certain cards. 



New addition Hautli is a White/Red Planeswalker who, when summoned, offers sustained recovery to the player’s summoned unit with the highest HP with her passive skill, while her active skill inflicts damage and knockback in a circle with her flying blades. A brand new skin has also been introduced for White/Red Planeswalker Nahiri, an ancient Kor warrior with a special power over stone. 

Both are now available through this Ikoria-themed season of Magic Pass alongside the new Ikoria Battlefield dimension; a heap of themed content for this season including an Ikoria lobby background and map once you hit rank 6. If you’re wondering where all of this Ikoria content has sprung from, it may have something to do with the release of MTG’s 84th expansion Ikoria: Lair of the Behemoth.

The final part of the update includes some balancing patches to a select few cards by increasing or decreasing certain stats. Here the developers have paid close attention to the frequency in which cards were used, noting how some may be over or underpowered, then adjusted attack power and HP accordingly to level the playing field. It gets a big thumbs up from us. 

You can check out the full details of the changes via Netmarble’s announcement post here.

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Action MMO CABAL Online releases its Triumph update

MMO publishers ESTsoft Inc. have released the latest Triumph update for the techno-punk fantasy fan favourite, CABAL Online. Since 2005, the free-to-play MMO mainstay has been Keeping. Things. Fresh. By consistently challenging even the most hardened of veteran MMORPG players, CABAL online has stood the test of time, bringing its own unique spin on the genre through fluid real-time combat, intricate class combo systems and fast-paced gameplay. So it’s no surprise that ESTsoft have introduced even more features to keep the fans engaged. Here’s what to look out for: 



Now, players will be treated to a host of new content in an update entitled ‘Triumph’. Just as you think you’ve hit the limit, the ceiling is raised with some high-level rewards now available to players. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Two New Dungeons: Flame Nest – ‘seize the devil by his broken horn and clear this infernal nest of its hellish inhabitants’ – and Holy Windmill – ‘generate new and greater power in this unique dungeon experience.’
  • A New Collection System: Earn rewards by collecting specific items in this new mechanic, unlockable through an NPC mission.
  • Guild Treasures: A new way to work together with your guilds and collect valuable loot.
  • Merit Medal Platinum Rank: An expanded Merit Mastery system with six new Merit Mastery categories, including the Platinum Insignia, applied to accounts at level 200 or above. 
  • Force Wing Transcendence: Expand your powers through the Transcendence level of Force Wings after reaching Force wing level 100.


The final bit of good news is that the Triumph update is available and ready to play now. Check out the trailer below and head over to the announcement page for an in-depth look.

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MMOGames New Instagram Features a Premium Wizard 101 Giveaway!

Due to some *ahem* technical difficulties, we are launching a brand new Instagram account. To *ahem* celebrate this achievement we will be rewarding a lucky follower of our new account with a generous Wizard 101 giveaway.

We are giving away 10,000 Crowns for Wizard 101 – a fantasy MMORPG that sends players on quests through the enchanted corridors of Ravenwood Academy. In this family-friendly, free-to-play game players must train magical pets, fight fierce boss battles, collect loot, and master an ever-growing plethora of spells.

Players can host social gatherings and dance parties with their pets and friends in their customizable castles, the perfect retreat after a long day of monster fighting.

To learn more about Wizard 101 and put your spell-casting abilities to the test, visit our dedicated page

To be in with your chance of winning this giveaway, follow our new Instagram page: 


On Thursday, we will use a random number generator to choose between the followers who have liked our page and our giveaway post.

We will be sharing lots more giveaways along with all the latest MMO and MMORPG gaming news there. So if the world of wizardry isn’t for you, be sure to follow us anyway. To ensure you don’t miss out on our other posts, don’t forget to follow and favorite us on Facebook and Twitter too.

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Discover Slavic Folklore with Upcoming Card-Based RPG Black Book

A dark and grisly new card-based RPG from Russian game developers Morteshka is soon to arrive via Kickstarter and Steam on 5th May 2020. It is a story of Slavic folklore depicted in a hauntingly beautiful hand-drawn style by a team who grew up with such tales. This darkly mystical adventure challenges the player, lovelorn protagonist Vasilisa, to uncover the seven seals of the demonic Black Book. 

Through strategic deck-building and turn-based combat, specific card combinations will unleash unique and devastating spells in a world inhabited by demons, elementals, giant wolves and talking pets. Multiple layers will influence the outcomes of your battles: your own strategy, companion characters, and demon recruits, whose purported ‘assistance’ may belie more sinister intentions. Utilise your powers of persuasion to enlist them, but proceed with caution.

Fantasy fans familiar with such titles as The Witcher should find solace in Black Book’s evocative and immersive narrative complete with side-quests, riddles, and an in-game encyclopedia of Russian lore, written with the help of expert anthropologists. 

Should you wish to try your hand at this title before investing on Kickstarter, the free standalone Black Book: Prologue will also release on 5th May via Steam, gaining you access to the title’s first chapter. 

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Golf MMO ‘Shot Online’ Releases its RE-NEW Update

Free-to-play golf MMO Shot Online has released its RE-NEW update – bringing the newly-added Golf Club content alongside a heap of gameplay enhancements including new Miniature Mode golf courses, new items, physics optimizations and renewal of the NPC Shop, Item Mall, Course Drop Box & Item Recipe System. 

The main addition of the RE-NEW update is the Golf Club. With this update, players over level 190 can now experience new benefits by founding their own Golf Club, gaining access to two new systems:

  • The Rounding Acquaintance System: Earn ‘A-points’ through Co-Player Rounding which can be used to craft items. 
  • The Training System: Earn several rewards by sending characters into training; the longer the training time, the better the rewards. 

To celebrate this new feature and to kick-start players’ efforts to reach level 190, Shot Online are offering 20% bonus experience on all titles until midnight on 9th May, as well as additional events for a limited time.

Also included in the update are the two new Miniature Mode courses: Dino Park and Volcano, bringing the available miniature mode courses up to 5. Within the Miniature Mode, physics issues have been patched, objects will become transparent when covering a player and the Pin Point is now more accurate. 

Final touch-ups mean that players can now enjoy new items within the NPC shop, a better choice within the Item Mall including better packages and the ability to craft the ‘Valhalla’s Soul Stone’ within the Course Drop Box, which can be used to craft various useful items within the game. The Item Recipe System itself has also undergone some changes to streamline the crafting process. 

Visit our Shot Online page to play or check out the full details of the RE-NEW Shot Online update via the official announcement page.

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