Black Widow and Red Guardian Join The Contest of Champions Roster

Last week, we gave you news of the addition of Marvel Contest of Champions Storm (Pyramid X), but the mobile game that keeps on giving has recently added not one, but two more champions to their nigh-on overflowing roster: Black Widow and Red Guardian.

Marvel Contest of Champions is a free-to-play mobile fighting game featuring all your favourite Marvel characters hashing it out in the Battlerealm. Pledge your loyalty to one of 4 houses, assemble your own bespoke team and get to battling.

This month, to celebrate the upcoming 6th November release of Marvel Studios’ Black Widow movie, developers Kabam have announced the arrival of Black Widow and Red Guardian. Inspired by the likeness of Scarlet Johannsen & Stranger Things’ David Harbour in the upcoming movie title, the introduction of these two heroes follows a story featuring supervillain Taskmaster. Here’s what Kabam have said so far:

In the wake of the Cabal’s collapse, Black Widow has been tasked with locating and recovering a lost mind control weapon. To accomplish her mission, Agent Romanoff will need the help of an old friend. Red Guardian is a fellow former soviet and an honorable and trustworthy ally. However, they soon discover that they are not the only ones chasing the lost Cabal technology. A secretive mastermind has employed the skills of Taskmaster, the photo-reflexive mercenary, to stop Black Widow from finding this weapon at all costs!

It’s a race across The Battlerealm, with new foes to fight and where old allegiances will be tested in this month’s Event Quest: Black Widow: Red By Dawn!

Check out the new heroes and full details over at the Marvel: Contest of Champions website.

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