Battleborn Shutdown Announced After Years in Maintenance Mode

In 2017 2K Games announced that Battleborn would be going into maintenance mode for the foreseeable future but as we all know that means the game’s days are numbered. Well, it looks like its time is up. 2K took to Twitter to announce the Battleborn shutdown is finally coming.

You might expect that because it’s coming up to the end of the year that the shutdown would be soon, but in fact it isn’t happening until January 2021! It’s really amazing that they’ve given so much warning for the fans of the game. This isn’t usually how these stories go.

Starting on February 24, 2020 you will no longer be able to purchase virtual currency which is also incredibly generous as far as time is concerned! The game has now been removed from digital storefronts though, so if you don’t already have the game, you’re out of luck I’m afraid.

If you’re wondering what went wrong after it had such a successful beta, the answer to that quite simply is that it came out at the same time as Overwatch. The two games are quite similar and playing for the same audience. Unfortunately for Battleborn, Overwatch won out. Still, for the dedicated playerbase the knowledge that they still have so long to go until shutdown is a blessing. Most fans of online games that get shut down don’t have that. So thank you 2K! You’re one of the good guys.


Source: Twitter

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Borderlands 3 Release Date Leaks; Could Be Epic Games Store Exclusive

We’re getting all sorts of wild information about Borderlands 3 since its official reveal last Thursday, but the most speculative is something that Gearbox Software didn’t intend to reveal just yet: the release date.

A tweet went up on the official Borderlands Twitter account, and immediately came right back down, that revealed when the game would be coming out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It’s reportedly set to drop on September 13, just in time for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. You can see a screenshot of the tweet taken below.

On top of that, it appears there will be three editions of the game available, including a Deluxe Edition and a Super Deluxe Edition. You can see the reported cover art below, hinting at some awesomeness to come with a dude in a Borderlands thug mask.

There also appears to be a Diamond Loot Chest Collector’s Edition up for grabs as well. Though a picture of it hasn’t been revealed yet, we could catch a glimpse as soon as E3…or maybe before that, depending on Gearbox’s mood. The package includes a Diamond Loot Chest replica, along with a Sanctuary 3 snap model, 10 character figurines, five character art lithographs, 4 Vault Key keychains, a Cloth Map of the Galaxy, a Steelbook case, a physical copy of the game, a Season Pass, Deluxe Bonus Content and a Gold Weapon Skin Pack. That last item could be a pre-order bonus for the game, though that’s not officially confirmed yet.

Finally, it looks like several sources have noted that the PC version of Borderlands 3 will initially debut on the Epic Games Store before heading to other platforms. That’s not final yet, and neither Gearbox nor Epic would say a word about it, but some users are likely to be very happy with its release. Others, though, will have to stick with consoles for the time being.

We’ll let you know once these details are fully confirmed, but it looks like September will be a hot month for Borderlands fans. In the meantime, don’t forget that the Game of the Year Edition of the original Borderlands is available today!

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