Secret World Legends Goes In-Depth on the Agent Network

Ever since the first tease of the Secret World Legends Agent Network system, we’ve been intrigued to learn more about this STO Duty Officers-like system. During a recent livestream, the devs offered a closer look at what the new side-advancement system is all about.

secret world legends agent network system

Available at level 15, the Agent Network offers six different categories of missions for Agents to be deployed on, which can take several hours depending on the task in question. Rewards include distillates, mission resources, Agent XP, new Agent dossiers, or gear, along with additional rewards if your Agent’s traits line up with the mission in question. Agents have an affinity for certain types of missions, which is represented by a percentage of success. Regardless, failed missions can grant some XP.

As for Agent Dossiers themselves, players can earn them via elite dungeons, lairs, scenarios, and the raid finder in addition to being an Agent mission reward. Using the Dossier item adds that Agent to a total roster of 40. Where said Dossiers drop is information that the devs encourage players to share among themselves, or players can get Dossiers are part of booster packs available in the Aurum store. Dossiers gained in this way will be no different than the ones gained through gameplay, however.

Agents, as mentioned before, have a total of 50 levels and grant the player passive bonus traits at levels 25 and 50 respectively. Traits are offered for every weapon and playstyle and come in six types: Supernatural, Power, Dexterity, Resilience, Intelligence, and Charisma, though those traits might offer similar effects. Agents can even equip gear in a single gear slot, which will grant that Agent trait and stat bonuses.

Our Thoughts

Yep, pretty much like the STO Duty Officer system. That said, we’re glad to know that getting Dossiers can be done through actually playing SWL and not through buying them from the store. The biggest question remains whether the time spent to reward ratio makes this system worthwhile, though perhaps we’ll have to wait and see when this launches to know that for sure.

Source: SWLRP forums

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