Aion Axes its Subscription and Posts 30 Pages of Patch Notes

If your game’s update is large enough to require a separate PDF file, it’s probably a big one. Such is the case for Aion 6.0, which is such a massive adjustment for the free to play MMO that its required 30 pages’ worth of patch notes to outline all of the things new with it.

aion 6.0

Obviously, we’re not going to go through 30 pages of patch notes, but if you’re the sort who has that inclination, here they are. As one would expect, they cover the dearth of changes to Aion with the new patch, from skills to new regions and everything in-between.

As for other matters that concern the community such as the Veteran System replacement, Transformation Contracts and more, a series of videos from the devs have been posted on the game’s Twitter.

On the subject of system changes, the game’s monthly subscription Prestige Pack has come to an end, replaced now with the Prestige Pass. This item was part of the original Pack and offers players a variety of boons such as increased entries into end game instances, exclusive coins for use at a special vendor, and access to special NPCs, buffs and quests, all for a limited length of time. More details and an FAQ are found here.

Our Thoughts

wow those are some beefy patch notes. It’s very likely going to take a lot of time for players to fully process all of the changes both to the game and the Prestige Pass, but if you’ve got thoughts on anything now you’re certainly welcome to share them with us.

Sources: Twitter, official site

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