World of Warcraft AMA Addresses Island Expeditions and Warfronts

If several aspects of the Battle for Azeroth end game don’t exactly strike your fancy, then rest assured that director Ion Hazzikostas hears you. A recent World of Warcraft AMA took several questions about Warfronts, Island Expeditions and several other talking points among the WoW community.

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Regarding Warfronts, the devs recognize that Alliance players are kind of left twiddling their thumbs a bit, but additional Warfronts are due in future updates that will run in a cycle that hopefully won’t have players sitting around watching the clock.

On the topic of Island Expeditions, Hazzikostas stated that feedback regarding underwhelming rewards and frantic pacing have been heard. Future updates to BfA will look to refine things like more events to make Expeditions feel less predictable. Meanwhile, a hotfix kicked out on the 14th has ramped up the drop rates for transmog items, pets, quest starters, and mounts.

Ultimately, the systems that power Island Expeditions are still being ironed out, with the hopes of applying the tech to other settings that feel appropriate for the “gogogo” pacing inherent in Expeditions.

There are a number of other matters discussed in the AMA, of course, so be sure you check out this handy-dandy summary if you haven’t done so already.

Our Thoughts

That’s ultimately the problem with trying something new sometimes; it can every now and again not work out quite the way you expected. Still, we hope that the recent improvements to drop rates help a little bit and that future updates to BfA will flesh out everything that much more.

Source: World of Warcraft subreddit

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Dual Universe Shares an AMA Transcript

So apparently there was a Dual Universe AMA last week. Maybe you missed it. Maybe you were busy. Maybe you just really despise Reddit for some very good reasons. Regardless of what happened, the folks at Novaquark have offered up a transcript of fan questions and JC Baillie’s answers.

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The AMA touched on an expected variety of topics, including questions about planned PvP, updates to certain game features and voxels, and an overall timeline of where development appears to be headed and when the next phases of release will come. Here’s a brief rundown of some bullet points:

  • Expect a development roadmap for sometime this coming Summer, with Dual Universe heading out of pre-alpha when basic gameplay features are added that remove the need for player inventories to be stuffed full of materials and players will get to harvest things themselves.
  • Speaking of the alpha build, Baillie states it won’t be just a minimum viable product, but will offer “a set of features that does not betray the spirit of the game, and of course is fun enough”.
  • The next few updates will focus on Markets, Scanning, and server scalability and stability.
  • PvP is expected to arrive during the Alpha phase of testing, though not during Alpha 1. More details on PvP beyond that aren’t quite ready to be talked about yet, though it was explained that Bounties and Contracts will offer in-game mechanics beyond a simple record of a player’s activity.
  • Armor in-game will be modular, not set-based, in order to let players customize and fine-tune their build.
  • The second round of crowdfunding for Dual Universe is still aimed at Q1 of this year, though Baillie does state that the game’s fund levels will be OK in the meantime.

There are a lot more questions and answers to be had surrounding Dual Universe, so be sure to take a moment and check the website for the complete rundown.

Our Thoughts

Pretty informative AMA overall. Mr. Baillie was reasonably forthcoming with the answers he gave and appears ready to move things forward to the next phase. We’re looking forward to further big updates out of this voxelbox soon, as ever.

Source: official site

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