Overwatch Debuts Korean Map and D.Va Animated Short

Overwatch has decided to focus down on South Korea for its most recent content. Two premieres were made at this year’s Gamescom event: a new D.Va animated short and a new Control map based on the game’s version of the South Korean city of Busan.

d.va animated short

In Busan, players will fight to hold three Control points spread across three different locales from Overwatch’s fiction: the ancient temple and garden grounds of Sanctuary; a Downtown area complete with PC bang, karaoke bar and what looks like a bullet train obstacle to consider; and the home of the MEKA Squad itself, MEKA Base.

The new Busan map is live on the PTR now, along tweaks like sensitivity options for Ana’s Biotic Rifle and Widowmaker’s Widow’s Kiss rifle while they’re scoped, an adjustment that sees Brigitte’s Shield Bash knock down and get knocked down by other charging targets, and a variety of updates to Reinhardt’s Earthshatter.

As for the D.Va animated short, it’s called Shooting Star. It follows one of pilot Hana Song’s earlier capers in what looks like the first instance of her MEKA using self-destruct as well as how she got her facial bandage.

A look at both a trailer for Busan and the D.Va animation can be found in our collection of Gamescom trailers, or you can watch the D.Va short in the embed below.

Our Thoughts

Man, if only the in-game MEKA could activate its scramble jets for as long as it does in that animation, eh? On topic, both the animated short and the new Busan map are awesome to see and we’re looking forward to getting our hands all over the new PTR build.

Sources: YouTube, official forums

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Overwatch Announces Upcoming Short and Another Free Weekend

In true Blizzard fashion, the folks at Overwatch are announcing an announcement. A new Overwatch animated short is on the way very soon while the full FPS is once more opening its doors for a free weekend of play across all platforms.

new overwatch animated short

The Overwatch Twitter account has confirmed that the next animated short for the FPS will debut this Wednesday, August 22nd at the staggeringly early hour of 3am PST/6am EST, which likely is more tuned for the folks who are attending this year’s Gamescom event in Germany. The short will debut on the game’s YouTube channel.

If the short happens to whet your appetite for Overwatch, you’ll also be happy to know that another free play weekend is coming as well. August 23rd through the 27th will see the FPS go free-to-play on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. As with other free weekend demos, the entire Overwatch experience will be available, including the Summer Games event and the newest tank hero Wrecking Ball.

Free play starts at 11am PDT/2pm EST on the 23rd and wraps up at 11:59pm PDT/2:59am EST on the 27th. If you’ve somehow missed out on the last few times Overwatch has run a free play weekend, all the details and an FAQ can be found here.

Our Thoughts

Ribbing about Overwatch’s announcement of an announcement aside, we are definitely looking forward to seeing what this new short is all about and just who the subject will be this time around. Ideally we’ll get some more specific story beats from one of the lesser-known members of the roster like Zarya, Zenyatta or Symmetra. Regardless, it won’t take too long to find out!

Source: Twitter, official site

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