Little Orbit Acquires GamersFirst, Plans an APB Reloaded Overhaul

The last time we wrote anything about APB Reloaded was in 2015, while the last official post out of the game was in July of last year hinting at exciting things afoot. Well, those exciting things appear to be coming together as the GamersFirst portal has been officially acquired by Little Orbit, who has pledged to work on an APB Reloaded overhaul.

apb reloaded overhaul

The acquisition of the GamersFirst portal includes multiple MMO titles and nearly 30 million registered users, but the announcement singled out APB Reloaded and Little Orbit’s commitment to the online multiplayer shooter.

An update plan for the game includes a cleaning of the game’s forums; better and more consistent communication; a complete rework of the game’s banning and anti-cheat measures; and an update roadmap which includes new clothing, vehicles and guns in the near-term and new maps, game modes and matching systems in future updates. APB Reloaded will also be making the move to Unreal Engine 4 for graphical and art updates.

“We’re excited to welcome APB Reloaded into the Little Orbit publishing family and support the passionate community through the growth of,” said Little Orbit CEO Matthew Scott. “One of our first onboarding goals is to work closely with the APB Reloaded community to update and support the game.”

Our Thoughts

We were pretty sure that APB Reloaded was about to ride off into the multiplayer sunset, but this new acquisition could reinvigorate things. The question remains: is this too little, too late, or are these updates planned by the company enough to bring APB Reloaded back from the brink?

Source: press release

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