Homophobic Slur Found in The Division 2, Ubisoft Issues Apology

Ubisoft has been forced to apologize after a homophobic slur found in The Division 2 started causing controversy online. The slur is leetspeak found on a piece of street art found in the game with a cop eating a donut. His badge number FA6607. Ubisoft hasn’t tried to make any excuses for the slur being in the game and have in fact apologized and said that it should have been caught by its review process before making it into the game.

“It’s been brought to our attention that a piece of street art in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 contained offensive content. We removed the image from the game via a patch on Thursday, April 11,” Ubisoft said in a statement. “We apologize that this image slipped through our content review processes, and we are currently reviewing them in order to avoid this kind of oversight from occurring in the future.” 

The statement doesn’t make it clear if Ubisoft will be investigating how the slur got into the game in the first place which could be quite a difficult task to complete. Instead, it looks like they’re hoping to just move on from the event. It has raised the question though, are there any other hidden slurs in the game that will be uncovered as time goes on? In fact, there is someone out there who has been collecting text errors they find in The Division 2 and putting them in an imgur folder you can enjoy. We’ve embedded the folder below so you can take a look at some of the things they’ve found, including the offensive street art. The number of errors and the oddness of them has led many to believe that little text items like this were actually outsourced.

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Source: PCGamer

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