Pokemon GO Being Leveraged for Local Community Events

We already know that Pokemon GO gets people up and walking about, but what if that gameplay hook were used to help local events and communities? That’s the idea behind the Niantic/Knight Fellows Program, a combined effort of PoGo developer Niantic and the Knight Foundation to get people involved in their local community.

niantic/knight fellows program

The Niantic/Knight Fellows Program hopes that using AR games like Pokemon GO in a variety of Knight Foundation-hosted events will get people exploring local cultural locations and become more involved with one another. The program currently has five members on board: Ming-Chun Lee from Charlotte, North Carolina; Roger Riddle from Akron, Ohio; Joey Allen from Macon, Georgia; Christopher Foreman from Philadelphia; and Collin Fraum from Palm Beach, Florida.

The program has already had some success in Akron, with Pokemon GO Lures already used in local events like music and art festivals and walking events. According to Niantic, the program helped draw in 1,000 players and encouraged them to explore Akron’s neighborhoods.

The program is set to run for approximately six months and will include a variety of similar local events, like a walking event in Macon, Georgia on October 7th and an event in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 30th.

Our Thoughts

We’d love to see a program like this expand significantly because Pokemon GO’s feature set definitely favors those who manage to find one another nowadays. Meeting more players to trade and add to friend lists while enjoying local events and neighborhoods sounds like an overall win-win situation to us.

Source: PocketGamer via LinkedIn

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