ArcheAge Mobile Launches Globally

If you’re among those who want to take your ArcheAge on the go or are curious to learn about the history of the PC version, the global ArcheAge Begins launch is right up your alley. ArcheAge’s mobile version is now available everywhere.

global archeage begins launch

ArcheAge Begins is set 1,000 years before the events of ArcheAge on PC and lets players take control of the series’ most popular heroes four at a time in a party. The mobile title boasts Unreal 4-powered graphics, a strategic “card-flip” battle system, and the ability to group up with other players or take part in PvP.

ArcheAge Begins is free-to-play and available on the Google Play store. The iOS version is currently “under review” and will release sometime soon. An announcement on when the iOS version will release is expected to be announced on the game’s Facebook page.

Our Thoughts

We’re very curious to see what ArcheAge Begins is like and how fans of the IP will take to the title. Details on just what this “card-flip” battle system involves are a bit sparse, but our curiosity is certainly piqued. Will you be taking a look or would you rather stick with the “proper” PC edition?

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