Battlerite Makes Steam Top 10, Offers Gift for Sharing a Trailer

It would appear that the Battlerite Steam free-to-play launch has been a pretty successful one, or at least enough to get players curious. Stunlock Studios proudly touted the arena brawler’s arrival to the Steam top 10 list while also offering a freebie to those who share its free-to-play launch trailer with friends.

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A press release from the game’s devs notes that Battlerite made it to the number two slot among top-selling free-to-play games on Steam, while the game made it to number 10 in Steam’s overall current player count on Sunday, November 12th with 45k players.

For the record, Steam Charts currently shows Battlerite with a little over 30k players in the last 30 minutes at the time of this article’s writing.

“We are humbled and grateful to see the overwhelming numbers of players enjoying Battlerite,” said game director Peter Ilves in a statement. “All our previous game records have been broken and it’s the greatest acknowledgment a developer could ask for.”

In a likely effort to keep the momentum going, Battlerite is granting players who share the game’s free-to-play launch trailer via a special web page a free Elemental Steed mount. Fans will also be entered to win one of ten Legendary Chests, earning more entries if they share the trailer on several different social media platforms.

Our Thoughts

It looks like Battlerite is not only something that’s made a splash in the free-to-play market, but has been a fun enough title to keep some pretty high player numbers, which is great news for those looking to get into a fight in the arena. Here’s hoping Battlerite’s momentum stays strong! If you happen to be among those players, be sure you snap up your own Ashka Champion unlock today!

Sources: press release, official site

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