EVE Online Empowers Alpha Clones in the Arms Race Update

We were already generally pleased with the free-to-play system in EVE Online. That said, CCP Games felt they could do better and so they have with the newly released Arms Race update.

arms race update

As one would suspect with a patch title of “Arms Race”, this update is all about granting more weapons to the free players of the space sandbox. Alpha Clones will now get the opportunity to command a whopping 145 ships, including battleships and battlecruisers, along with the ability to fly ships from any faction from the game’s empires or pirate groups.

Alpha Clones will also have new skill training options opened to them with Daily Alpha Injectors that let them accrue skillpoints on a daily basis instead of a monthly one. These injectors can be used once a day per Alpha character, adding 50,000 skillpoints to a Capsuleer’s unallocated skill pool.

For every player in-game, there will also be a number of changes including changes to jump fatigue and fuel consumption for all jump-capable ships, the ability for pilots to perform a support role in Resource Wars, Pirate FOB changes which will see them spawn more frequently and make them easier to locate and engage with, and additional improvements to the game’s textures.

In celebration of the new update, a special event is running between now and Tuesday, December 12th which will let pilots take on Rogue Drone hives to gather points. Players are directed to check The Agency in-game for more details.

Full information on the Arms Race update can be read here, and a video showcase of all the sexy new hardware free players can pilot can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Like we said, the free-to-play program in EVE Online was already pretty good, so the fact that CCP has managed to make it even better is pretty game-changing. Not only does this make free players more powerful, it also could make them more desirable for corps in the game. We’re eager to see how the sandbox takes to these changes!

Source: press release

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