Ascent: Infinite Realm Offers a Bit of Art and Lore

Things have been generally quiet on the news front for the upcoming Western release of Ascent: Infinite Realm, but a new A:IR lore post on the game’s forums has offered a quick look at some of the background of the game’s world and some of its inhabitants. And, more importantly, the dapper fashions they wear.

a:ir lore post

The post shares a little bit of information about the world of Harth and the people of Nousgard. The world itself was shattered by some Great Catastrophe of indeterminate origin. Players will get to take up the role of a reborn citizen who has lost all of their memories and requires the aid of those around them.

One of these people is a general by the name of Cruz Axis. A member of a distinguished family, Axis gave his leg in the fight against monsters on the floating islands and now serves as one of the earliest contacts players will make.

As for A:IR’s development, things are progressing forward and the team in Korea is making a variety of adjustments after the closed beta test. Information on just what those adjustments are wasn’t detailed in the post, but it was explained that gameplay features and the look and feel of the world are the team’s focus.

Additional teasers are expected to be drip-fed by the devs over the next few weeks. For now, you can feed your eyes some candy in the official forums.

Our Thoughts

Not a lot to report mechanically, unfortunately, but we do have to once more say that the aesthetic style of A:IR continues to impress and entice. We hope that whatever these future teases are, they’ll bring some more information on gameplay soon.

Source: official forums

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