AxE: Alliance vs Empire Mobile MMORPG Launching Later this Year

Nexon has announced AxE: Alliance vs Empire, a new mobile MMORPG that will be released later this year. Pre-registration for the game is now open and if you register now you’ll get a limited time starter pack. In that starter pack, you’ll receive in-game gear and free currency.

Players can pick from one of six classes. Each character can be equipped with weapons, armor, and abilities that are tailored to fit every playstyle. The game has a single player open-world adventure for players to enjoy in between a variety of PvP combat modes.

The PvP modes range from 4 vs 4 tactical matches up to 75 vs 75 faction warfare. In addition to the PvP players can take part in cooperative battles that include dungeons and raids. To aid with that AxE has a robust social system. They include a built-in voice chat system so players can coordinate and create strategies.

Players can also keep track of their rivals thanks to the chase and revenge system that allows players to track enemy players and chase them down in real time.

“AxE has been created from the ground up to bring a PC and console quality MMO and open-world gameplay experience for gamers around the world,” said Tommy Lee, General Manager of NEXON M. “We’re excited to bring this incredibly deep universe and its fast and fun social gameplay that has already been enjoyed by millions in Korea and Japan to the rest of the world soon this year.”  

More than more we’re seeing the MMORPG genre making the shift to mobile. Nexon is one of the developers who is paving the way with a number of new games. Just take a look at the MMOGames MMO Beta List, in the announced category there are more than 10 mobile MMORPGs. However, they haven’t been hugely popular with western players. It will be interesting to watch how AxE is received and if it gets embraced or not. Check out the trailer for AxE below.

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