ArcheAge: Unchained Launches with Thousands in Queues

Today marks the launch of ArcheAge: Unchained, the buy to play version of the MMORPG and though it has only been live for a short time queues with thousands of people have started forming on the North American servers. The EU servers which went live before the North American ones have also faced massive queues. Some people have reported on social media that they’ve been stuck in queues for 4 hours. These queues are likely to last all night and continue throughout the week, getting worse on the weekends when more people are available to play.

It has also brought with it the Shadows Revealed update. This update has brought in a number of graphical enhancements including the new and improved looks for the Elven race. Plus, thanks to the graphical updates combat looks more vibrant and vivid than ever.

Shadows Revealed also introduces the new skillset Swiftblade which enables shadow warriors to prove their might in dashing duels. Speaking of combat, for the first time ever in ArcheAge pirates can now participate in PvP. This is thanks to the new Siege and Territory system.

This is an exciting time to try out ArcheAge if you never have before or if you haven’t played it since it originally launched back in 2014. If you’ve played ArcheAge before it is important to note that you cannot transfer anything to these new servers, you will have to start fresh along with everyone else. With all-new servers opening this means there is a new opportunity to get your hands on land for housing. There is however a landlock put in place until Saturday the 18th. This means you won’t have to fight to get one right away. Though do keep it in mind for this weekend. You can buy ArcheAge: Unchained on the official website or get it on Steam.


Source: Press Release and Twitter

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