PUBG Dates Final Testing Rounds and PC Launch

The end of early access is near for the game that put battle royale on the map. Today we have several important details for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds including the PUBG launch date, dates and times for the final leg of testing, and new weapons, items and adjustments.

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The final stretch of early access testing will be broken up in two phases; phase one will run between now, December 8th until Sunday, December 10th, while phase two is yet to be dated. The new build will offer the new Miramar desert map, along with three new Miramar-exclusive weapons, three new vehicles, and a variety of UI tweaks, bug fixes, and optimization changes.

The latest post from the devs acknowledged the persistent and frustrating issues regarding the game’s server stability, optimization, and cheaters. On the subject of optimization, it was explained that the game engine was upgraded to the latest version halfway through early access, which ended up doubling the workload.

“We had to work on and monitor two builds, the differences between which were more than trivial,” reads the post. “As a result we were unable to address the issues on the live servers as quickly as we used to before. We are very sorry about any frustration that this has caused.”

Once early access testing is wrapped up, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will launch as version 1.0 on Wednesday, December 20th for PC. There will be no price increase for the game once it leaves early access and all new maps will be free for all players.

All of the details and patch notes can be read on the Battlegrounds site

Our Thoughts

It’s been a long, winding, bumpy, but ultimately successful road for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. We’re certain that there are many PC players who are eager to begin their full launch battles as well as explore the brand new map and we hope everyone playing has a great time.

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