World of Warcraft Talks Class Design for Battle for Azeroth

With the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft, the devs are taking a much closer look at how Battle For Azeroth classes will play out and it seems the general watchword for this expansion’s design philosophy is “uniqueness”. Or, to put it in the way it was described in the expansion’s trailer, “Remember what makes us strong”.

battle for azeroth classes

The developers are looking to make class identity more distinct in Battle for Azeroth, with particular focus being paid to abilities that apply similar effects such as AoE stuns. The post does state that pursuing that goal will likely require adding new abilities, reintroducing removed ones, or reigning in some skills. The devs will also be working content design teams with the intention of granting “opportunities for all different types of class strengths to shine”.

The devs will also be taking a closer look at the talent system and seek to refine the process. This will not require major changes to talents according to the post, but will look at the pacing of combat.

The post also offered a brief on the removal of Artifacts and how they’ll affect class strength. Changes inherent in the removal of Artifacts can be as simple as numerical adjustments to as advanced as making traits permanent parts of a class.

You can read the design philosophy behind these upcoming adjustments on WoW’s website.

Our Thoughts

Don’t panic, everyone. Let’s not panic. All this is is an overview of what the devs are looking to do, not outright Word of Law that your class is about to be gutted like a fish. We hope that there will be more details on where each of the game’s classes will be going sooner rather than later, however.

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