Battlenet Update Brings Gifting, Groups, and Appear Offline Mode

You’ve likely already seen the Battlenet update if you use the game launcher frequently, but it’s still worth noting the variety of options available to you as of today. Users of Battlenet have a slew of features now on hand, including the much-requested option to appear offline.

battenet update

The first new addition is the Social tab, which takes players to one-on-one chat as well as the new Groups feature, which lets players come together in groups (duh) for shared chat. Groups can have multiple chat channels for text and voice, and moderation tools let the Group’s creator manage things like membership and sending invitation links.

Players can also send in-game gifts to one another with the new Gifting feature. Gifting can be done in the Shop tab with select giftable items such as Hearthstone card packs. If you’ve received a gift, you can find them in the upper-right corner of the launcher.

Players can now adjust their appearance with a new drop-down menu that lets them select from one of several avatars, as well as display a list of recently played games, write a profile, and set a new “Appear Offline” status.

Our Thoughts

While not what one would call world-shaking features, these new additions to Battlenet will most certainly become very handy indeed. That said, we’re curious whether the new Groups feature will really see more traction over an “established” and dedicated chat program like Discord.

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