A Battle Royale-Style Mode is Part of the Dota 2 Battle Pass 2018

The esports prize pot/buyable goodie bag of the Dota 2 Battle Pass 2018 is out there for this year’s International, and it’s coming with a little something that will either be intriguing or set your eyes rolling at warp nine: a battle royale-style multi-team dungeon clash known as The Underhollow.

dota 2 battle pass 2018

Here’s how it works: teams of three enter an underground dungeon and need to navigate through it to get XP and Gold enough to upgrade themselves to take on rival teams or enemies and secure a rare wheel of cheese. Teams need to beware, though, as Roshan will be on a “cheese-fueled rampage” and cause cave-ins that will shrink the available dungeon area. Last team standing wins.

In addition to the Dota 2-flavored battle royale mode, this year’s Battle Pass adds a Cavern Crawl mode that opens up with wins using designated heroes, an unranked Mutation Mode that introduces a number of random modifiers, and a host of other features and rewards.

A date for the opening of The Underhollow is not confirmed as of right now, but players can learn more about the 2018 Battle Pass on the game’s site.

Our Thoughts

Well…at least the setting is unique? Honestly, though, this battle royale proliferation does seem a bit…much. That said, we leave the floor to you, the Dota 2 players: is this new game mode an interesting part of the Battle Pass, or are you done with this whole battle royale thing already?

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Fortnite Battle Royale’s Battle Pass is Expanding for Season 3

With Fortnite Battle Royale’s second season nearing its close, it’s totally understandable that people would like to know what’s coming for season 3. The devs have lined up a bit of that information in a recent update, specifically looking at how the Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass will be different.

fortnite season 3 battle pass

Nearly everything about the Battle Pass is increasing in size for Season 3 according to the post, with a total of 30 new tiers for players to earn that are chock-full of new loot. Season 3 will add new outfits, new Back Blings, custom skydiving trails, nearly double the banners and more.

All told, Season 3 will have a total of 76 cosmetic items to earn over Season 2’s 46. In spite of this, the rate of earning these new tiers and new cosmetics is promised to be precisely the same length of time as the last season’s Battle Pass – an investment of about 75-150 hours. There will also be a set of seven weekly challenges that players can choose to follow based on their playstyle to rank up their Battle Pass even faster.

Of course, if you’d rather not burn 150 hours in Fortnite BR, you can still purchase your way up the tiers as before. A new Battle Bundle will be added to help those interested in expediting the process, which includes the Battle Pass and 25 tiers at a 40% discount of 2800 V-Bucks. If you’re looking to buy your way to the very top of Season 3’s pass, however, it will cost more as a result of the 30 new tiers.

Our Thoughts

It would seem that the Battle Pass idea has caught on, so it’s good to know that the devs are going to be adding more layers to the system for those that enjoy it. We’re sure many are looking forward to finding out just what the new cosmetics will look like.

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Fortnite Battle Royale Sells an Item that Lets You Earn Cosmetics

If you’re the sort of person who plays a lot of Fortnite Battle Royale and wants to show off some unique cosmetic items, then you might be the sort of person interested in picking up the Fortnite Battle Royale Battle Pass, an item you can buy that will grant you new rewards during Season 2.

fortnite battle royale battle pass

From now until Tuesday, February 20th, players can purchase the Battle Pass item for 950 V-Bucks to earn up to 65 new rewards as they climb the tiers. All of the items are cosmetic and include outfits, harvesting items, Gliders, and emotes among other things.

According to the devs, unlocking all of the goodies possible with the Battle Pass should take approximately 75-150 hours of play. If you’re the sort who wants something without grinding out the hours, however, the option to unlock new items with V-Bucks is available.

If you don’t want to buy the Battle Pass, Season 2 will still offer a few rewards for free, including emotes, banners, and a “Sir Glider the Brave” Glider. All of the details about the Battle Pass can be read on Fortnite’s website or you can get information in video form below.

Our Thoughts

This is an interesting (and mercifully fully cosmetic) spin on earning seasonal rewards. What we’re most curious about, however, is whether this sort of reward system will be applied in the Save the World variant of Fortnite.

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