Battle Royale Weekly: State of the Battle Royale Genre

IHS Markit put out a pretty extensive report this week that covered a lot of topics in the mobile games industry, but a good chunk of the 13-page report was specifically about the Battle Royale genre. So, this week, instead of our usual dive into the news from the genre I want to look at what this report has to say about Battle Royale games.

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The report begins with two charts side by side as seen above. One is the top 10 mobile games by net revenue and the other is the top 10 by the number of downloads. Right away we can see that PUBG mobile, with 274 million downloads doesn’t make the revenue chart at all while a game like Pokemon Go which brought in $729 million isn’t in the chart for downloads at all. In fact, the only game that appears on both charts is Candy Crush Saga which lands at number 9 for downloads and number 1 for net revenue. On the other side, Fortnite makes the chart for revenue near the bottom with $390 million in revenue and isn’t anywhere to be seen on the number of downloads. Clearly, we’re seeing that having a lot of downloads doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be making all of the money. Other Battle Royale titles on the charts include Garena Free Fire…and that’s all. Quite a lot of the games on the charts are considered to be hyper-casual games. The sort that makes adult women the largest demographic of gamers in the world right now, and yes, that is true.

In another chart, focusing just on Battle Royale games, we can see revenue and downloads together in one place. Downloads for PUBG Mobile are massive thanks to China, however, the game isn’t able to monetize that audience so they’re losing out in a big way. The revenue they do have for PUBG Mobile is for the international version of the game which can be monetized, but as you can see, that doesn’t amount to much. The revenue on that chart for Fortnite, by the way, is only for iOS since Epic has quite famously decided not to use the Google Play store to release the Android version of the game. Even with just one revenue source, we can look at how Fortnite still manages to completely dominate the industry. We can only imagine what that would look like with Android thrown in on top.

The report goes on to predict that the Battle Royale genre will go in a way that is similar to what we saw with the MOBA genre. They’re predicting that there will be a few high profile failures coming in the near future because of the extreme influx of competition. This is something we here at MMOGames have also been predicting since Battle Royale fever took over the industry. They also predict that we will see the genre filled with a lot of titles that never stand a chance at being at the top, and that there will be a high turnover for these games. We’re already seeing this on Steam with indie Battle Royale titles that sometimes only get a daily concurrent player count in the dozens. This is especially difficult for the Battle Royale genre because the games require a higher number of players to get a match going than you would see with other games. So, when a player logs in and is never able to get a match going they stop logging in. This in turn makes it even more difficult to get a match going and quickly the game is considered dead.

This isn’t all bad news for the industry and once again, our old friend esports is predicted to swoop in and save the day. While esports may not be bringing in much, if any money right now for Battle Royale games, it does keep interest in the games, which keeps people playing. Epic also announced in mid-2018 that they would be providing $100 million for prize pool funding to establish Fortnite’s esports scene.

Ultimately, however, the report points out that Battle Royale is more of a game mode than a fully fledged game genre in its own right. With this in mind, they say that we will see RPGs in Asia adding Battle Royale modes to their games as they did with MOBAs. Battle Royale games are limited in their scope and really, there’s only so much you can do with a Battle Royale game. That’s one of the reasons we’re seeing a decline in Fortnite. Players are growing tired of the same old formula and doing the same old thing, and Epic hasn’t yet found a way to keep things new and exciting all of the time.

One example of a game that has done this well is Pokemon Go. On the surface, Pokemon Go doesn’t really have a whole lot to it. Catch Pokemon, visit locations out in the real world, and catch more Pokemon. However, Niantic found its footing in 2018 with a constant stream of in-game events that take place at the very least once a month, though usually more often than that thanks to real life holidays and events. The game went from declining to one of the highest earning mobile games on the market thanks to this shift. For Fortnite to continue to enjoy being top dog in the genre it needs to find its footing like Pokemon Go did and work out a way to keep players interested more consistently. Otherwise, it risks losing the interest of players while only enjoying brief moments of popularity after new content releases.

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Battle Royale Weekly: State of the Battle Royale Genre

Every week here in the Battle Royale Weekly column we take a look at the news from just the Battle Royale genre, much of which doesn’t get reported by other games media sites. Currently, our list includes 38 Battle Royale titles that we check every week for anything new to talk about. Last week, however, there were only a few games across the entire genre that had news. That’s…shocking really. What made it even worse was that going through that list we found many of the games hadn’t received an update in months and their populations according to Steam Charts were below 10 players a day. So instead of focusing on the news this week, we thought it was time to take a look at the state of the Battle Royale genre.

Before we get started, let’s address the two big elephants in the room: Fortnite and PUBG. As two of the biggest, most popular games in the entire game industry they stand out from the rest of the genre. Both games are doing very well and are essentially the pillars that are holding up the Battle Royale genre. However, they’re also the reason the rest of the genre is struggling. Fortnite is so big that Netflix sees them as a bigger threat than HBO. Fortnite and PUBG are proving to have amazing brand loyalty and from the looks of it, many players aren’t interested in trying out the competition that is sprouting up online.

So, where is the genre going wrong? Well, to start with many Battle Royale games are buy-to-play, meaning you have to pay for the game once to get access to it. Fortnite, the biggest game in the world, is a free-to-play title. Fortnite makes its money through the in-game store selling dances and cosmetic items. This is something it was able to do because unlike the smaller games in the genre it had the backing of a massive studio that could afford to develop the game and allow it to grow in popularity while not bringing much money in. Many Battle Royale games are indies and have very small budgets to start with. They need that initial push of players buying the game to help them continue the development. Unfortunately, that puts them at a massive disadvantage.

Another place that the genre is going wrong is not having very good PR. For most of that list of 38 games, we have to go to their Steam store page to find any news about them. Many of these games don’t issue press releases and they don’t offer review codes both of which would put their game in the public’s eye and attract more players to it. Instead, they’re relying on being seen on social media, being seen on Steam, and word of mouth. This method quite simply isn’t working. Games that are still in Early Access and still being developed are seeing incredibly low player numbers. This makes future development on the game difficult, especially since as mentioned above, they typically are relying on money they don’t have to finish the development of the game. In fact, their lack of being in the public’s eye is what inspired us to start this column to begin with. There are some really amazing, gorgeous looking games that aren’t getting the attention they need to survive.

While there are some beautiful, fun games in the genre it is lacking in ingenuity. Many of the games have just taken the basic concept of the genre and slapped a different art style or setting on it. That isn’t enough to make the game stand out and it isn’t enough to pull people away from Fortnite, a game that is much more established and always has enough players for a match. That may not be the fault of the developers, rather the restrictions of the genre. There are only so many ways you can combine the idea of the survival game with last man standing gameplay. There are different modes that are being introduced in Battle Royale games, so perhaps not starting with the traditional mode would work for new games.

Many Battle Royale games suffer from developer abandonment issues. When a game’s Steam page hasn’t had a news update in 3 months, it’s very easy for it to look like that game has been abandoned by the developer. Maybe it has, or maybe they’re just hard at work behind the scenes and they’re active on social media or in their Discord. This adds to the perception that the game has been abandoned. It’s also a sad fact that many Battle Royale games HAVE been abandoned by their developers. This can happen for a number of reasons and every time it happens it hurts the genre a little bit more.

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

While the MMOGames office is still torn over whether or not there’s room for more games in the Battle Royale genre, there is one thing we agree on: the genre is still in its infancy and 2019 will be the year that either makes or breaks Battle Royale games.

Hopefully next week we’ll be back to having news to report on for the Battle Royale genre that isn’t just Fortnite getting sued by ANOTHER artist (this makes 5 now) or PUBG’s latest update. If you’re interested in trying out a Battle Royale game that isn’t Fortnite or PUBG take a look at our Battle Royale Beta List. It’s filled with the smaller indie Battle Royale games that you won’t see talked about anywhere else. If there’s a Battle Royale game that you love and would like to get the word out about leave a comment below telling us and other readers about it!

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Battle Royale Weekly: Fortnite is Hosting a Concert

In this week’s look at the Battle Royale genre we see the first signs of a release date for Fear the Wolves, but could it be too soon? There’s also going to be a Fortnite concert, and PUBG is making itself more available for those with subpar PCs. Plus news from Ring of Elysium and Rules of Survival.


Fear the Wolves Gets A Release Date

Fear The Wolves

We haven’t heard a whole lot from Fear the Wolves recently and it seems that’s because they’re gearing up to launch. The game will officially release on February 6th but the developers have said that they may do a soft launch a few days early just to make sure everything is running smoothly.

In addition to launching on February 6th, the game will also be free to play until February 12th. This will give new players the opportunity to try out the game just as it is starting out. On top of that, they’re offering a 50% discount for the game during the free period because you will have to buy the game to play it outside of the February 6-12th window.

Many of the comments on the announcement express concern that the game isn’t ready yet. They only started Early Access back in August and as it stands now reviews on Steam are mixed with just 53% of reviews being positive. Those who have played said they’re worried that the game isn’t ready yet and that the developers are rushing the game out the door. Next week when the servers go live, and the game is available to the world, we’ll find out if these concerns were warranted or not.

Source: Steam


Fortnite Hosting a Concert

fortnite concert

Have you ever wished you could see your favorite musician play in your favorite video game? Well if you’re a fan of DJ Marshmello and your favorite game is Fortnite then you’re in luck. This Saturday the DJ will take to the stage in Pleasant Park. These kinds of one-off events have helped cement Fortnite’s popularity, though this is the first time there’s ever been a concert performed in the game.

Of course, thanks to events in the past, we know that things don’t always go according to plan. In fact, many people who have wanted to take part in previous events have found themselves dead before the events even began and were unable to participate. In the past Epic has taken away weapons for these events and even transported players to another area. It isn’t clear what, if any, precautions Epic is going to take for this concert. In fact, Epic hasn’t even announced it’s happening at all. The only evidence it’s taking place appears on Marshmello’s site, which lists Pleasant Park as an upcoming tour location. With the concert just a few days away we won’t have to wait long to find out.

Source: The Verge


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Lite in Testing

PUBG is currently testing a slimmed down version of the game that will play on PCs that don’t meet the hardware specs for the regular game. Right now it’s being tested in Thailand and we may never actually see it in the West. It’s being developed specifically for “players in areas where the core game’s required specifications are more difficult to achieve due to the hardware available.”

PUBG Lite has its own dedicated development team, which means that work on it isn’t taking away from the main game. This version of the game will get its own exclusive content and quality of life features. Right now the game is offering solo, duo, and squad battles in third person mode.

While we may never see PUBG Lite released in this part of the world, it is incredibly good news for the game as it opens up the possibility of it being played by an all-new audience that never would have had access before. That means more revenue for PUBG Corp, which of course means more development for the game. We’ll be watching to see what kind of impact this has on financial reports in the future.

Source: Polygon


Ring of Elysium Introduces New Systems

Ring of Elysium has introduced two new systems to the game adding to the complexity with the first being accessories. This allows you to further customize your characters after you’ve purchased accessories from the lobby store.

The second new system is vehicle appearance. When a player gets into the car, in any seat, and the car is in the default appearance the vehicle will automatically change to the player’s selected vehicle appearance. Each vehicle’s appearance can only be modified once. This also includes vehicles that are abandoned by the player who originally made the change. Just like with the accessories, the vehicle skins will need to be purchased in the lobby store.

Neither of these new systems are game-changing in any way, but for players who enjoy leaving their mark on a match and having a unique look these new systems give them more to work with.

Ring of Elysium is also holding a Spring card-flip raffle event from January 31st to February 13th. The event is a great way to get some new skins for your characters and vehicles.

Source: Steam


Rules of Survival Season Six and Spring Events

Rules of Survival

Season Six of Rules of Survival has begun! This means that rank data has all been cleared and a new winner can rise to the top. There is also no longer a level limit for character upgrades. Characters can be upgraded without limitation. When players reach levels 100, 200, and 300 they can claim Exclusive Level Medallions, Avatar Frames, and other rewards that prove they’re awesome. Due to this, and the introduction of level chests, gold rewards will no longer be handed out at the end of games.

Finally, Spring Festival Events will be gradually introduced to the game. These includes things like fireworks and a new emote.

If you haven’t tried it out yet you may want to take a look at Rules of Survival. It has one of the most active playerbases outside of the big games in the genre.

Source: Steam

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Battle Royale Weekly: Fortnite Faces Another Lawsuit

This week we’ve got new modes for several games, Black Desert Online gets a battle royale mode and Fortnite faces another lawsuit over the unauthorized use of a dance. Find all of that and more in this week’s Battle Royale Weekly.


Black Desert Online Goes Battle Royale

Black Desert Online is one of the most talked about MMORPGs at the moment and it’s really no surprise that they’ve now received a Battle Royale mode. The new mode, called Shadow Arena, puts 50 players on a map together where they start out as Black Spirits. Black Spirits must quickly find one of the bodies scattered across the map and possess it before their health runs out. These bodies only come equipped with a basic weapon and a basic skill, so once they have a body they need to start looking for better weapons and skills out in the world. A dark fog filled with Black Spirits will spread across the land, shrinking the playable area as time goes on. Players who are caught inside the fog will be attacked by the very powerful Black Spirits.

At the moment the new mode is only in Early Access and as such available only at certain times. On weekdays players can play the mode from 4PM to 1AM PST. On weekends it is available 9AM to 11PM PST.

Source: Press Release


Call of Duty Blackout Introduces Respawning

Blackout has received a new limited time mode for squads that allows anyone to respawn when the circle resets. The only catch is that someone from your squad has to survive up to that point. Right now the mode, called Down But Not Out is only available on the PS4 version of the game. Treyarch hasn’t said if the mode will be available on other platforms. Down But Not Out is available now, from January 16th to January 30th, so if you want to try it out do so now while you can.

Source: Polygon


Fear the Wolves Improves Player Experience

Fear The Wolves

Fear the Wolves has released a new patch that is said to improve player’s experience with the game. There are now faster queues, a new waiting room, vaulting, and voice chat. They’ve also made matches more intense.

Source: Steam


Fortnite Faces Another Lawsuit Over a Dance

Joining the others who have previous gone after Fortnite for dance emotes we’re now seeing the parents of Orange Shirt Kid joining the fight. Orange Fight Kid is well known for his dance moves which he calls the Random, but in Fortnite they’re called Orange Justice. The lawsuit states, “Through its unauthorised misappropriation of Orange Shirt Kid’s highly popular signature dance, the ‘Random,’ along with his well-known catchphrase ‘It’s also a great exercise move!” in its smash-hit, violent video game, Fortnite Battle Royale, defendants have unfairly profited from exploiting Orange Shirt Kid’s protected creative expression, likeness, and trademark without consent or authorisation.”

One major difference between this emote and the other lawsuits that have come before is that Orange Justice isn’t actually available for sale in the game. Still, the lawsuit says, “Epic cannot profit from Orange Shirt Kid’s hard-earned fame by its misappropriation of the Random, Orange Shirt Kid’s likeness, or the Catchphrase.” It should also be added that this lawsuit is being handled by Beck Price & Hecht LLP, the same firm behind the other two major emote lawsuits.

Source: Independent


Proxima Royale Closed Beta Waves 2 and 3

Proxima Royale

In January the Proxima Royale servers will have two weekends where they are online and active for players to play. The first weekend is January 19 to 20 while the second weekend is January 26 to 27. On the first day of these two weekends the servers will be online from 3PM to 9PM EST. The second day the servers will be active from 7PM to 1AM EST. This will allow players from many time zones all over the world to participate without having to stay up all hours.

Source: Steam


Rapture Rejects Introduces New Mode

Rapture Rejects has introduced a new mode that will allow players to keep coming back to the game until someone finds that golden ticket to heaven that’s hidden in their neighborhood. Once the ticket is found the battle royale begins and it is a fight to the death to get it from the person who found the ticket. To make it even more of a challenge the person who is holding the ticket gets marked on the map. This new mode is available now on Steam, assuming you’ve paid for the game.

Source: Steam


Realm Royale Pirates vs Ninjas

Realm Royale is asking the question as old as the internet itself. Who would win in a fight: pirates or ninjas? The Steel vs Shadow Battle Pass has arrived and for a limited time, and players will be able to unlock exclusive items. The battle pass features 80 levels of unlockable rewards including mounts, character skins, chicken skins, skydive effects, titles, and more. The announcement doesn’t say how long this battle between Pirates and Ninjas will go on for but it looks like there is a lot of stuff to unlock. So if you’re like me, and you need to get everything, you might want to get started now.

Source: Steam


Valhall Beta Moves to Steam

Valhall has made the move to Steam after having previously decided they would use their own client. Now beta players will be able to play the game through their Steam profile. If you’re a beta tester and haven’t received your beta key yet you’re being instructed to get in touch with the Valhall devs on Indiegogo. They are sending out beta keys one time every day, so depending on when you get in touch it may be another day before you get your key.

Source: Steam

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2018 in Battle Royale Games

There is no denying that 2018 was the year of the Battle Royale. It has dominated just about every conversation about gaming the entire year. For a good reason too, the genre is insanely popular. But, while it has been a great year there have also been more than a few Battle Royale titles shut down. So grab yourself a drink and sit back as we take a look at 2018 in Battle Royale games.

The year had a bit of a rough start as the news came out that H1Z1 had lost 90% of its player base since July 2017. Of course, a lot of the blame for that can be placed on the success of Fortnite and PUBG, so really as far as the genre goes it wasn’t a terrible thing. As the year progressed H1Z1 would go on to have the part of the game that wasn’t a Battle Royale shut down after the game moved to a new internal studio at Daybreak.

This was also the year that Ninja and Drake broke the record on Twitch for the most-viewed stream while playing Fortnite. At its peak, it was watched by 628,000 people around the world. As of this month, Ninja is the most followed Streamer on Twitch. He has more than 12 million followers and each time he streams he averages 53,000 viewers. For those wondering, Ninja started out the year making approximately $500,000 a month from streaming and later told ESPN that he’s now making nearly 7 figures a month. Oh to be Ninja just for a month.

2018 was also the year of lawsuits in the Battle Royale genre. PUBG sued NetEase for copyright infringement with their games Knives Out and Rules of Survival. In turn just a few days later NetEase threatened to sue everyone who wasn’t PUBG because…well, we’re still not really sure what they were thinking about there actually. Basically, their argument boiled down to “you took the idea that we took and made it a little different and hurt the market in doing so.” Which is exactly as stupid as it sounds. PUBG then went and sued Fortnite for plagiarizing its UI and items. Then, because 2018 wasn’t crazy enough already three stars are now suing Fortnite over the sale of emotes of their dances. Backpack Kid, Milly 2, and Alfonso Ribeiro are all going after Fortnite in a move that is seen by many to be nothing more than an attempt at getting some of that sweet Fortnite cash.

Speaking of Fortnite cash, in March Fortnite became the largest free to play console game of all time both in revenue generated and monthly active users. The game is currently sitting at the number 4 spot in terms of monthly revenue for both console and PC games. Towards the end of the year, it looked as though Fortnite had hit its peak in revenue as revenue growth slowed significantly. Of course, when you talk about revenue slowing down you have to take into consideration that Fortnite makes $2 million a day just on iOS. The last number we had was in October stating that Fortnite on iOS made $300 million worldwide just on iOS…in 200 days. Oh to be Epic just for a day.

How are they doing this? Well, according to a study done by Newzoo, Battle Royale players are more likely to spend money on games. In fact, they’re more invested all around than other competitive gamers. They’re more likely to watch esports, spend money, and spend more than 6 hours a week in game. Does that 6 hours a week number feel a bit low to anyone else?

While Fortnite is helping Tim Sweeney live everyone’s dream of swimming in money the Battle Royale genre has suffered a few losses this year. The first Battle Royale to die was Radical Heights, the 80s themed Battle Royale game that was supposed to save Boss Key Studios. Unfortunately what was released was incomplete and, according to those who played it, not all that great. The game closed not long after it was released as the studio collapsed. The result of which made founder CliffyB, of Gears of War fame, declare he would never make another game. He isn’t the first developer to have said this though, so we’ll wait and see if he follows through.

Radical Heights

SOS, upon seeing the massive success of the Battle Royale genre decided to switch gears and transition into a Battle Royale game. It was a complete disaster as none of the fans actually wanted that. So the game was review bombed and it didn’t take long for the game to shut down. They did try to fix things by bringing back the classic game, but for many fans, it was already too late. The Culling 2 was canceled after a less than stellar reception. It was a game that no one really wanted, and even the developers admitted this. Islands of Nyne also recently announced that they can no longer continue to develop the game and it is now in maintenance mode on Steam. The game is free to play and will continue to be available for the time being. With the market being largely dominated by a couple of big games it is an undeniable fact that we will see more Battle Royale games close in 2019, we just have to wait and see which ones it will be.

Much to our surprise, only a few MMOs have jumped on the Battle Royale bandwagon. For a while, those of us at MMOGames feared that every MMO would come out with a Battle Royale mode. Thankfully, at this point only a few have. Skyforge, Mortal Online, Wild West Online, and Ashes of Creation are the most notable. Though you also have it in games like Trove.

Mortal Royale

It was quite a year for the Battle Royale genre and this was barely a look at the surface. There were a vast amount of games we didn’t mention like Rapture Rejects and we didn’t even discuss how many divorces there were because of Fortnite. But now it is time to start looking ahead to 2019. We already know that Planetside Arena is on its way, what else will 2019 bring us? Next week we’ll look at a few predictions.

If you want another look back at 2018 in Battle Royale games take a look at this list of our Battle Royale roundups. They haven’t been running all year, but they will give you a bit of an idea on how the year has gone.

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Battle Royale Weekly: Islands of Nyne Free to Play Weekend

This week news is a little bit light on the Battle Royale front. Of course, it has only been a few days since SOS closed with very little fanfare and no media attention. Many of the Battle Royale games that we follow seem to be struggling with population issues while Fortnite and PUBG continue to dominate the genre. But, all of that doesn’t mean that there is no news. In fact, there are a few different games to talk about this week including Islands of Nyne and Ring of Elysium which rarely have anything to mention.


Fortnite Food Fight

Fortnite is injecting a bit of goofy fun into the game with a food fight limited time mode. You’re either on Team Burger or Team Pizza, which is represented by tomatoes. Build a fort around your mascot before the barrier is lowered in the first few minutes. Once the barrier is down it’s time to go after the other team’s mascot. Players will respawn after 7 seconds when they’ve been eliminated. It’s a goofy little fun mode that has Fortnite fans split down the middle between The Cult of Tomatohead and Shrine of Durr. Yes, there are even subreddits dedicated to the two sides. It isn’t yet clear how long this battle between to fast food giants will continue.


Source: Patch Notes


Islands of Nyne Free to Play Weekend

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

Islands of Nyne will be hosting a free to play weekend from Thursday, November 29th to December 2nd. This is the first time they’ve held such an event so for many, this will be the first opportunity to experience the game. They’re holding this event in celebration of their first major patch. There is also going to be an official tournament held that weekend. What the prizes will be is still pending though. The game has been struggling due to low population recently. That isn’t the only trouble they’re facing though, recent reviews on Steam have been overwhelmingly negative. Just 5% of 278 reviews in the last 30 days have been positive. Much of the negativity comes from the inability to get a match started due to low population and what players are calling abandonment of the game by developers. Will this free weekend be enough to save the game? We’ll have to wait and see.


Source: Steam


PUBG Coming to PS4

After months of speculation and waiting the news has finally come that PUBG is coming to PS4. Even better yet, we don’t have to wait very long for it to come. The release date for PUBG on PS4 is December 4th, 2018. Yes, just a couple of weeks away and just in time for the holidays. Pre-orders are now available with a variety of bundles depending on how many in-game coins you’d like. Anyone who pre-orders will get two exclusive items; a Nathan Drake outfit from Uncharted and Ellie’s backpack from The Last of Us.

The PS4 version will have three maps; Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar. All the major features of the game are also included. For anyone with a Playstation 4 Pro and a television capable of handling it, there will be some visual enhancements to enjoy.


Source: MMOGames


Ring of Elysium Adds Three-Tier Security

Since the end of September Ring of Elysium has banned more than 20,000 accounts and associated computers from the game for cheating and violation of the game’s terms of service. They also revealed a new three their security system that they hope will make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Except for the cheaters of course. Their plan includes real-time ban notifications, computer bans, and a player reporting feedback system. They also have a zero tolerance policy in place. All of this means that cheaters are going to have a much harder time cheating and if they do cheat they won’t be able to go back to the game without a bit of work. Will all the effort Tencent is putting into the cheating problem pay off? Hopefully, but we’ll have to wait and see how things go.


Source: MMORPG


So, that’s all there is this week. Sure, other games have had small updates but those are hardly worth writing about. Other news that wasn’t worth talking about in full is that Sea of Thieves is planning a new PvP mode that isn’t quite battle royale but kind of is. There’s still some debate if it should go on our list of battle royale games or not. Leaning towards no though. Also, earlier this month Ashes of Creation announced they’re doing a free to play battle royale mode. This mode is actually a separate thing they’re working on for PvP testing on the side. Just a few days before that Wild West Online also announced they’re bringing out a battle royale mode. This one came with a whole lot more news, however. Like the studio’s collapse and how they’re doing a soft reboot with an almost entirely new development team.

If you haven’t already done so be sure to check out our Battle Royale Beta List that has all of the games currently in beta in the battle royale genre. As you might expect this is actually the vast majority of battle royale titles. At the moment the list includes about 40 different games with more being added all the time. The list gets updated every Friday along with our regular beta list that includes all forms of online games. Though admittedly, we don’t usually put on every mobile game because there are just too many of them.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the current state of the battle royale genre. Are we in danger of going the way of the MOBA? Let me know in the comments below.

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Battle Royale Weekly: Battlefield V Won’t Have Battle Royale Mode Until 2019

PUBG Mobile has made $100 million in player purchases, Battlefield V won’t have battle royale mode until 2019, and a Battle Royale title announces that it will be shutting down. Find all of this and more below in this weeks’ Battle Royale Weekly news update.


Battlefield V Won’t Have Battle Royale Mode Until 2019

DICE has released the roadmap for the next few months of development on Battlefield V and it looks like the Battle Royale mode, called Firestorm is being put off until the March 2019 content release. Battlefield V will have phases that will introduce a new content patch every few months. In addition to Firestorm, the March release will include the Greece Theater a Combined Arms mission, and an unnamed multiplayer mode.

Source: Variety


Battlerite Royale Brings Out Halloween Event

A Halloween event has been introduced in Battlerite Royale called Curse of the Night. Trick or Treat shrines have popped up all over Talon Island and there are all new in-game items and cosmetics for you to get your hands on.

Source: Steam


Call of Duty: Black Ops IV Bans Battlefield V Designer, Then Unbans Him

A Battlefield V developer got his CoD Black Ops IV account banned temporarily shortly after he started playing. Florian ‘Drunkkz3’ Le Bihan took to Twitter to prove his innocence. Though he wasn’t told why his account was banned he operated under the assumption that he was banned because the system thought he was using an aimbot. So, he uploaded a video that proved his innocence. Shortly afterward his account was unbanned and he was able to go back to playing.

Source: Gamesradar


Crazy Justice Coming Soon

Crazy Justice

It looks like we’ll be able to play Crazy Justice soon now that the game is on Steam and can be added to Wishlists. It’s currently listed as Coming Soon and it will be in Early Access when it does go live but, this is very exciting news for anyone who has been following the game.egress

Source: Steam


Egress Now in Closed Beta, Early Access Coming Soon


What does Early Access even mean anymore? Nobody knows! But, Egress is now in closed beta. A few thousand beta keys were sent out for this event but if you didn’t get one you still have a chance thanks to their giveaways on Discord. Or you can wait until November 8th when the game will be in Early Access. The choice is yours.

Source: Steam


Fear the Wolves Gets a Massive Update

Fear The Wolves

Fear the Wolves got a huge update that introduced new features, new weapons, and more. Now you’ll be able to find secret stashes of high tier loot scattered throughout the map. But, players will need to find treasure maps in the wilderness to unlock them. The wolves that need to be feared have also been given a bit of an update. Their behavior has been improved so keep an eye out for solo ninja (the writer’s words, not official) wolves who will sneak up on players. Packs also have more health and are more aggressive.

Source: Variety


Fortnite Developers Opening Australia and New Zealand Office

Fortnite Battle Royale

Tony Reed has stepped down as the CEO of the Game Developers Association of Australia to help establish an Epic Games office in Australia and New Zealand. The details of what will happen in that office haven’t been disclosed yet, but, Reed says that there will be a lot of news about it coming in the near future. MMOGames will be keeping an eye out for this news when it comes.

Source: Games Industry


Fractured Lands Season 2 Coming in November

Fractured Lands

Season 2 will be coming to Fractured Lands on November 6th. With it comes semi trucks, a squad battle mode, and new customization options. New players will also be able to try it out for free during a weekend event November 8-11.

Source: Gamespace


Islands of Nyne Sees Massive Surge in Negative Reviews

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

While checking through our list of all the Battle Royale games currently in development we found something rather odd. Islands of Nyne on Steam has seen a huge trend downwards as the recent reviews have been in Steam’s words, Overwhelmingly Negative. In fact, of 281 reviews in the last 30 days, only 6% have been positive. Many of the reviews state that the game has no players and that the developers have abandoned the game. According to Steamspy the average play time in the last two weeks is just 6 minutes. Meanwhile, Steamcharts shows that the last time the game had more than 100 concurrent players was at the end of September. Sadly, it looks like Islands of Nyne may be dead in the water. But, we will, of course, be watching it in the following weeks to see how it performs over the holidays.

Source: Steam, Steamspy, Steam Charts


PUBG Mobile Reaches $100 Million, But Only Half as Fast as Fortnite

Thanks to a new report from SensorTower we now know that PUBG Mobile has reached $100 million in revenue. It took 192 days for PUBG Mobile to reach that milestone, one that took Fortnite just 90 days. Knives Out, NetEase’s mobile Battle Royale game reached $100 million in player spending in 118 days. Why was PUBG so slow compared to the others? Well, part of that is down to the fact that in China the game isn’t monetized. China is PUBG Mobile’s biggest player base and without them contributing to the revenue it, of course, took longer for PUBG to reach $100 million.

Source: SensorTower


SOS Shutting Down


SOS has announced that they will be shutting down on November 12th after struggling since they announced they would be following the Battle Royale trend and changing the original game. This move proved to be quite unpopular with players and the game never recovered. Players on Steam are now requesting refunds but so far those pleas have been ignored.

Source: Steam


Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Shortens Match Wait Time

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds made a small update to their game to shorten the amount of time you have to wait for a match to start. If 3.5 minutes have passed and no additional players have joined the queue the match will begin. This will sometimes mean smaller matches, but at least you will be able to play.

Source: Steam

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Battle Royale Weekly: Battlefield V Beta Struggles and Someone Gets Arrested

Battlefield V’s beta test leaves a lot to be desired while the beta for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is a huge success. Plus one of the most anticipated Battle Royale games gets delayed. Find all of that and more in this week’s Battle Royale Weekly.


Battlefield V

It looks like EA doesn’t plan on having a second Beta test for Battlefield V after the initial didn’t go as well as EA had hoped it would and had negative press around it like the banning of words including Nazi, Titanfall, and DLC. Battlefield V is due to launch in November but DICE has announced a series of changes to the game in response to player feedback from the beta. Right now it isn’t clear if this will mean players won’t get a chance to try the Battle Royale mode Firestorm before launch or not. By the end of the week it is expected that there will be a blog post detailing what they learned from the beta, so keep an eye out for that.

Source: Twitter


Battlerite Royale

Battlerite Royale

This weekend Battlerite Royale is hosting one final closed beta session and all players who have previously signed up to take part will be invited. There will be three different play sessions for three vastly different time zones. Players will be able to play in any session they like but they’re encouraged to play in their regions for the best experience. The times are as follows:

10:00 – 12:00 UTC (aimed for OCE)
17:00 – 19:00 UTC (aimed for EU)
23:00 – 01:00 UTC (aimed for NA)

After this Battlerite Royale will head into Steam Early Access on September 26th.

Source: Official Site


Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Fans are eager to jump back into Black Ops 4 after a massively successful beta that was universally praised. On Reddit, Treyarch posted a post-beta recap just for Blackout, the Battle Royale mode. The statement goes into detail about feedback they heard from players and how they aim to fix problems. The level of communication is being applauded by fans who all hope it will continue going forward. The Reddit post outlines changes to armor, audio, inventory, Xbox One performance, and some fun stats.

Source: Reddit


Cuisine Royale

A highly requested feature on Steam has been added that means players no longer need to use the Agent or a launcher to launch the game. They do, however, recommend that you use the Cuisine Royale Launcher so you always have the most up to date version of the game.

Source: Steam


Darwin Project

The Darwin Project

The Darwin Project has released its massive September content update and the patch notes go on forever. While I recommend you read the patch notes if you’re a player, here are just a few of the highlights. Roll is a feature that can be used in combat by consuming stamina. The new Show Director Power Beach Party has been introduced. Plus players can downsize with the new Electronic Power Shrink. They also highlight new cosmetic items like the plated denim you see above and released a ton of improvements to the game. Check out the patch notes linked below.

Source: Steam



Closed beta testing is now running for the Pinata mode of Egress. A few thousand beta keys have already been sent out. So if you don’t have access yet but you want to be sure to sign up or follow their Discord where they give some out from time to time.

Source: Steam


Europa, AKA Ring of Elysium

In case you missed it, and we couldn’t be surprised if you did since there was no formal announcement Europa is now being called Ring of Elysium. It is now available on Steam and you can see an all-new trailer for the game below.



Fear the Wolves

Now deep in Early Access, Fear the Wolves has released its third update to the game. The update focuses on introducing new content, performance optimization, and changes to gameplay. They’ve also added 10 more languages to the game. Check out everything they announced in the link below.

Source: Steam



While a lot of attention right now might be on loot in Fortnite we also need to take a look at real-life consequences of misbehaving and threatening people. A 45-year-old man has been arrested after he allegedly threatened an 11-year-old because of Fortnite. The man is facing second-degree aggravated harassment charges and a charge of acting in a manner to injure a child. This coming after he sent threatening text messages and online voice messages on his Xbox because he lost a match.

Source: USAToday


H1Z1, AKA Z1 Battle Royale

H1Z1 is now being made by a new studio and with that comes a new name for the game! It will now be called Z1 Battle Royale. With that, they’ve released a new roadmap that is admittedly a bit sparse and they’ve released Version 1.0 with adjustments to weapons, matchmaking, and more. The goal is to return to the game’s roots to be the most competitive Battle Royale game.

Source: Steam


Mavericks: Proving Grounds

Mavericks: Proving Grounds

The Founders access to Mavericks: The Forge, which was supposed to be launching soon, has been delayed until the end of November. Many fans are left disappointed but they aren’t without options or compensation. All founders will now get an additional 3 months of Citizenship membership and non-founders who have signed up for the previously announced beta will get 1-month Citizenship access once the game economy goes live. They are also accepting refund requests for those who aren’t happy and no longer wish to be a founder.

For those not in the know, Mavericks: The Forge is what they’re calling all of the pre-release testing instead of saying Early Access, Closed Beta, and so on. The CEO of Automaton is currently doing an AMA on Reddit if you want to see more details.

Source: Official Site


Mortal Royale

Mortal Royale

Alpha testing for Mortal Royale begins today. If you’ve made it into the first phase of testing then you should already have a Steam key in your inbox. Those who are involved are allowed to stream the alpha test so be sure the check on Twitch for someone playing if you’ve not made it in.

Source: Steam



PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may finally be heading to PS4. We know this thanks to the Korean Ratings Board. Bluehole has always been very clear and open about the fact that they want PUBG to be available on all platforms so it makes sense that this is coming. All we need now is an official announcement which may not come until the Playstation Experience in December. For now, we will just have to wait and see.

Source: GameRant

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Battle Royale Weekly: Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode Firestorm

Another week has gone by and now convention season is officially behind us. I’ll be the first to admit that there weren’t nearly as many new Battle Royale titles announced as I expected. However, they may be in the works and just not ready to be announced yet. Or maybe the industry has actually learned to stop chasing trends and are waiting to see how this pans out? Nah, that can’t be it! This week we got an info dump on Battlefield V Battle Royale mode Firestorm, Battlerite Royale got an Early Access start date, and much more.


Battlefield V

This week we got the biggest info dump about the Battlefield V Battle Royale mode, Firestorm to date. To start with it is being called Firestorm. Firestorm will feature four teams of 16 players for a map of 64 players, noticeably smaller than PUBG and Fortnite. The map is the largest Battlefield map ever created and it will feature destructible buildings, vehicles, and weapons. Open beta for Battlefield V begins September 6th. You can see the map and tanks rolling over buildings in the newly released video below.

Source: Youtube


Battlerite Royale

Battlerite Royale

Battlerite Royale is following the new trend of calling Early Access the Release in their announcement of the start date of the Steam Early Access. The game will be playable on Steam starting September 26th at a cost of $19.99. Starting today the game is also running limited closed beta testing up until the start of Early Access. These closed beta tests will not be streamed but content creators can take video and screenshots as well as talk about their experience. The website has a very long FAQ that goes into great detail about what to expect and also has some gifs showing off new things.

Source: Press Release, Official Site


Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout

Thanks to a tweet from the developers we got our first look at the Blackout map. The only other new thing we learned about it is that it is the biggest Call of Duty map ever made, this somehow sounds familiar. The Blackout beta begins on September 10th on PS4 and to take part you have to pre-order Black Ops 4.

Source: Twitter


Creative Destruction

If you’re looking for a game that is very, very similar to Fortnite but has a few of its own twists added in you may want to take a look at Creative Destruction from Titan Studio. For less money than you’d spend on a Starbucks run you will get access to the Early Access testing of this game which just started at the beginning of August. So far the game has very positive reviews, 83% of 286 reviews are favorable. However, the game does seem to have some issues with lag and other technical issues. Still, if you’re in the market for something new but familiar it might be worth checking this game out. You can currently find it on Steam.

Source: Steam



While everyone is gearing up for the massive new update coming to Fortnite it’s the perfect time to look at how the game is doing financially. Superdata released their monthly report on the top games at the moment by revenue. Fortnite tops the list for console games in July but doesn’t rank in PC or Mobile. Superdata also reports that the game only saw a 2% growth from June which signifies that the game is slowing down and in fact, the peak could very well be behind us. But, the important thing to remember is that the game is still growing. Once the game releases on Android, assuming it isn’t forever impacted by the security issues, it will get a new massive boost. This may see it on the charts for Mobile gaming and see a massive jump in revenue. They just aren’t there yet.

Source: Superdata


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

A new update has been introduced with a training mode, a new weapon, a new vehicle, and more. The training mode allows you to practice all aspects of gameplay in PUBG from parachuting in to stunt ramps. In training mode players cannot drop below 1HP and gameplay lasts for 30 minutes. A new Assault Rife has been added, the MK47 Mutant. It spawns on all maps and has two firing modes. On the Sanhok map, there is a new three-person vehicle called the Tukshai. It’s slower than previous vehicles but fits in perfectly with the environment of the map.

Source: Official Forums


Rapture Rejects

We got an all-new video from Rapture Rejects at PAX West 2018 which you can see below. Also, the game is now in a paid early Alpha testing system. Alpha tests take place every weekend from Friday at 12 to Monday at 10 PST. It can be purchased on Steam for $19.99. Check out the cheeky trailer below and keep an eye out for the f-bomb.

Source: Steam


Stand Out VR

Stand Out: VR Battle Royale

Stand Out VR is widely considered one of the best VR Battle Royale games available at the moment and it is on sale for 40% off right now. The promotional price will only be available until September 15th though so get it while you still can. The game is currently in Early Access and has mostly positive reviews. 79% of 662 reviews for the game are positive. Those are fantastic numbers for a relatively unknown game and studio.

Source: Steam

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Battle Royale Weekly: Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Leak and Epic is Unhappy

This week we have a pretty big variety in the news around Battle Royale games. A new Battle Royale game has been announced, Fortnite is having security and player problems, and on top of that, we have a Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout leak, and so much more.


Battlefield V

Battle Royale news

If you’re more interested in the Combined Arms co-op and the Battle Royale modes for Battlefield V, you may want to wait to get Battlefield V. Both of these modes have been pushed back and won’t be available at launch. Vehicle customization also won’t be there at launch. This seems like an example of the publisher setting a launch date the developers are finding difficult to meet.

Source: WCCTech


Battlerite Royale

The announcement of Battlerite Royale as its own game came with a lot of mixed feelings from Battlerite players. Stunlock has acknowledged that there are things they could have done better in the announcement. The studio has promised that an FAQ would be posted in September but they also answered some questions that the community had been discussing.

Anyone who bought Battlerite in Early Access or has purchased the All Champions Pack or the Ultimate Fan Pack will get a coupon for 50% off the game as well as a limited edition Legendary Ember Tiger mount. Battlerite players who don’t fit into the above category but do have an account level 20 or higher when Battlerite Royale launches will receive the limited Epic Ricky the Rocket mount if they purchase Battlerite Royale. Players who meet both requirements will get both mounts and any cosmetics that are unlocked in Battlerite Arena will be shared in Battlerite Royale.

Battlerite Royale will cost $20 and is expected to start Early Access by the end of September.

Source: Official Site


Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout leak

A new leak may have revealed a whole lot of new information about Blackout, the Battle Royale mode of the game. This leak comes from The Wew Lads who correctly leaked previous content about another Call of Duty title, so there may be some credibility to this leak.

Blackout mode will, according to the leak, have doors that can be opened and closed. It will also have zombies in a selected area. The mode may feature up to 100 players. The leak also talks about a new mode called Outboarding which is a training/tutorial mode. Oh and if this is important, you do in fact parachute into the map. Raising the question, is it a Battle Royale game if you don’t parachute in?

Source: WCCTech


Dying Light: Bad Blood

At Gamescom, Techland announced that Dying Light: Bad Blood would be entering Early Access in September, though no exact date was given. It has been confirmed that while consoles won’t be part of the Early Access, the game will release on Playstation 4 and Xbox One when it launches. The game will be free to play unless you want to take part in Early Access. The Early Access will be part of the $19.99 Founders Pack. This pack will include:

  • Exclusive Golden Founder’s Mask
  • Three exclusive Legendary weapon skins
  • Golden Neckslicer dagger
  • Golden Bonecleaver machete
  • Golden Skullopener cricket bat
  • 1000 Blood Bucks
  • Three exclusive Legendary skins distributed over three months post-launch

Thanks to their presence at Gamescom we now have quite a lot of gameplay footage on Youtube to dig through. So if you want to know what its like before you throw cash at it, this is your chance….or you could just wait until it launches.




Egress has introduced a new mode called Piñata that is exactly what it says in the name. You’ll be on one of two sides and your job is to destroy the other team’s piñata while protecting your own. Check out the short video introducing the new mode below.

Source: Press Release


Fear the Wolves

Fear The Wolves

The Early Access for Fear the Wolves is underway on Steam with mixed reviews. 55% of the 63 reviews for the game are positive. According to SteamCharts, their concurrent peak so far has been 388 players, not bad for a game that has been in Early Access for less than three days that isn’t free to play. We also have a content roadmap for September which will include things like 2 seater vehicles and weapon customization. In October players can expect more movement options, new melee mechanics, and an in-game event system.

Source: SteamCharts, Steam Announcement



Fortnite on Android is experiencing some security issues that are prompting many prominent tech sites to recommend staying away from the game for now. A Google employee discovered a vulnerability that allowed hackers to replace the app with a fake version of the game. Google immediately notified Epic, who quickly got to work on fixing the issue. They also asked Google not to disclose the vulnerability to the public for 90 days, to give players time to install the new patch. Google instead waited the industry standard 7 days before they went public. Epic then lashed out at Google for doing so, which raised a lot of red flags for those in the cyber security sphere.

Google isn’t the only group that Epic is upset with right now, they’re also looking at fans who are unlocking the exclusive Galaxy skin with demo phones in stores. For those who don’t know what that is, when Fortnite was announced for Android they also announced an exclusive partnership with Samsung that would give owners of the brand new Samsung Note 9 or Tab S4 an incredibly rare skin, the rarest skin of them all in fact. Samsung themselves aren’t very happy about this either and many stores are putting up signs telling shoppers not to install Fortnite. Which, of course, they aren’t. They hoped this would attract people to buy their very pricey new devices.

Source: CNET, Polygon



The original survival mode for H1Z1 which was named Just Survive…hasn’t survived. Daybreak has announced that the game will shut down in October despite having never even launched. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise though as the Battle Royale game took off in a way that Just Survive never did.

Source: Press Release


Mortal Royale

Another week, another new Battle Royale game. Star Vault, the creators of Mortal Online have announced Mortal Royale, a Battle Royale game with 1,000 players. Along with finding weapons and armor, you’ll be on the lookout for mounts who give you incredible advantages on the field. You can sign up to take part in the alpha right now on the official site. Check out the trailer for the game below, though if you don’t like blood you might want to skip this one.

Source: Official Site


Proxima Royale

Expect to see a new trailer for Proxima Royale in the coming weeks that shows off all the new content they’ve been working on. They also revealed that Closed Beta is on its way, currently slated for Q3 2018. The game is not currently playable, but they are making updates on Steam where they release new information.

Source: Steam

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