Battlerite Royale is Free to Play for a Week

What started off as a short week has now extended a bit further as Stunlock Studios has kicked off a Battlerite Royale free to play week, letting anyone curious about what BR gaming is like from a bird’s eye view with MOBA combat satisfy their extremely specific destire.

battlerite royale free to play week

Between now (October 30th) and November 4th, anyone can download and fire up the entire game free of charge. In addition, if you’re inspired to buy in, there’s a 30% off between now and November 5th.

The free week runs parallel to the game’s current Halloween showcase, Curse of the Night, which brings on a spooky map and Trick or Treat Shrines that can quite literally treat you with a buff or trick you with a debuff.

There also happens to be a few smaller in-game events running, including event quests, a Gleam giveaway and login rewards. All of the salient details can be read at the game’s site.

Our Thoughts

We’re pretty sure that this game has already done a free promotion before, which does beg the question…what’s halting Stunlock from going all-in on a free-to-play model now? At any case, we do hope those who dip into the MOBA Royale pool have a nice swim in the waters of Battlerite Royale.

Source: press release

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Battle Royale Weekly: Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Leak and Epic is Unhappy

This week we have a pretty big variety in the news around Battle Royale games. A new Battle Royale game has been announced, Fortnite is having security and player problems, and on top of that, we have a Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout leak, and so much more.


Battlefield V

Battle Royale news

If you’re more interested in the Combined Arms co-op and the Battle Royale modes for Battlefield V, you may want to wait to get Battlefield V. Both of these modes have been pushed back and won’t be available at launch. Vehicle customization also won’t be there at launch. This seems like an example of the publisher setting a launch date the developers are finding difficult to meet.

Source: WCCTech


Battlerite Royale

The announcement of Battlerite Royale as its own game came with a lot of mixed feelings from Battlerite players. Stunlock has acknowledged that there are things they could have done better in the announcement. The studio has promised that an FAQ would be posted in September but they also answered some questions that the community had been discussing.

Anyone who bought Battlerite in Early Access or has purchased the All Champions Pack or the Ultimate Fan Pack will get a coupon for 50% off the game as well as a limited edition Legendary Ember Tiger mount. Battlerite players who don’t fit into the above category but do have an account level 20 or higher when Battlerite Royale launches will receive the limited Epic Ricky the Rocket mount if they purchase Battlerite Royale. Players who meet both requirements will get both mounts and any cosmetics that are unlocked in Battlerite Arena will be shared in Battlerite Royale.

Battlerite Royale will cost $20 and is expected to start Early Access by the end of September.

Source: Official Site


Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout leak

A new leak may have revealed a whole lot of new information about Blackout, the Battle Royale mode of the game. This leak comes from The Wew Lads who correctly leaked previous content about another Call of Duty title, so there may be some credibility to this leak.

Blackout mode will, according to the leak, have doors that can be opened and closed. It will also have zombies in a selected area. The mode may feature up to 100 players. The leak also talks about a new mode called Outboarding which is a training/tutorial mode. Oh and if this is important, you do in fact parachute into the map. Raising the question, is it a Battle Royale game if you don’t parachute in?

Source: WCCTech


Dying Light: Bad Blood

At Gamescom, Techland announced that Dying Light: Bad Blood would be entering Early Access in September, though no exact date was given. It has been confirmed that while consoles won’t be part of the Early Access, the game will release on Playstation 4 and Xbox One when it launches. The game will be free to play unless you want to take part in Early Access. The Early Access will be part of the $19.99 Founders Pack. This pack will include:

  • Exclusive Golden Founder’s Mask
  • Three exclusive Legendary weapon skins
  • Golden Neckslicer dagger
  • Golden Bonecleaver machete
  • Golden Skullopener cricket bat
  • 1000 Blood Bucks
  • Three exclusive Legendary skins distributed over three months post-launch

Thanks to their presence at Gamescom we now have quite a lot of gameplay footage on Youtube to dig through. So if you want to know what its like before you throw cash at it, this is your chance….or you could just wait until it launches.




Egress has introduced a new mode called Piñata that is exactly what it says in the name. You’ll be on one of two sides and your job is to destroy the other team’s piñata while protecting your own. Check out the short video introducing the new mode below.

Source: Press Release


Fear the Wolves

Fear The Wolves

The Early Access for Fear the Wolves is underway on Steam with mixed reviews. 55% of the 63 reviews for the game are positive. According to SteamCharts, their concurrent peak so far has been 388 players, not bad for a game that has been in Early Access for less than three days that isn’t free to play. We also have a content roadmap for September which will include things like 2 seater vehicles and weapon customization. In October players can expect more movement options, new melee mechanics, and an in-game event system.

Source: SteamCharts, Steam Announcement



Fortnite on Android is experiencing some security issues that are prompting many prominent tech sites to recommend staying away from the game for now. A Google employee discovered a vulnerability that allowed hackers to replace the app with a fake version of the game. Google immediately notified Epic, who quickly got to work on fixing the issue. They also asked Google not to disclose the vulnerability to the public for 90 days, to give players time to install the new patch. Google instead waited the industry standard 7 days before they went public. Epic then lashed out at Google for doing so, which raised a lot of red flags for those in the cyber security sphere.

Google isn’t the only group that Epic is upset with right now, they’re also looking at fans who are unlocking the exclusive Galaxy skin with demo phones in stores. For those who don’t know what that is, when Fortnite was announced for Android they also announced an exclusive partnership with Samsung that would give owners of the brand new Samsung Note 9 or Tab S4 an incredibly rare skin, the rarest skin of them all in fact. Samsung themselves aren’t very happy about this either and many stores are putting up signs telling shoppers not to install Fortnite. Which, of course, they aren’t. They hoped this would attract people to buy their very pricey new devices.

Source: CNET, Polygon



The original survival mode for H1Z1 which was named Just Survive…hasn’t survived. Daybreak has announced that the game will shut down in October despite having never even launched. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise though as the Battle Royale game took off in a way that Just Survive never did.

Source: Press Release


Mortal Royale

Another week, another new Battle Royale game. Star Vault, the creators of Mortal Online have announced Mortal Royale, a Battle Royale game with 1,000 players. Along with finding weapons and armor, you’ll be on the lookout for mounts who give you incredible advantages on the field. You can sign up to take part in the alpha right now on the official site. Check out the trailer for the game below, though if you don’t like blood you might want to skip this one.

Source: Official Site


Proxima Royale

Expect to see a new trailer for Proxima Royale in the coming weeks that shows off all the new content they’ve been working on. They also revealed that Closed Beta is on its way, currently slated for Q3 2018. The game is not currently playable, but they are making updates on Steam where they release new information.

Source: Steam

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Battlerite Royale Becomes a Standalone Title

Perhaps it was inevitable. Perhaps it was fate. Or maybe it’s nothing terribly deep. In any case, Stunlock Studios has decided that making a Battlerite Royale standalone release is the best way to go for the MOBA-styled multiplayer variant and the devs have explained why.

battlerite royale standalone release

Evidently, breaking up Battlerite and Royale was just easier on everyone involved according to marketing director Johan Ilves.

“Early on in Battlerite Royale’s development we noticed how difficult it was to align the battle royale theme with the arena mode and still ensuring the genre and gameplay to work together. Battlerite Royale has become a significantly different experience and we are now separating the games so that each of them can flourish in their own right.”

The most recent dev blog on the game’s website elaborated on this further:

“When the decision was made, we suddenly could do more to make the best possible Royale experience. Today we firmly believe that we can deliver a more polished, more fun, and more exciting experience with Battlerite Royale without compromising Arena and the fine-tuned balance that we strive to perfect.”

With that decision out of the way, you may be wondering where things go from here. That will be revealed in an update roadmap to be unveiled this coming Monday, August 13th. That date will also be when signups for Battlerite Royale’s closed beta will begin. Until then, plans currently see Battlerite Royale hitting Steam Early Access this coming September.

Our Thoughts

If breaking the two title up means both flourish and improve, then that’s certainly the better. The case in favor of this move could certainly be argued by looking at how Fortnite’s insistence of keeping Save the World and Battle Royale together seems to be having a negative impact on the former while the latter continues to expand. Here’s hoping the folks at Stunlock are confident with this decision.

Sources: press release, official site

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New Screenshots and Gameplay Details Arise for Battlerite Royale

How many times can one share shots of overhead-view MOBA combat? In the case of Battlerite’s incoming battle royale mode, once is never enough. Another new batch of screenshots have been shared, along with new Battlerite Royale details for the more gameplay-minded.

battlerite royale screenshots

The dev update for today covers a variety of topics surrounding Battlerite Royale, including balance, items, Champions and more. On the balance front, the plan is to have a separate team specifically for Royale, with focus on the mode’s items and consumables.

Those items that can be found on the mode’s map include things like equipment items that buff stats, health and movement speed, or consumables like health and shield potions. Players will also arrive to the map with only their M1 ability and Ultimate ability, requiring them to scavenge for their chosen champion’s additional skills.

Players will arrive with their chosen Battlerite loadouts in tow much like they do in Arena, but random additional Battlerites can be found across the map, granting an extra Battlerite that stacks on top of your existing five.

There are also a few words about just where Battlerite Royale fits in to the game’s overall design. “Battlerite Royale is meant to be a more relaxed experience compared to Arena,” explains the post. “This isn’t to say that Royale is not competitive or intense, because it is. Skill will absolutely still be a factor. But it is less punishing to new players, allows for downtime between action and a chance to adjust to circumstances.”

The post also goes out of its way to emphasize that Royale is not a replacement for Arena under any circumstances.

Our Thoughts

We assume that hearing that Royale isn’t replacing Arena will be welcome news to fans of this title, but to be fair, Fortnite pretty much has been saying the same thing and the perception of Epic Games’ interest between updating for Battle Royale and updating for Save the World still seems pretty disparate. In any case, we’ll be interested to see whether Battlerite Royale will make a splash once it arrives.

Source: official site

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Battlerite Royale Shares Some Screenshots

We all know that the Battle Royale Pox (scientific name Bandwagonus Hoppinonit) is a thing that’s hit Battlerite, but all we had at the time was word that it was happening and some pieces of concept art. Now, Stunlock Studios has provided a little more context in the form of some new Battlerite Royale screenshots.

battlerite royale screenshots

The shots in question are part of a greater explanation shared by the devs in their latest blog, which provides more information on Battlerite Royale’s overall mechanics.

When the match begins, your chosen Champion is stripped of their abilities and must wander the map in order to find those abilities along with equipment and consumables, all the while surviving long enough to be the last person or duo standing. Pretty standard stuff.

According to Stunlock Studios game director Peter Ilves, Battlerite Royale is something of a natural progression for the base game. “In a way, Battlerite already offered a number of core Battle Royale elements, such as elimination and the Death Vortex,” said Ilves. “Scaling up this experience was something that came to us quite naturally.”

Battlerite Royale is due to arrive to Steam in July of this year. You can read up more about the mode here

Our Thoughts

So the first thing that strikes us is the fact that the field of view isn’t being widened, which could mean more compact fights on account of Battlerite Royale not having the long-distance sight lines that other battle royale titles have. Otherwise, nothing terribly remarkable here, which might be an issue for what’s fast becoming a very congested sub-genre.

Source: press release

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Battlerite Announces a Battle Royale Mode

Who would have thought that a bandwagon would end up looking like a large flying vehicle that coasts over a single island? Battlerite battle royale mode will, indeed, be a thing as the MOBA-combat brawler will trade in arenas for a much larger piece of gameplay real estate.

battlerite battle royale

The so-called Battlerite Royale game mode works the same way as other battle royale titles. 20 players will drop into an area that’s 30 times larger than Battlerite’s existing combat arenas and will have 10 minutes to find items, take out other players, grab their loot and be the last one standing. Play will work in either solo or duos mode.

The devs believe that Battlerite’s top down MOBA combat and controls will set Battlerite Royale apart from the ever-growing pack. “We want to give players the excitement of a Diablo-esque exploration experience combined with the character variation of a MOBA and the thrill of a survival game,” explains Stunlock Studios’ marketing director Johan Ilves. “That said, I think anyone who’s looking for a fresh and different take on the Battle Royale genre will have a blast.”

The press release did not add any additional details about release date or testing dates, but information on those fronts should be arriving soon.

Our Thoughts

Okay, benefit of the doubt here. Considering the combat model of Battlerite and its top-down perspective, it’s very possible that Battlerite Royale will at least feel a bit different from other games of its ilk, especially if not having long-distance sight lines is a thing. We’ll wait and see how this new mode actually looks in action before we completely pass judgement one way or the other, but with that said, we suspect Battlerite Royale definitely has a lot of work to do if it wants to impress.

Source: press release

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Second Chance Battlerite Champion Ashka Giveaway

Battlerite is a PvP team-based arena brawler which is a unique combination of top-down shooter and fast paced fighting game. Take part in highly competitive, adrenaline-fueled 2v2 and 3v3 battles. Engage in quick and intense action as you take control over one of several champions, each with their own special abilities. Dodge bullets and pull off massive ultimate attacks; It’s all about skill-shots, timing and reaction speed! A week ago, Stunlock Studios and MMOGames ran a giveaway for a free unlock key for Champion Ashka, but it ran out very quickly and many people never got the chance at a key. For that reason, we have decided to run one more round, and let anyone who missed out have a second chance! Enter the Second Chance Battlerite Champion Ashka Giveaway now for a chance at a free unlock of fiery champion Ashka: The Molten Fury, as well as two other random drops!

Second Chance Battlerite Champion Ashka Giveaway


What You Get From The Second Chance Battlerite Champion Ashka Giveaway

  • A free unlock of Ashka: The Molten Fury
  • Two (2) random drops


How To Redeem Your Second Chance Battlerite Champion Ashka Giveaway Key

  1. Download and install Battlerite here.
  2. Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account.
  3. Click the Games Menu.
  4. Choose Activate a Product on Steam.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.
  6. Enter the game and go to the Chest section to find your Free Ashka Chest!


Enter Via Gleam

Sign in with a selection of options within the Gleam widgets at the end of this post and complete one or more entries to enter. You can select all of them or just one, it’s entirely up to you, though the more you choose, the more chances you have to win! This round of the giveaway will end on Tuesday, November 28, 2017, at 08:00 GMT. This drawing is for ten (10) keys. If you have any issues, please contact us.


Second Chance Battlerite Champion Ashka Giveaway

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Battlerite Makes Steam Top 10, Offers Gift for Sharing a Trailer

It would appear that the Battlerite Steam free-to-play launch has been a pretty successful one, or at least enough to get players curious. Stunlock Studios proudly touted the arena brawler’s arrival to the Steam top 10 list while also offering a freebie to those who share its free-to-play launch trailer with friends.

battlerite steam

A press release from the game’s devs notes that Battlerite made it to the number two slot among top-selling free-to-play games on Steam, while the game made it to number 10 in Steam’s overall current player count on Sunday, November 12th with 45k players.

For the record, Steam Charts currently shows Battlerite with a little over 30k players in the last 30 minutes at the time of this article’s writing.

“We are humbled and grateful to see the overwhelming numbers of players enjoying Battlerite,” said game director Peter Ilves in a statement. “All our previous game records have been broken and it’s the greatest acknowledgment a developer could ask for.”

In a likely effort to keep the momentum going, Battlerite is granting players who share the game’s free-to-play launch trailer via a special web page a free Elemental Steed mount. Fans will also be entered to win one of ten Legendary Chests, earning more entries if they share the trailer on several different social media platforms.

Our Thoughts

It looks like Battlerite is not only something that’s made a splash in the free-to-play market, but has been a fun enough title to keep some pretty high player numbers, which is great news for those looking to get into a fight in the arena. Here’s hoping Battlerite’s momentum stays strong! If you happen to be among those players, be sure you snap up your own Ashka Champion unlock today!

Sources: press release, official site

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Battlerite Launches Free to Play

It’s now time for you to get your MOBA-styled online brawl on. Today marks the Battlerite free to play launch, with a new character added to the roster and, naturally, a new trailer full of all of the skillshots and action demonstrations one would expect.

battlerite free to play launch

The new roster addition is Thorn: The Twisted Terror. As his name would suggest, Thorn uses a variety of thorny plant-based abilities to assault foes from range and at close distance. He even has a teleport maneuver that lets him burrow under the ground and burst up beneath foes in a bundle of huge spikes, all of which can be seen in a demonstration video. The free launch also introduces over 200 new items including outfits, rare weapons, and victory poses.

As for how free-to-play works, the game will offer a rotation of six different characters to choose from on a weekly basis. Players can unlock their favorites either through direct cash purchases or in-game currency. Of course, there’s also the Champion’s Pack still on offer, which will open up all current and future roster additions at a cost of $29.99.

In case you’re not familiar, Battlerite is an online PvP arena brawler that pits 2v2 or 3v3 teams against each other in overhead, MOBA-esque combat. If you’re curious, you can check out our own early access impressions from last year, or simply head over to Steam and check out the game yourself. There’s also the aforementioned trailer below.

Our Thoughts

We haven’t been in the arena of Battlerite in a while, so it seems as good a time as any to return, especially since there’s no cost involved to get into the brawl. Here’s hoping Battlerite’s brand of arena PvP is a hit among players; nothing dulls a game like this quite like waiting for a match to begin. And don’t forget to claim your key for the Champion Ashka!

Sources: Steam, press release

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Battlerite Extols the Virtues of Backstabbing

When it comes to MMO or gaming melee combat, few things feel as satisfying as a well-placed dagger in your opponent’s back. The Battlerite backstab mechanic, which came with update, is the subject of a new dev blog discussing the rationale behind the addition of backstabbitry.

battlerite backstab

According to the dev blog, introducing backstab to Battlerite is intended to heighten tactical decisions in players, with forcing someone who is surrounded to quickly consider their target and who to not present their back to being offered as an example. Flanking and considering whether to chase down a fleeing opponent are also cited as strategic scenarios enhanced by the addition of backstab.

The post also addresses the concern of a combo that stuns or disables an opponent in order to unleash a backstab attack. According to the post, most players have precious little time as it is to position themselves behind the target.

Ultimately, backstabbing in Battlerite could not even make it into the final game. “While we intended on including backstab in the patch and will continue to test internally, there are no set-in-stone plans on its future,” explains the post.

Our Thoughts

Battlerite is still in something of a state of development, so perhaps backstabbing will indeed be phased out or otherwise adjusted. Either way, it does appear that the devs of this game are trying to take into consideration as much behavior as they can.

Source: official site

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