BattleTech to Offer Combat Speed and Squadmate Customization

The turn-based tactical ‘Mech-em-up BattleTech is live, but that doesn’t mean the work is finished. In an update to the game’s Kickstarter page, plans for the first BattleTech post-launch update were laid out, which will include a number of features that fans are looking for.

battletech post-launch update

First and foremost, the devs at Harebrained Schemes have put out a new patch which should fix some compatibility and performance issues, while continued work on bug fixing will press on into late May. The devs are also hard at work on localization for French, German and Russian languages, as well as Linux Support.

After that, new customization options will arrive to BattleTech in the first larger post-launch update. These customization options will let players speed up the pace of battle; customize the callsigns, appearances, and voices of their stable of MechWarriors; and introduce a suite of “discrete options” that will let players tweak the difficulty of the game in different areas. The update will also brings some UI quality-of-life to the Mech Lab, store and salvage, and will tweak some of the game’s gnarlier difficulty spikes.

While a number of these features may shift and a timeframe is still nebulous, the devs expect this update to arrive at some point in June or July. Once work is complete and timelines are more concrete, there will be an update. In the meantime, if you’re the sort who wants to step on the gas right here and now, the fine folks at Rock, Paper, Shotgun have pulled together some do-it-yourself tips to ramp up the game’s speed.

Our Thoughts

Speaking for myself, I don’t particularly find the combat pace a terrible thing, but I can also appreciate that some people would rather that things just push forward already. To that point, it’s good that the devs are providing some options for those who want them. We’re looking forward to this next update.

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BattleTech Confirms its Release Date

Full disclosure: I’m a ravening MechWarrior fan, though I arrived at the series late via MechWarrior 3. So the fact that the BatleTech release date has been confirmed certainly has me pretty excited as fans will soon get a taste of tactics-based mercenary company commanding action.

battletech release date

For those who are unfamiliar, BattleTech is a turn-based tactical game where you control a ‘Mech mercenary company. Gameplay will look to balance tactical command with a variety of management features, requiring players to navigate fights and combat operations while also balancing their books and keeping those in their employ happy, all while working with a deposed ruler attempting to regain her throne.

The game first made waves on Kickstarter when developer Harebrained Schemes earned over 50k backers on the project. Now, the first tactical title set in the MechWarrior world in 20 years is due to arrive to PC and Mac players on Tuesday, April 24th.

The announcement of the game’s release date also comes along with a story trailer that sets the scene for the game’s narrative, which can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Like I said, I’m pretty excited and I’m not alone. There’s plenty of us who are looking forward to seeing a new ‘Mech game both in our office and in the greater fanbase itself. Here’s hoping that this new game will be just as great as anticipated.

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