Black Desert Online Spinoff Shadow Arena Beta Announced

The Shadow Arena beta has been announced by Pearl Abyss today. Shadow Arena was originally a game within Black Desert Online that has evolved into a game of its own as time has gone on. According to Pearl Abyss, while Shadow Arena does draw from Black Desert Online it has created its own style drawing from Battle Royales, MOBAs, and MMOs to create a unique arena fighter. Shadow Arena has two modes, solo and team which each challenge players in different ways.

A closed beta test for Shadow Arena will be running from February 27th to March 8th. Registration to take part in the beta test can be done on Shadow Arena’s official site. The beta will take place on Steam and will not be available for consoles though the game is expected to be available on consoles after it launches on PC. Right now Pearl Abyss says that they expect Shadow Arena to be released on PC within the first half of this year.

You can also check out the trailer for Shadow Arena which was released back in November as part of Pearl Abyss Connect 2019. The game looks exactly as amazing as you would expect considering it has been spun off from Black Desert Online which is without a doubt the most beautiful MMO that has ever been made.


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Black Desert Online Archer Class Now Available

It is time to take careful aim, the Black Desert Online Archer class has been unlocked for play. The Archer comes on to the scene with both the main weapon, Crossbow, and the class Awakening weapon, the Greatbow. Taking in the launch trailer, it’s clear that Pearl Abyss loves the motion that they have built into the class with the Archer moving like a forest Elf on fast forward.

If you got on to the game early last week to pre-create your character there were rewards for doing so but if this class has caught your eye and inspired you to come back to BDO or try it out, there are yet more rewards to be had in three different events.

First off from now until January 9th they are running the Archer 1+1 Dual EXP event where you can gain the same amount of XP (outside of boosts) that you get on your Archer with one other character. You can find the steps laid out here:
There is also a Level Up Event where rewards can be obtained for every milestone level you achieve on your Archer.

Finally there an EXP boost event with +100% combat EXP and +30% skill EXP through the event period until January 9th.

Suffice to say they really want to get you on an Archer and help you fly up the levels. Given that you can level an alt at the same time, that seems like a good deal.

Maybe it’s fate that the Archer in all of the promotional material has the blonde surfer look or maybe it’s the abiding influence of Legolas in popular consciousness, or maybe it’s just a good segue into the other Pearl Abyss news, but they have opened their first US office in Manhattan Beach on the west coast.
“The Manhattan Beach office will serve as an important regional office for Pearl Abyss’ continuing growth and success, and our self-publishing efforts in the western market,” said senior vice president Jeonghee Jin.

What will this mean for future endeavors for Pearl Abyss? We’ll keep an eye on hiring calls in the LA area to see what comes.

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Black Desert Online Kicks Off its Xbox One Open Beta

The wait is finally over for console players who have been eager to get their sandbox MMO on. The Black Desert Online Xbox open beta is…well…open starting today, with the game offering up a pretty healthy variety of things for players to get involved in during the testing period.

black desert online xbox open beta

The open beta build of BDO for Xbox One promises to provide a game that lets players fully explore the various systems and features the full game will offer. Part of that promise is a full 40 levels of character advancement in order to let players dig in to the game’s skill system.

The open beta will also feature four general player events, seven daily game master events, and a variety of out-of-combat pursuits such as fishing, trading, gathering and the like.

The open beta for Black Desert Online will run between now and Monday, November 12th. All of the details on how to install the game and timing for the various events can be found at this dedicated Xbox One page for the MMO.

Our Thoughts

40 levels of beta access certainly seems like a lot, but considering the various carrots one can chase in this game (or the varieties of grinding one can burn their face off of, depending on how you look at it) this certainly does make a lot of sense. Here’s oping that the beta is reasonably smooth and that players enjoy.

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Black Desert Online Celebrates 10M Users and Nabs an Award

It appears to be a pretty banner close to 2018 for Black Desert Online. BDO registered users have hit a new milestone while the sandbox MMO’s SEA version has won itself an award for Best MMORPG during an awards show in Thailand.

bdo registered users

The 10 million user milestone will be celebrated in-game with three events that will run for the next three weeks. “The Choice of 10 Million” will start things off, granting players a reward of the newly added Cliff’s Weapons which can be exchanged into Gold Bars.

A login event will also run from Nov 1-14 that will give out goodies like a Shakatu’s Luxury Box, five Artisan’s Memory items, and 50 Advice of Valks items. As for future special events, information on that front should arrive in the coming weeks.

The user count coincides with a win of Best MMORPG of the Year during this year’s Thailand Game Show for the SEA version of BDO — an award that’s come to the title after 10 months of live service in the region.

“On behalf of the Pearl Abyss team, I would like to thank the SEA Adventurers,” said Pearl Abyss head of business Youngchul Ham. “We’ve come to learn and appreciate so much about Southeast Asia during our 10 months of service in the region. We look forward to continually adding more exciting game contents and growing with our Adventurers.”

Our Thoughts

Congratulations certainly are in order for Black Desert Online’s teams. Clearly, the game has snared itself a pretty dedicated group of players and we hope to see that fanbase continue to enjoy itself and the game continue to grow.

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Black Desert Online Dates Xbox One Beta and Debuts the Archer

It’s a pretty busy news day for Black Desert Online fans. Not only has the sandbox MMO offered up its first look at the new Archer class, but the BDO Xbox One beta also has a launch date for those eager for a bit of MMORPG on their console.

bdo xbox one beta

First, the console stuff: a screenshot of an email shared to the Xbox One subreddit announces that Black Desert Online will enter open beta on Thursday, November 8th at 12am PST. The beta will include the Berserker, Sorcerer, Wizard, Witch and Warrior classes, and will be an open beta without any NDA.

This hasn’t been officially announced on any official channels yet, but it does run parallel with playable demos of the Xbox One version at this year’s TwitchCon. The event will also feature the latest playable build of the MMORPG on mobile.

Finally, the game’s newest class has gotten announced in press release and teaser trailer form. The Archer (AKA the male Ranger) uses a combination of crossbow and magical attacks to keep enemies unbalanced and at distance. You can get your first look at him in the video below.

Our Thoughts

Okay, yea, the Archer looks pretty stylish and all that, but let’s get back to the Xbox One beta. It feels like it’s been forever since we’d heard anything new about the game’s arrival to consoles, but now we’re just that much closer to its ultimate release. Perhaps TwitchCon will have some new information to reveal?

Sources: Xbox One subreddit via, press release

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Black Desert Online Adjusts Node Wars to Halt High-Level Abuse

Black Desert Online recently opened up its Node Wars system in order to further incentivize participation, but as is often the case with these things, players found a way to take a nice thing and try to ruin it for everyone else. In response, a couple of minor but impactful adjustments are incoming.

node wars system

The removal of minimum participation requirements and standardization of tax ratios between Node tiers led to higher-level guilds swarming lower tier Nodes. This meant that newly-formed guilds were being matched with higher-powered ones.

In order to limit that abuse, guilds occupying Tier 1 Nodes cannot fight for Tier 2 Nodes or above in Node Wars. Conversely, guilds with Tier 2 Node holdings or higher cannot battle for Tier 1 Nodes.

These new changes are due to come online after BDO’s maintenance on October 24th. As a result of these changes, Node Occupation information will be reset during this week’s maintenance. Additionally, guilds who want to take part in this week’s Conquest War must occupy one Node in Tiers 3-4 between October 24-26 after the maintenance.

Our Thoughts

Something something can’t have nice things. Still, it’s good of the devs to make these adjustments in order to make BDO’s Node Wars system more fair for everyone taking part. Unless, of course, some guilds manage to figure out a way to abuse this system, too.

Source: official forums

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Agreement Reached in Black Desert Online Player Data Dust-Up

In news that will likely come as a relief to CIS fans of Black Desert Online, an agreement has been reached between Pearl Abyss and GameNet that will maintain Black Desert Online player data as Pearl Abyss takes over distribution in the region.

black desert online player data

Despite negotiations breaking down on October 12th and a round of finger-pointing from both companies, the two sides returned to the bargaining table and reached a consensus.

GameNet has agreed to transfer over existing character information along with instructions on how to make the transfer work while Pearl Abyss begins sussing out the technical prep for its own BDO Russian servers. This new version will feature the originally localized features along with other additions made by Pearl Abyss. In addition, players can look forward to in-game gifts and events once the servers go live.

Once again, a timeline for these updates is not provided yet, but will likely be announced in the near future.

Our Thoughts

No matter which side was in the right or wrong, locking away character data and especially player purchases was not a good look for anyone, so we’re glad to see sense prevailed between both companies. Here’s hoping that this transition goes as smoothly as possible.


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Black Desert Online Russia Disagreement Sees Player Data Wiped

In what’s looking like something of a legal mess between Black Desert Online publisher Pearl Abyss and publishing company GameNet, the Black Desert Online Russia version has seen all of its player data wiped out for fans in the region and Pearl Abyss having to start from scratch.

black desert online russia

GameNet, which has been handling the Russian version of the MMO for the last three years, was unable to extend its licensing agreement with Pearl Abyss. According to a company statement, their claims were denied by Pearl Abyss and the deadline of October 12th to extend the license came and went with no reconciliation between the two companies.

According to Pearl Abyss, they tried to get transfer of BDO’s data from Russia negotiated, but had been denied access since August. This effectively means that all player data held by GameNet – including character database files and all prior purchase history – is lost and the company will need to work from the beginning to bring BDO to Russia.

“Since the negotiations failed, the transfer of information became impossible, and our company was forced to make changes to the plans for servicing Russian users,” reads part of the Pearl Abyss statement. “Unfortunately, we have no other options than to start working without this data.”

A timeline for Pearl Abyss’ new Russian version’s arrival has not been set.

Our Thoughts

It would seem that GameNet were not keen on releasing BDO Russia to Pearl Abyss, though it’s hard to know all of the real details about the negotiations. What’s worse, Russian players are effectively getting burnt as a result of this failure to agree. We hope that this doesn’t utterly sink the game for players of the region, but it’s hard to think that won’t happen in some measure.

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Beat a 7-Day Trial Challenge, Get Black Desert Online for Free

We know that Black Desert Online offers up a 7-day trial. That’s not news. What is, however, is the fact that players of that trial can very possibly keep the complete game free of charge in the appropriately named Black Desert Online 7-Day Trial Challenge.

black desert online 7-day trial challenge

In honor of the sandbox MMO hitting 10 million registered players worldwide, BDO is dropping the gauntlet for new players that download the game’s free trial: reach level 56 on your character and complete your class Awakening quest before the 7 days are up, and you’ll get permanent access to the game free of charge.

The free access in question is equivalent to the game’s Starter’s Package, which basically gives you the full game and 10 7-day guest passes. In case you’ve got friends who maybe want to take up the challenge themselves, perhaps.

In addition to the chance at a permanent unlock of the game, players can enjoy up to 50% off in-game items offered by the NPC Patrigio along with the third version of the Kamasylvian Alchemists event.

The 7-day challenge runs between October 3rd and 17th and is not available to Steam users. All of the specific details can be found here in infographic form.

Our Thoughts

Considering the belt sander levels of grinding power most MMORPG players can achieve when they set their minds to it, surmounting this 7-day challenge doesn’t seem like a big ask. So, for those who’d like to get themselves a free sandbox MMO, this is a pretty darn good opportunity.

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Black Desert Online Confirms the Drieghan Expansion Launch Date

Black Desert Online‘s next content expansion wasn’t just at EGX, it was a place for the folks behind the game to announced the Drieghan Expansion launch date. Players of the sandbox MMO will get their chance to explore this new frontier in a couple of months.

drieghan expansion launch date

The ancestral home of the dwarves and the land of the dragons will open up on Wednesday, November 14th, bringing its 300+ quests, new conquerable nodes, a story that follows the Sherekhan tribe, and the extremely grumpy dragon world boss Garmoth to the MMO. The expansion also promises a variety of new monster areas and a powerful new craftable weapon known as the Dragon Slayer.

The announcement comes off of a reportedly successful showing of the update at this year’s EGX, where attendees got their first taste of the fight with Garmoth and took in an Arena of Arsha PvP match in what was one of the biggest arrangement of machines in the event.

For now, though, there’s lots of in-game beer to celebrate during BDO’s Beerfest event, which runs until October 10th. If you’re somehow not aware of how that’s working, then you’ve got this page here to provide you with some details.

Our Thoughts

We expect that a lot more details on what’s coming to Black Desert Online with the Drieghan expansion will come over the course of the next few weeks. For now, though, it’s good to have a planned launch date for this new content.

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