Several MMOs Counted Among Steam’s Best of 2017

The Steam Best of 2017 lists are live and we’re pretty pleased to see that a variety of MMO, MMORPG and multiplayer titles are among those being counted. Several MMOs have landed some top honors for 2017 on the platform, including Top Sellers, Top New Releases, and Most Simultaneous Players mentions.

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MMOs such as Warframe and The Elder Scrolls Online, large-scale multiplayer titles like PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds, and survival sandboxes like Conan Exiles, H1Z1 and ARK are among the games that managed to land in various spaces for Steam’s year-end wrap-up.

For most concurrent players, PUBG was unsurprisingly among those counted with more than 100k players online at once. Dota 2, ARK, Warframe and H1Z1 were also admitted to the 100k Club, while games like Paladins, Path of Exile and Rocket League are among those in the 50k+ category.

As for the best-sellers of 2017, six of the top 10 games that earned Platinum-level sales are MMO and multiplayer titles: PUBG, Rocket League, ARK, Warframe, Dota 2 and H1Z1. The Elder Scrolls Online landed in the Gold category; BDO, FFXIV and War Thunder are among those in Silver; and Smite, Elite Dangerous and The Division ended up in the Bronze category.

You can peruse the full best-of lists for yourself here.

Our Thoughts

But aren’t MMOs dead? Well regardless of that snark (and the possible remarks that some of these games shouldn’t be MMOs because this or that reason), we’re glad to see so many MMO, MMORPG and multiplayer titles earn some top marks on one of gaming’s biggest platform. Speaking of year-end awards, don’t forget to see what you thought in our own Best of 2017 Awards!

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