Shadow Arena Closed Beta Arrives Today

The Battle Royale, MOBA spinoff of Black Desert Online, developed by Pearl Abyss, is now live! Choose your favorite heroes from the MMORPG and enter the Shadow Arena!

shadow arena closed beta

In Shadow Arena, 40 players compete against one another in a battle to be the last one standing on the battlefield. Players can choose to fight as one of nine characters, each with their own unique fighting style. To climb to the top of the pack, players must defeat monsters and collect loot to upgrade their gear. However, securing victory comes down to a player’s superior skill execution and strategy. Shadow Arena combines MOBA, battle royale, and MMO genres to create a new type of PvP action.

Currently, the game has 2 modes: Solo and Team. Each of these features skill-based matchmaking that provides stronger opponents based on performance.

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Black Desert Online Spinoff Shadow Arena Beta Announced

The Shadow Arena beta has been announced by Pearl Abyss today. Shadow Arena was originally a game within Black Desert Online that has evolved into a game of its own as time has gone on. According to Pearl Abyss, while Shadow Arena does draw from Black Desert Online it has created its own style drawing from Battle Royales, MOBAs, and MMOs to create a unique arena fighter. Shadow Arena has two modes, solo and team which each challenge players in different ways.

A closed beta test for Shadow Arena will be running from February 27th to March 8th. Registration to take part in the beta test can be done on Shadow Arena’s official site. The beta will take place on Steam and will not be available for consoles though the game is expected to be available on consoles after it launches on PC. Right now Pearl Abyss says that they expect Shadow Arena to be released on PC within the first half of this year.

You can also check out the trailer for Shadow Arena which was released back in November as part of Pearl Abyss Connect 2019. The game looks exactly as amazing as you would expect considering it has been spun off from Black Desert Online which is without a doubt the most beautiful MMO that has ever been made.


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Black Desert Online Mobile Launches Worldwide

Today Pearl Abyss launched Black Desert Online around the world on iOS and Android devices. The game was pre-registered by 4.5 million people after the successful launch of the game in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. To celebrate the 4.5 million pre-registrations Pearl Abyss is offering players special in-game items and gifts like a Tier 1 Horse Emblem, Bunny Bunny Ornament, a Verdon Outfit Chest, Krenvatz Barding, and items that buff character skills.

Pearl Abyss has also launched a partnership with Amazon and Twitch. Amazon Prime members in eligible countries will be able to claim special rewards. Players just need to go to their Amazon Prime accounts and use the event tab to find in-game buffs, character cosmetics, and various items. This partnership is going until March 17th 2020.

Currently Black Desert Mobile is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Thai, and Indonesian. Portuguese is expected to be added in 2020.

In other Black Desert Online news, the Valkyrie update has arrived on Xbox One today. It introduced the Valkyrie class as well as Alchemy Stone items which allow players to buff character abilities.

Before you go be sure to check out the all-new launch trailer for Black Desert Online below.

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Season of the Hunt Event Coming to Black Desert Online Next Week

If you were thinking that now is a great time for BDO to have an in-game event Kakao agrees and has announced that the Season of the Hunt event is coming next week.

The event will begin next week on September 25th after the regularly scheduled maintenance. It will be broken up into several stages over the following three weeks with something different happening each week. It all begins with a Trina Knights First Captains Support kit giveaway for players level 56 and 58. The kit will give players high tier weapons and accessories.

On the 25th all BDO players will get the Fever Time Boost giving players up to +200% Combat EXP and +30% Skill EXP boosts. This boost will be available until October 8th.

Special challenges will be available to players throughout the first two weeks of the event. These will reward players for playing BDO for a certain duration. Adventurers can obtain special items such as [Event] High-Quality Draught Box, [Event] Extra Combat EXP Scroll, [Event] High-Quality Food Box, and [Event] Item Collection Increase Scrolls.

Also, during the first two weeks of the event a World Boss drop rate boost will be active. This will double the drop rate for boss items from Garmoth, Vell, Kzarka, Nouver, Kutum, Offen Tett, and Karnada.

All of this is leading up to October 8th when the Kratuga Ancient Ruins will open. This is a new high level grinding spot for players. Here adventurers can combat mysterious ancient weapon constructs that drop Elkar, a material that is needed to produce Elkar’s Crystal. This new type of crystal has All Accuracy +12 and Ignore All Resistance +10% effects and can be equipped on main weapons. Players will need a Black Spirit’s Claw to enter the Kratuga Ancient Ruins via Hystria Ancient Ruins and it is recommended that they have an AP of at least 250.


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Free Online Games This Weekend

There are several different free online games available this weekend that we would normally cover on MMOGames so we wanted to make sure you know about them. To start with Black Desert Online is going to be free to play this weekend on Xbox One. This comes right as Pearl Abyss has opened up Kamasylvia opening up on Xbox One and while they’re gearing up for the release of the game on the PS4. They’re also offering 30% to 50% off all three bundles they offer, so, if you like the game you can get it discounted.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

The other game you can get for free is Mutant Year Zero. This, along with Hyper Light Drifter is free this week on the Epic Games Store. Mutant Year Zero is a big surprise because it did come out less than a year ago. But they did just recently launch an expansion so maybe it isn’t all that much of a surprise after all. Of course to get this free game or Hyper Light Drifter you have to get the Epic Games Store which is itself a whole different can of worms. One that some people refuse to touch. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if it’s worth getting. The Epic Store does offer free games pretty regularly though. So you might decide its worth it.


Source: Black Desert Online Console Site, Rock Paper Shotgun

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E3 2019: Black Desert Announced for PlayStation 4

MMORPG news is a little bit light at E3 this year, just as it has been for many years now. However, there is one game that keeps on giving. However, Black Desert Online was announced for Playstation 4 today. It will support 4K resolution for PS4 Pro and feature an optimized UI for the fluid, responsive gameplay you expect on a console.

Black Desert Online Was Announced for Playstation 4

Pre-orders for BDO on PS4 will begin on July 2nd and include early access to the full game and in-game rewards. However, it should be noted that it will only be available in North America, Europe, Japan, and South Korea.

“Our team has been working diligently to make Black Desert the best that it can be, and we’re finally ready to reward our patient player base,” said Kwangsam Kim, Lead Producer of Black Desert at Pearl Abyss. “If you’ve been looking for a open-world action MMORPG on the PS4 with deep personalization to fit your gameplay experience, we encourage you to pre-order this July.”

During the second annual Into the Abyss event at E3 Pearl Abyss also announced that Black Desert Mobile will be launching globally in 2019 for iOS and Android. The game is already available in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

There is no release date yet for Black Desert online on the Playstation 4 but as soon as it is announced we’ll let you know here. For now though check out the trailer below.

All of this comes just days after they announced the Shai class and a new expansion called Great Expedition which will introduce new wind and current mechanics in the ocean, amongst many other things, including new islands for people to explore. Players will be able to roll up a Shai on July 19th, but there was no actual release date given for Great Expedition. Though we suspect it won’t be too long.

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10 Absolutely Shocking or Surprising MMO Events

The video game industry isn’t all about making games; that would be so downright boring. That is why now and then we get a shocking scandal, surprise announcement or surreal occurrence. Here are 10 controversial or surprising happenings that spread like wildfire and in some way changed the industry.

Save the Whales – Lockbox Legislation Around the World

Video Game Industry Scandals Star Wars Battlefront 2 lockboxes

Do you like gambling? Great! So why aren’t you inside a casino? Oh, that’s right, most games nowadays come with some sort of gambling feature called lockboxes. The premise is simple and ingenious: you are promised amazing in-game rewards that will be all the rage. So, what should you do? Purchase more and more of these boxes to increase the odds of getting that rare piece of gear or costume. Go on, put that credit card to use, games don’t make themselves, you know?

That was sarcasm, in case you didn’t notice. Always be responsible with your spending.

The shady thing with lockboxes is that the odds of really getting something worthwhile are incredibly slim and shrouded in secrecy, not to mention that they have this tempting allure that many players aren’t able to resist. It does sound a lot like gambling, right? That is how you end up spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on randomized pieces of loot.

Oddly enough, it was China that first started looking into this matter and demanded that developers publicly revealed the odds of earning an in-game item. Crossfire was one of the first games to come to light and the ludicrous 3% proves that lockboxes are a wonderful deal… for publishers.

Other regions such as Belgium and The Netherlands started investigating lockboxes, with some games such as Overwatch stopping the sale of lockboxes in affected regions. Electronic Arts was involved in this controversy as well, with games such as Star Wars Battlefront 2 and FIFA 18 being mentioned as examples. Of course, other countries aren’t entirely sure about this subject. France and Ireland, for example, aren’t the biggest fans of lockboxes but see this practice as a legally grey area.

Lockboxes are a touchy subject and will surely continue to be discussed during the following years. My advice to you is: if you really like a game and want to support the development team by spending some money, which you should totally do, look at the item shop and leave lockboxes alone.


Riot Games Bro Culture, Testicle Flicking and Gender-Based Discrimination

Video Game Industry Scandals League of Legends Riot Games

Riot Games achieved intergalactic fame riding on the success of League of Legends, but by late 2018 it was talked about due to the worst possible reasons: an alleged culture of sexism, a “giant fraternity,” and a “bro culture” where women were not welcome. It was a place where women were discriminated against, as their career progression was stifled as positions went to less-qualified men.

Kotaku created an amazing article with several interviews that dropped like a bomb in the already fragile and scandal-ridden video game industry.

Naturally, this piece spread like wildfire and had severe repercussions, with Riot Games having to undertake some serious damage control. Riot’s COO Scott Gelb was in the spotlight by facing accusations from multiple employees about repeatedly flicking testicles, farting on employees or humping them for comedic effect. Sounds like a lot of fun when you are on the receiving end, right?

To cut a long story short, several former Riot Games employees started sharing their experiences after reading the articles (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and the least that can be said is that it is some heavy reading. Riot Games eventually apologized, but the damage was done, and the past can’t be erased. How it has affected the studio – and League of Legends – remains a bit of a mystery, but I doubt that it did them any favors. And it’s so easy to apologize after your humiliating studio culture is revealed to the world…


A Bad Case of Battle Royale – PUBG Corp Sues Left and Right

Video Game Industry Scandals PUBG

Here’s a lawsuit for you! And you! Everyone gets a lawsuit!

There is no denying that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the game that kickstarted the Battle Royale craze. It remains as one of the most played games in its genre, but it is now trailing behind Epic Games’ Fortnite, and Respawn’s Apex Legends is also proving to be a worthy challenger.

However, if there is one thing that developer PUBG Corporation can’t claim is having invented the Battle Royale genre or its mechanics. That is why suing Epic Games sounded more like a desperate attempt to put a stop to the rising fame of Fortnite Battle Royale than an authentic, credible case. It felt more like a kid throwing a tantrum because someone stole his candy. His delicious, everlasting candy.

But before the Epic Games lawsuit, there was a previous one targeting NetEase. PUBG Corporation wasn’t pleased with Knives Out and Rules of Survival, going to the extent of detailing several game mechanics over 100 pages. Claiming copyright infringement for things such as a pre-game lobby, the air jump, character attributes and much more seems a bit of a stretch. Sure, I’ll admit that the frying pan armor may be somewhat original, but still…

PUBG is a huge success and shady copycats were bound to happen, but it will be a depressing day when a studio is granted the copyright for trite game mechanics or a completely unremarkable game idea. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that the day will never come.


Trust Us, This Time It’s Good – Bless Online Western Release Mess

Video Game Industry Scandals Bless Online

Bless Online is the perfect lesson in exaggerated hype and subsequent disappointment. May its legacy serve as a warning for future generations about the dangers of high expectations.

For the lucky few who aren’t aware of the whole situation, Bless Online is a Korean fantasy MMORPG that was several years in the making and had a large budget as well. A few lackluster betas led to a Rebuild project that ended up not changing that much, and the attrition between original western publisher Aeria Games and developer Neowiz was a clear sign that Bless Online wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be.

Ultimately, Neowiz decided to self-publish Bless Online in the west through Steam, but with a major twist – it was going to be buy-to-play! An unfinished, buggy mess of a free-to-play Korean game that the western crowd was now expected to pay for. Oddly enough, many players cheered this decision because things are always better when you pay, right? With the reality shock and negative feedback stemming from the Early Access phase – because Bless Online wasn’t in development for long enough, you know –, there was a 180º turn and Bless Online’s official launch marked a switch to the original free-to-play business model. Too little, too late?

Apparently, yes. As the original Korean servers shut down, along with the failure of the Russian and Japanese versions. The Steam release of Bless Online is now the sole focus of Neowiz. Unsurprisingly, it is bleeding players and its future is uncertain, to say the least.

But I saved the best for last! Out of the blue, Neowiz and Bandai Namco announced Bless Unleashed, further stirring up the hornet’s nest, a.k.a. Bless Online PC players claiming that resources were being shifted to this upcoming game. This Xbox One exclusive is developed in Unreal Engine 4, is free-to-play and is scheduled for a 2019 launch. How does that old saying goes? Fool me once, shame on you…?


Who’s the Parent – Daybreak / Columbus Nova Chaos

Video Game Industry Scandals Daybreak PlanetSide Arena

Daybreak Game Company was in the spotlight for an important part of 2018, and no, it wasn’t due to the massive layoffs (around 70 people). It was because of all the confusion surrounding Daybreak’s alleged parent company, Columbus Nova.

The makers of Z1 Battle Royale, DC Universe Online and PlanetSide Arena, among others, were involved in a tangled web of miscommunication, doubt and unexpected twists. Daybreak has officially denied any affiliation with Columbus Nova, claiming that Jason Epstein, former member of Columbus Nova, is the primary owner of the studio. This conflicts with a 2015 privacy policy which described Columbus Nova as the parent company.

This almost feels like a detective movie, involving a Russian oligarch, billions worth of frozen assets and nail-biting suspense. All that is lacks is a romantic subplot, but let’s not make it more complicated than it already is.


Elves on Spaceships – Pearl Abyss Purchases CCP Games

Video Game Industry Scandals Black Desert Online

What does it take for one Korean studio to acquire a hugely reputed developer with a massive hit that has been live for more than 15 years? The answer has three words: Black Desert Online.

Pearl Abyss delivered a stunning MMORPG that is almost unrivaled when it comes to graphics and action combat. It is also incredibly deep and complex – so much so that it’s awfully grindy and requires a hefty dose of patience, and usually money, to become a powerful player. There are reports of players having spent over $5,000 USD on Black Desert Online, and I’m betting that is the tip of the iceberg.

With such revenue numbers, it’s clear that Pearl Abyss had a bit of pocket money. They decided to use it on the acquisition of CCP Games, makers of the intergalactic epic EVE Online. Apart from the upcoming release of EVE Online in Korea, we don’t know what other plans Pearl Abyss has for the Icelandic studio. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t involve spaceships landing in Black Desert Online.


A Handful of Nothing – Wargaming Seattle Closes Without a Single Release

Video Game Industry Scandals World of Tanks

Gas Powered Games is a name that brings back some pleasant memories. It takes me to a time when I enjoyed playing the Diablo-like Dungeon Siege, or the complex real-time strategy series Supreme Commander. However, in 2013 the studio was suffering from severe financial issues and ended up being purchased by World of Tanks publisher Wargaming.

Thus, Wargaming Seattle was born, along with hopes of a new “big free-to-play MMO” that never saw the light of day. Five years later, not a single piece of info or a measly screenshot was released to the public, and Wargaming decided to cut its losses. The studio was closed, affecting a 150-strong team and leaving the gaming community oblivious to what kind of project was in development.

However, this isn’t stopping Wargaming’s ambitions. The Belarusian company acquired Edge Case Games in November 2018 and has several partnerships with various developers, one of the latest being Ukrainian studio Frag Lab, which is working on a next-gen free-to-play MMO first-person shooter.


Not So Heroic – Marvel Heroes Downfall

Video Game Industry Scandals Marvel Heroes Gazillion

There was once a time when Marvel Heroes merged the best of two worlds: Diablo-like gameplay and super heroes. Sure, it didn’t have the greatest start, but just as it happened with other online games – League of Legends is the perfect example –, it eventually got better as development progressed, gameplay was finetuned and new heroes joined the fray.

After a few years of live service, some worrying news came to light, and not all of them involving the game. A sexual harassment scandal concerning Gazillion’s CEO Dave Dohrmann is a major problem, and Disney’s (owner of Marvel) intention to cut ties with Gazillion was a death sentence. It all ended with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2018, meaning that the studio wasn’t paying its creditors and was forced into bankruptcy by the same entities.

Gazillion workers ended up without any kind of PTO or severance, making the entire situation even more dramatic.


Worlds Divided – Gamigo Buys Trion Worlds

Video Game Industry Scandals Trove

Trion Worlds was once one of the most prolific free-to-play games publishers and developers. Trove, Rift, Defiance and Atlas Reactor are all their own doing, and you certainly have heard about ArcheAge as well.

While some of these games were moderate successes, they weren’t enough to keep the company afloat. In October 2018, German publisher Gamigo acquired Trion, along with the full rights to the aforementioned games. They even managed to get a few Gazillion assets (makers of Marvel Heroes) in the deal as well.

Gamigo was undoubtedly one of the top players in the free-to-play market when the genre was on the rise. Recently, however, its catalog is more discreet, with the decent shooter Ironsight being one of the latest releases.


Guild Lost – ArenaNet Layoffs and a Grim Future

Video Game Industry Scandals ArenaNet Guild Wars 2

For some reason, ArenaNet felt to me like one of those studios that couldn’t do any wrong. Sure, it’s not like they have done much besides Guild Wars and its sequel, but both MMORPGs were critically and commercially acclaimed, thus my appreciation and admiration for their spotless track record.

Nonetheless, there are very few studios that manage to keep going for years without the occasional new release. Founded in 2000, ArenaNet was allegedly working on two new projects, but delayed development and a shift of staff from Guild Wars 2 to these unannounced games ended up being an unsuccessful move.

Reports mention over 100 layoffs at ArenaNet following a restructuring decision by the studio’s owner NCSoft. The future of ArenaNet is now uncertain, and if there aren’t any new games in an advanced stage of development, there is only so much that new Guild Wars 2 expansions can do. I fear that we will end up seeing the talented staff being engulfed and separated by NCSoft in a not-so-distant future.

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Battle Royale Weekly: Fortnite Faces Another Lawsuit

This week we’ve got new modes for several games, Black Desert Online gets a battle royale mode and Fortnite faces another lawsuit over the unauthorized use of a dance. Find all of that and more in this week’s Battle Royale Weekly.


Black Desert Online Goes Battle Royale

Black Desert Online is one of the most talked about MMORPGs at the moment and it’s really no surprise that they’ve now received a Battle Royale mode. The new mode, called Shadow Arena, puts 50 players on a map together where they start out as Black Spirits. Black Spirits must quickly find one of the bodies scattered across the map and possess it before their health runs out. These bodies only come equipped with a basic weapon and a basic skill, so once they have a body they need to start looking for better weapons and skills out in the world. A dark fog filled with Black Spirits will spread across the land, shrinking the playable area as time goes on. Players who are caught inside the fog will be attacked by the very powerful Black Spirits.

At the moment the new mode is only in Early Access and as such available only at certain times. On weekdays players can play the mode from 4PM to 1AM PST. On weekends it is available 9AM to 11PM PST.

Source: Press Release


Call of Duty Blackout Introduces Respawning

Blackout has received a new limited time mode for squads that allows anyone to respawn when the circle resets. The only catch is that someone from your squad has to survive up to that point. Right now the mode, called Down But Not Out is only available on the PS4 version of the game. Treyarch hasn’t said if the mode will be available on other platforms. Down But Not Out is available now, from January 16th to January 30th, so if you want to try it out do so now while you can.

Source: Polygon


Fear the Wolves Improves Player Experience

Fear The Wolves

Fear the Wolves has released a new patch that is said to improve player’s experience with the game. There are now faster queues, a new waiting room, vaulting, and voice chat. They’ve also made matches more intense.

Source: Steam


Fortnite Faces Another Lawsuit Over a Dance

Joining the others who have previous gone after Fortnite for dance emotes we’re now seeing the parents of Orange Shirt Kid joining the fight. Orange Fight Kid is well known for his dance moves which he calls the Random, but in Fortnite they’re called Orange Justice. The lawsuit states, “Through its unauthorised misappropriation of Orange Shirt Kid’s highly popular signature dance, the ‘Random,’ along with his well-known catchphrase ‘It’s also a great exercise move!” in its smash-hit, violent video game, Fortnite Battle Royale, defendants have unfairly profited from exploiting Orange Shirt Kid’s protected creative expression, likeness, and trademark without consent or authorisation.”

One major difference between this emote and the other lawsuits that have come before is that Orange Justice isn’t actually available for sale in the game. Still, the lawsuit says, “Epic cannot profit from Orange Shirt Kid’s hard-earned fame by its misappropriation of the Random, Orange Shirt Kid’s likeness, or the Catchphrase.” It should also be added that this lawsuit is being handled by Beck Price & Hecht LLP, the same firm behind the other two major emote lawsuits.

Source: Independent


Proxima Royale Closed Beta Waves 2 and 3

Proxima Royale

In January the Proxima Royale servers will have two weekends where they are online and active for players to play. The first weekend is January 19 to 20 while the second weekend is January 26 to 27. On the first day of these two weekends the servers will be online from 3PM to 9PM EST. The second day the servers will be active from 7PM to 1AM EST. This will allow players from many time zones all over the world to participate without having to stay up all hours.

Source: Steam


Rapture Rejects Introduces New Mode

Rapture Rejects has introduced a new mode that will allow players to keep coming back to the game until someone finds that golden ticket to heaven that’s hidden in their neighborhood. Once the ticket is found the battle royale begins and it is a fight to the death to get it from the person who found the ticket. To make it even more of a challenge the person who is holding the ticket gets marked on the map. This new mode is available now on Steam, assuming you’ve paid for the game.

Source: Steam


Realm Royale Pirates vs Ninjas

Realm Royale is asking the question as old as the internet itself. Who would win in a fight: pirates or ninjas? The Steel vs Shadow Battle Pass has arrived and for a limited time, and players will be able to unlock exclusive items. The battle pass features 80 levels of unlockable rewards including mounts, character skins, chicken skins, skydive effects, titles, and more. The announcement doesn’t say how long this battle between Pirates and Ninjas will go on for but it looks like there is a lot of stuff to unlock. So if you’re like me, and you need to get everything, you might want to get started now.

Source: Steam


Valhall Beta Moves to Steam

Valhall has made the move to Steam after having previously decided they would use their own client. Now beta players will be able to play the game through their Steam profile. If you’re a beta tester and haven’t received your beta key yet you’re being instructed to get in touch with the Valhall devs on Indiegogo. They are sending out beta keys one time every day, so depending on when you get in touch it may be another day before you get your key.

Source: Steam

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Black Desert Online Archer Class Now Available

It is time to take careful aim, the Black Desert Online Archer class has been unlocked for play. The Archer comes on to the scene with both the main weapon, Crossbow, and the class Awakening weapon, the Greatbow. Taking in the launch trailer, it’s clear that Pearl Abyss loves the motion that they have built into the class with the Archer moving like a forest Elf on fast forward.

If you got on to the game early last week to pre-create your character there were rewards for doing so but if this class has caught your eye and inspired you to come back to BDO or try it out, there are yet more rewards to be had in three different events.

First off from now until January 9th they are running the Archer 1+1 Dual EXP event where you can gain the same amount of XP (outside of boosts) that you get on your Archer with one other character. You can find the steps laid out here:
There is also a Level Up Event where rewards can be obtained for every milestone level you achieve on your Archer.

Finally there an EXP boost event with +100% combat EXP and +30% skill EXP through the event period until January 9th.

Suffice to say they really want to get you on an Archer and help you fly up the levels. Given that you can level an alt at the same time, that seems like a good deal.

Maybe it’s fate that the Archer in all of the promotional material has the blonde surfer look or maybe it’s the abiding influence of Legolas in popular consciousness, or maybe it’s just a good segue into the other Pearl Abyss news, but they have opened their first US office in Manhattan Beach on the west coast.
“The Manhattan Beach office will serve as an important regional office for Pearl Abyss’ continuing growth and success, and our self-publishing efforts in the western market,” said senior vice president Jeonghee Jin.

What will this mean for future endeavors for Pearl Abyss? We’ll keep an eye on hiring calls in the LA area to see what comes.

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Black Desert Online Kicks Off its Xbox One Open Beta

The wait is finally over for console players who have been eager to get their sandbox MMO on. The Black Desert Online Xbox open beta is…well…open starting today, with the game offering up a pretty healthy variety of things for players to get involved in during the testing period.

black desert online xbox open beta

The open beta build of BDO for Xbox One promises to provide a game that lets players fully explore the various systems and features the full game will offer. Part of that promise is a full 40 levels of character advancement in order to let players dig in to the game’s skill system.

The open beta will also feature four general player events, seven daily game master events, and a variety of out-of-combat pursuits such as fishing, trading, gathering and the like.

The open beta for Black Desert Online will run between now and Monday, November 12th. All of the details on how to install the game and timing for the various events can be found at this dedicated Xbox One page for the MMO.

Our Thoughts

40 levels of beta access certainly seems like a lot, but considering the various carrots one can chase in this game (or the varieties of grinding one can burn their face off of, depending on how you look at it) this certainly does make a lot of sense. Here’s oping that the beta is reasonably smooth and that players enjoy.

Source: press release

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