Blade & Soul 2 Unveiled as a Mobile Title

The news pouring out of NCSoft just keeps on comin’! At a Media Day event in Korea, it was confirmed that a Blade and Soul sequel is indeed in the works. That said, it appears to be a mobile MMORPG and not a PC game as many perhaps were hoping.

blade and soul sequel

Unlike the other NCSoft-related reveal, this announcement is significantly more sparse: all we have to currently go on is a cellphone video of a teaser trailer, which showcases a desert landscape, a logo for Blade and Soul 2, and the year 2018.

This is Game has also confirmed from their report at the press event that the game will be a mobile title. Additional information is expected to be announced sometime soon, though all of the information in question comes from a Korean news site and so a release outside of the region doesn’t appear to be in the cards.

Regardless, you can check out the footage of the teaser below if you’re at all curious.

Our Thoughts

We’re not entirely sure how hungry the current Blade and Soul playerbase is for a sequel or a new mobile game based on the IP, so perhaps it’s for the best that Blade and Soul 2 is left to the Korean players. That said, are you at all wondering what this mobile title is all about? Let us know in the comments.

Source: This is Game via Steparu

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