Blade & Soul Pushes Back its Class Specialization Feature

Feedback is important, so long as that feedback isn’t the text-based equivalent of banshees shrieking in a gale. It’s that feedback that has changed plans for the Blade & Soul December update…or at the very least, one specific feature of the update: class specializations.

blade & soul december update

According to a letter from producer Jonathan Lien, reactions from players regarding the class specialization feature that was introduced in the Korean version of the game started some internal discussion. As a result of this meeting, the team has decided that the upcoming December patch will not launch with these new class spec functions.

“We ultimately felt the best decision for our players was to wait and delay the release of the class specialization update, which will allow us to include additional balance changes and adjustments made over the coming months when we release that content,” writes Lien.

Despite this feature getting shed for the time being, the December update will still have plenty to do with another round of dungeons, system updates, new legendary equipment and some quality-of-life changes. There will also be an upcoming opportunity for players to sign up for a free December gift pack, which will likely be detailed soon.

Our Thoughts

It’s a shame this feature had to be pushed back, but we have to applaud the BnS team for making the choice to do so. Here’s hoping that these balance changes aren’t too much like homogenization, though — we know this game has an esports presence and it’d be a shame if those considerations took precedence over making the class specs distinct and fun.

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Blade & Soul’s Next Update is Rage of the Hive Queen

Nothing says “MMO gaming encounter” quite like fighting a horribly giant bug monster. This is one of the challenges that will arrive to players of Blade & Soul in the upcoming Rage of the Hive Queen update, which has been detailed and dated.

rage of the hive queen

The Hive Queen in question is a reference to a new boss coming to the Temple of Eluvium, where players will continue to chase down Zulia. Naturally, she’s not making it easy, throwing harpies, Augerites, and fiends in your path before taking her on Zulia herself as the titular Queen of the Hive.

The Aransu School storyline continues as well with the addition of the Great Aransu School itself, an encounter featuring corrupted thralls and various other twisted former guardians of the once-vaunted location.

Halloween is also on its way to the Earthen Realm in the form of Blade & Ghoul. The Merchant of Wonders is coming back once more with the opportunity for players to purchase randomly selected items such as themed cosmetics. Players can also complete Daily Challenges to earn a Ghoulish Gift Box, or they can complete the Raven’s Cry and Chasing Zulia weekly raid quests for increased rewards and a chance at cosmetics from each raid.

Rage of the Hive Queen is coming to Blade & Soul on Wednesday, October 18th, while the Blade & Ghoul event will run from October 18th through November 8th. Information is available on Blade & Soul’s website

Our Thoughts

Looks like the raiding segment of Blade & Soul will be pretty busy come this update. We also think that Halloween outfit pictured on the website looks super adorable. Overall, we hope this will be an entertaining chunk of content for fans of the MMO.

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Gamescom 2017: Blade & Soul Confirms the Gunslinger’s Arrival

Conforming to the unwritten law that your Korean wuxia-styled MMO must have a ballistics-wielding class, the Blade and Soul Gunslinger is on its way. The reveal was made just before the European Regional Grand Finals of the game’s esports tournament, along with a teaser trailer and a launch date.

blade and soul gunslinger

The Rise of the Gunslinger update will introduce the class to the game, along with a number of unspecified updates, in-game events, and promotions. Details are currently sparse on the class itself, though a previous trailer from the Korean version showed the class switching back and forth between twin pistols and a long-range rifle in combat.

The Gunslinger and the related Rise of the Gunslinger update will arrive to Blade and Soul on Wednesday, September 13th. Further information is promised in the coming weeks, but you can check out the teaser trailer below in the meantime.

Our Thoughts

There’s not much to go on here, but a brand new class is almost always going to drive up some excitement. We’re anticipating learning more about what the Gunslinger brings to the class choices in Blade and Soul!

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