Bless Unleashed Releases its First Trailer

Bless Unleashed is no doubt a thing. Its own thing, if you’ll recall the recent FAQ. But all we’ve had were words and pictures. Until now, anyway, as a new Bless Unleashed trailer provides the first look of the console MMORPG in action.

bless unleashed trailer

The trailer provides some in-game footage and sets the scene of the game, challenging players to face off against dragons and gods. Much of the setting and classes should feel familiar to PC players of Bless Online, though without a UI there’s not much to confirm what’s similar and what’s different between the two games.

The blurb in the video description makes similar promises to the game’s first announcement, with “rewarding combo-driven gameplay mechanics and persistent progression [that] book-end an experience handcrafted for online play.” A persistent open world where players will need to watch out for mythical creatures and other players is also offered, as integrated PvP will be a factor.

There’s still no hard release date for Bless Unleashed beyond its initial arrival to Xbox One in 2019, but you can take a look at where things stand with the game for now in the video below.

Our Thoughts

So far, so similar regarding Unleashed and Online. Not to say that this trailer looks bad, by any means – it does look like a lovely game. We’re still just waiting on some further details on what will truly differentiate the console game from the PC game.

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Bless Online Releases an FAQ Regarding Bless Unleashed

A lot of MMORPG fans, ourselves included, were taken by complete surprise by the announcement of Bless Unleashed, a game coming to the Xbox One in 2019. But wait, isn’t Bless Online still a thing? Why are they working on a new game when they haven’t fully released the PC version? A new Bless Unleashed FAQ is hoping to provide some answers.

bless unleashed faq

First concern first: the focus on the Steam release will not be shifting to the new Xbox One game. According to the FAQ there are two different teams, with the console title being developed by Round 8 Studio. Further, the FAQ explains that Bless Online and Bless Unleashed are two totally different games, with Unleashed featuring story, combat and skill progression that’s crafted for the console.

Despite the two games being handled by two different teams, there are some parallels to draw regarding early access. “We look forward to applying much of what was learned and sharing that knowledge with the folks at Round 8 Studio in their quest to make Bless Unleashed as polished and ready for launch as possible in 2019,” explained the post.

There are still no release dates for Online or Unleashed, but the PC version is still on track to launch later this year while Unleashed will arrive at some point after in 2019.

Our Thoughts

Well, we suspect that will at least answer a few concerns people have. However, if reactions to the initial announcement are any indication, then the team at Round 8 Studio have a bit of a burning bridge to repair as people still feel that the PC version is not up to snuff. Assuming, of course, one takes the responses of a small handful of Twitter users as gospel.

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Bandai Namco Announces Bless Unleashed for Xbox One

If you were among those who thought that Bless Online should be a thing on consoles, then Bandai Namco has your back. The company has officially entered the console MMORPG market with their Bless Unleashed announcement, bringing the game’s signature combat to the Xbox One.

bless unleashed announcement

The announcement offers a general synopsis of what Bless Unleashed will be offering, but it all sounds pretty much part and parcel with the PC version in an all new title. The announcement promises combo-driven mechanics, an open world, five classes, and PvE and PvP gameplay, all in an Unreal Engine 4 shell.

Bandai’s senior director of online publishing In Joon Hwang appears very excited for his company to enter the console MMORPG space. “Bless Unleashed is a game that takes the gameplay depth and community of an MMORPG and sets itself apart to create a new console RPG experience,” said Hwang in a statement. “Every aspect, from the story to the combat, to the skill progression has been carefully crafted to portray a new console MMORPG experience.”

Bless Unleashed will be releasing free-to-play on Xbox One sometime in 2019, with no word on whether a PS4 version will be arriving or if there will be any cross-platform support. If you happen to be attending PAX West, a hands-on demo will be available at booths 2323 and 2335.

Our Thoughts

The folks at Neowiz have been very good at keeping this piece of information under wraps, as we did not see this announcement coming whatsoever. We are very curious to know if Xbox One players are going to be interested in trying out Bless on their console or if PC players who feel burned by the early access PC game will attempt to poison the well against this new title. Ideally, that won’t be the case, because the combat of Bless definitely lends itself to a console experience.

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