The EU Blizzard Gear Store Opens

Show of hands: how many times have you seen some neat schwag on the Blizzard Gear Store only to find that the prices is too high because the store isn’t open in your country and you’re paying fees out the nose? Well, the new EU Blizzard Gear Store should hopefully ease that pain a bit as the digital shop has opened its virtual doors today.

eu blizzard gear store

The newly-opened Europe-specific store will let fans in the 28 EU member states get their hands on all of the Blizzard game-related goodies they want. Thanks to the store’s new warehouse based in the Netherlands, shoppers in the EU can experience faster delivery, lowered shipping costs, and no import duties.

The new store has opened with a little FAQ that answers queries about the new store. Of note is word that the EU store’s inventory and the US store’s inventory are not the same right now, though additional items are promised to be added regularly. For those who aren’t willing to wait, you can still purchase items from the US store, so long as you’re fine with paying whatever taxes, import duties and customs fees are necessary.

For our EU friends, you can take a look at the store’s offerings here.

Our Thoughts

We know of at least a few people in the office and among our friends who will be happy to see this news! Anything that makes purchasing Blizzard merch easier and cheaper is definitely a net positive for fans of the studio’s games, so here’s hoping there aren’t too many missing items between the US and EU stores!

Source: press release

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