Hi-Rez is Making a 1v1 Mobile RTS Called Bot Smashers

It would appear that, in addition to the in-development Paladins Strike that was announced earlier today, Hi-Rez is working on another mobile title. HRX was the site for the Bot Smashers reveal, a new mobile RTS that will likely involve the smashing of bots.

bot smashers reveal

Details on Bot Smashers are currently sparse right now as the game’s website has only a few pieces of information in its FAQ. However, an included video seems to suggest that Bot Smashers will have some form of online multiplayer component as battles play out one-on-one on a specifically designed arena.

Here’s what the informational blurb on said video has to say:

“Wreck, explode, destroy, and otherwise obliterate the opposition with a unique cast of quirky robots in this real-time strategy battler. Build your base, develop your own strategies, and become the top smasher of bots. Collect and upgrade dozens of bots who serve your thirst for destruction.”

Interested players are invited to sign up for early access on the Bot Smashers site. You can also check out the trailer for the game below.

Our Thoughts

This kind of game seems to be the sort of quick-moving fun type of title that’s perfect for mobile. We’re most definitely curious to learn more about Bot Smashers as well as see if there’s a lot of demand for something like this, so be sure to give your own impressions below.

Source: Twitter

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