Sandbox MMO Boundless Officially Releases

If you call your game Boundless, it’s a fair bet that there’s lots of sand in the sandbox to roll around in. Today, players will get to find out if that is indeed the case as the Boundless launch is now upon us, bringing a shared voxel world for both PC and PS4 players.

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Four years of early access have finally culminated in a launch product, which hinges on player cooperation for its in-game crafting, economy and politics. Boundless lets players open portals to a variety of different planets to explore, colonize or gather resources from. Boundless also features cross-platform play between PC and PS4 in a single in-game ecosystem.

“This launch is akin to the Big Bang in our eyes,” says Wonderstruck director James Austin. “In essence, we’re firing out the atoms to form a new universe that players will live, explore and create within, defining how it grows and changes with no input on our part.”

As usual, a new game release means a new trailer and Boundless certainly has one, though this trailer is precisely the same as their previous one, except with the declaration of its arrival. You can check that out below if you haven’t seen it previously.

Our Thoughts

This game certainly has potential for sandbox MMO fans, but we’re curious to know just how collaborative it will actually end up becoming. We wish those who are starting their own journeys in-game the best of luck in whatever endeavors they take up.

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Sandbox MMO Boundless Locks Down a Release Date

When we last peeked in on the voxel-powered sanbox MMO Boundless, the game had been made a part of the Square Enix Collective, lending it some extra publishing power. Now, we’ve got a Boundless release date along with a new trailer illustrating the game’s possibilities.

boundless release date

Boundless is a fully open, player-driven sandbox world where everything from politics to trade is handled by the game’s players. Boundless will feature cross-platform play between PC and PS4 in a single unsharded universe, granting players the freedom to forge their own destiny using six gameplay pillars; exploration, building, crafting, hunting, trading, and settlement-building.

Gameplay-wise, Boundless will launch with hundreds of items to craft; a skill point system to customize your character; objectives, feats and events that offer rewards and experience to level up your character; and seamless travel between a variety of worlds through the use of portals among other features.

The whole boxy shebang arrives to PC and PS4 on Tuesday, September 11th. More information about the game is at the website and a trailer heralding the sandbox’s features can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Naturally, people are going to begin squawking about Boundless being a Minecraft clone. Regardless, we have to admit that Boundless does look to have a whole lot going for it that could make it stand out from other voxelbox MMOs. All that can be done in the meantime is wait for the full release.

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Square Enix Collective to Publish Voxel Sandbox MMO Boundless

Square Enix has a pretty thin list of MMOs and Square Enix Collective even moreso. That looks to be firmed up a little bit more in both cases with word that a Boundless publisher agreement has been finalized between the team at Wonderstruck and Square Enix Collective, offering some new backing for the in-development sandbox MMO as it continues to make its way to final launch.

boundless publisher

You might remember Boundless as being called Oort Online once upon a time. In Boundless, players get to explore a voxel-based sandbox world where they can mine, craft and hunt alone or with others. The game has undergone a variety of updates over the course of its Steam Early Access period, with its 192nd build update introducing a number of balance adjustments and some additional polish.

That spit-shine is perhaps part of its new connection to Square Enix Collective, which will help bring the game to PC. The devs will self-publish on PS4 as well, but the announcement by the Collective does state that there will be cross-platform play in Boundless’s single, unsharded universe.

While a firm release date has not been tied down, players can expect Boundless at some point later this year.

“Here at Square Enix Collective we’re very proud to have worked with a range of talented developers in the past few years – teams from a whole host of countries around the world, working on projects in a diverse array of genres,” remarks the announcement. “We’ve put an unhealthy number of hours into [Boundless] here at Collective Towers, and we hope you’ll join us at some point as we all shape our own destinies.”

Our Thoughts

Congrats to the team at Wonderstruck for getting the attention of Square Enix Collective! We’re all for seeing the MMO genre expand onto consoles further, particularly ones that are sandbox-y, so here’s hoping that development presses on at pace to bring this new world to life!

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