Heroes of the Storm Adds a New Braxis Brawl

Perhaps this shouldn’t be too surprising considering the earlier Starcraft 2 free-to-play launch that this week’s Heroes of the Storm Brawl mode involves Braxis. What is different, however, is the Brawl Mode itself, which tasks players with one simple objective: escape.

heroes of the storm brawl

Escape from Braxis is generally a straightforward affair: players will have a limited selection of Warrior, Assassin, Specialist and Support Heroes to choose from and will have to make their way through the Omegaswarm to an extraction point.

All players will start at level 10 for this Brawl and will have full talent access save for certain ones like Bribe. If a player falls, they can be resurrected by their allies after a short channel time. During the Brawl, enemy Zerg Heroes will randomly spawn and drop new active items that are unique to Escape from Braxis. For those who successfully complete three matches, a Loot Chest will be awarded.

The Escape from Braxis Brawl is on right now. You can learn more about the available Heroes and other details on the HotS website.

Our Thoughts

Nothing says “team-up” quite like mowing through the Zerg on your way to an extraction point. While this particular Brawl doesn’t seem to have much in the way of Mutators, but dealing with a presumed crushing wave of Zerg is more than enough. Here’s hoping HotS players enjoy!

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