WoW Wednesday: Weekly World Bosses

Everyone has their routine, especially in the World of Warcraft. With a weekly system that logs and records what players participate in to manage rewards, many players often have that routine locked down to various activities across your free days. Some players like to start their week off with Mythics, move to Battlegrounds on the next and then start their weekly raiding runs in time for the weekend. Many often include older runs for collectibles and rare objects, but most overlook some of the rarest raid bosses in Azeroth. This week we’ll talk about a series of bosses that you should include in your weekly routine that often are ignored; Weekly World Bosses.

For players not in the know, World Bosses are flexible Raid Bosses that can be found out in the world of Azeroth. Introduced back in the original World of Warcraft and they have continued to be implemented since the launch of Mists of Pandaria up until the latest expansion Battle for Azeroth. Designed as a more attractive and accessible means of PvE content, current players have to coordinate outside of guilds and potentially beat back the enemy faction to potentially retrieve lucrative pieces of loot. While some of the most dangerous and important bosses currently plague Kul Tiras and Zuldazar this week we’ll be giving you a list of some of the most important bosses to hit across the world.

“The Legion will conquer all!”

One of the first and oldest bosses, Doom Lord Kazzak is the last incarnation of the very demonic lord who assaulted the Blasted Lands in the times of old Warcraft. Promoted by the Burning Legion for his reopening of the Dark Portal, the Doom Lord now oversees Ered’ruin and the Seat of Kil’jaeden in Hellfire Penninsula. Much like his counterpart Kazzak drops loot with unique transmog appearances such as the Exodar Life-Staff.

The Doomwalker is the Burning Legion’s living siege-weapon in Shadowmoon Valley. In binding the souls of fallen Draenei, Kil’jaeden used the mighty construct to lay siege upon the Black Temple and his rebellious agent Illidan Stormrage. Just like Kazzak, the Doomwalker contains several unique transmogs but also possesses an incredibly LONG respawn timer as it patrols old Shadowmoon. This one is better to farm just after the weekly reset, with a few friends who want in on the action.

Introduced in Mists of Pandaria, the following bosses all now have 15 minute respawn timers, allowing players to kill them at any point in the week.

“Yes, YES! Bring your rage to bear! Try to strike me down!”

Introduced to Pandaria at launch, the Sha of Anger is one of the seven manifestations of negative energy that plague the Pandaren homeland. Raging throughout the Kun’lai Mountains (and harassing the poor Grummle packmasters) the Sha threatens to escape the mountains and ravage the wider lands in its destructive throes. Not only does this world boss reward an achievement (and credit towards the Tranquil Master), this particular Sha drops various class-pieces for PvP Season 12 and tier 14. As well it currently drops the rarest mount in game, the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent, which reportedly only has a one percent drop rate making it lower than Invincible from Icecrown Citadel.

Alongside the Sha, a warband of Saurok lay siege to villages in Valley of the Four Winds. Mounted atop their colossal mushan Galleon, Chief Salyis and his cowardly lot have been terrorizing the land since their inception at the launch of Pandaria. Players willing to brave the cannon fire and take down their siege weapon will find spoils aplenty for the taking, including pieces of Tier 14 that would otherwise be class locked in raids from the time. As well players may scoop up the Son of Galleon, a mushan mount that some may find far more tamable than its mighty father.

With the launch of Patch 5.2, The Thunder King saw the launch of the Isle of Thunder, a massive daily quest hub that introduced a server-wide campaign to stop the Thunder King Lei Shen, reanimated by the dark magics of a war-minded Zandalar. With its introduction, it also added two new World Bosses to our list that drop important and rare mounts.

“I am born of thunder!”

Found at the very gates of Lei Shen’s palace, Nalak the Storm Lord is the greatest of the Thundering Cloud Serpents, possessing the very power of the storm itself. The Thunder King’s personal guard-dog, it bars entry to the Throne of Thunder and threatens to obliterate any unwary adversary that steps into its domain. Like his Pandarian cohorts, he also drops several tier and PvP seasonal pieces, including those that would otherwise be class restricted. He also has a small chance to produce the Reins of the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent, a new beginning for the Lei Shen’s pet.

Located on the northern-most island found in Pandaria, the Zandalari have brought their dinosaurs to assist in the defense of the Thunder King’s holdings. Chief among them is the mighty Ravasaur, Oondasta, a beast infused with the raw fury of the Loa that has often seen many victories for the island kingdom of Zandalar. Heroes brave enough to traverse the island my challenge the mighty beast and in turn be rewarded with elite and unique gear appearances, as well as a chance at the Cobalt Primordial Direhorn. Sometimes the best things just come in blue!

The last four world bosses of Pandaria are not a necessary addition to your weekly rotation. However, they are the only manner in which to grind reputation with the Black Prince faction and will take almost an entire year to raise it to exalted. The four August Celestials all drop pieces of Season 14 PvP gear, as well as tier pieces for the Siege of Orgrimmar. Whether you choose to fight Xuen, Yu-Lon, Chi-ji or Nizuao all share the same loot table and only one will reward you with loot and 250 reputation with the Black Prince.

While still rare, many players can also engage Ordos, Fire-God of the Yaungol if they have one of the Legendary Cloaks from Pandaria. There isn’t much to be gained from putting down the destructive demi-god aside from several tier loot pieces from Siege.

In the alternate timeways of Draenor, several beasts of madness still threaten to devastate the landscape. Both Tarlna the Ageless and Drov the Ruiner plague Gorgrond, their children locked in world-altering battles. While both are defeatable during lockout, they do share the same theme in their loot-tables and will only offer some older and otherwise locked out transmog.

“Rukhmar is venerated as a deity by the Arrakoa, seen as an embodiment of the sun itself!”

Summoned by the adherents of the arrakoa, Rukhmar is lauded by the chittering priests of the nation as a god, an effigy of the great sun itself. Worshiped and used to justify some of the greatest atrocities among the overzealous population, Rukmar may now prove a greater threat to the invasion forces as they struggle to survive Draenor’s harsh landscape. Those looking to topple a god can find the beast in the Spires of Arak, who drops not only several tier pieces but the rare Solar Spirehawk mount. A great addition to any Blood Elf Prince’s collection.

Promoted just in time for the Legion’s occupation of Draenor, Supreme Lord Kazzak directs the insurgent forces from within his overlook in the Tanaan Jungle. For those looking to seek a little vengeance, he drops Heroic versions of loot you can achieve throughout the Hellfire Citadel raid tier.

Players adventuring throughout the Broken Isles and Argus can also still engage the World Bosses from Legion, but these still seem to be regulated to their weekly rotational lock-out, preventing players from rapidly completing several achievements.

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