Legends of Aria Gets a Graphical Facelift and CBT 2 on July 12

July 12th is going to be a pretty big day for the folks at Citadel Studios. That’s the date when Legends of Aria CBT 2 will go live, bringing with it a number of features, bug fixes and a pretty significant visual upgrade for the sandbox MMORPG.

legends of aria cbt 2

The most recent dev blog post offers a significantly deep dive into the new Legends of Aria update due to arrive on June 12th, including a number of before and after screenshots showcasing the improved graphical tricks coming soon.

Of course, there was mention of new features and bug fixes with this next dev milestone. Of note in this next build is a new Awakening Encounter, several new tameable animals, a revamp of town shops that limits their stock and makes it easier to see what’s for sale, and a number of changes to combat and dungeons among other updates.

With all of this said, followers of Legends of Aria’s progress might notice that this next closed beta test is an additional step on the game’s previously unveiled roadmap. According to the devs, that’s largely due to several pieces of collected feedback:

“The data we collected from the Bring a Friend week, as well as the first round of feedback from the Guild Beta, on top of the incredible efforts of our long-time community members, came together and convinced us that we simply needed to do another major update and take more time for testing.”

As for what happens to the roadmap now, the devs are stating that CBT 2 will be the final round of closed beta leading up to the game’s wipe, which should get more firm details at the end of July. In the meanwhile, a video presentation of the graphical update is below.

Our Thoughts

Well, such is the way of the open development MMO beast: dates keep on shifting and plans adjust. That said, it’s very clear that things in Legends of Aria have progressed from a purely visual standpoint. Here’s hoping that this next closed beta test will prove that this sandbox is prepared to move forward from a gameplay standpoint as well.

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