Wild Buster Resurfaces as Champions of Titan Closed Beta Begins

Do you remember Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan? The MMOARPG that was taken off of Steam after publisher Insel Games was found manipulating reviews? Well, it’s come back in a new form with the start of the Champions of Titan closed beta. Guess time truly can heal all wounds.

champions of titan closed beta

The re-launched MMO is now under the stewardship of IDC Games, who handle MMOs and online multiplayer games like Zula and Spellweaver and are now kicking off the first closed beta test of Champions of Titan.

Champions of Titan promises action-oriented MMO/MOBA style combat with plenty of PvE missions, dungeons and raids, and PvP in the form of DotA-style gameplay, battle royale and FFA, along with 5v5 and 10v10 squad leagues.

CBT will be running for the next few weeks and will move on to an open beta phase later in the summer. In the meantime, people who are interested in joining in can register or learn more about the game on this website or get a general idea of what it’s offering with the trailer below.

Our Thoughts

Well, maybe the second time is the charm? That all said, this relaunched edition of the game doesn’t look too dissimilar from the game that was being released before, though apparently with decidedly less Duke Nukem.

Source: press release

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