City of Titans Shows Off Fan-Built Characters

I know I’ve mentioned here before how building a superheroic avatar is probably the single most important thing in playing a game like City of Titans. Heck, I’d even go so far as to say it’s more vital than the powers you select. If the City of Titans fan characters showcased by the team recently is any indication, then, we’re all in for lots of decisions to make fashion-wise.

city of titans fan characters

The custom-built characters come by way of hands-on time fans had during this year’s New York Comic Con, where players were able to stitch together their own superheroic avatars from scratch to make some completely unique characters.

Much of the fan-created avatars seemed to take full advantage of the game’s ability to create asymmetrical designs, with alternate shoulderpads and textures being applied to different parts of the costume. Lighting effects were even put to some unique use as well, with one character – The Great Magnifico – sporting glowing brooches for his cape.

The preview also gave a nod to the character builder’s ability to make female avatars of varied shape. “We promised that female Titans would have more choices than just busty and extra busty,” notes the preview. “If you prefer a more realistic body shape, you can have it.”

Be sure to pop by the game’s website to take in the most recent in superpowered fashion.

Our Thoughts

That definitely is a robust character creator, to be sure, and it only confirms our suspicion that the first several hours of gameplay in City of Titans will be spent cobbling together the perfect avatar. We really can’t wait to see these creations open up to the broader audience and shared in a grander scale.

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New City of Titans Race Offers New Character Creation Potential

The reveal of the new City of Titans Apkallu race in and of itself probably isn’t that interesting, unless you really like fish-men or ambulatory fish monsters. What is interesting, however, is how the creation of the new race has introduced a variety of features for players to utilize once they put together their own heroes in the game.

city of titans apkallu race

As described above the Apkallu are a race of villainous fish people who want to claim rule over humanity by flooding the city and wiping out humanity, because that’s how you rule people I guess. They’re a magic-based race and like to use nautical-style weaponry like harpoons, tridents and even anchors on occasion.

What makes this race’s inclusion unique is that it’s the first addition of monster heads that will be available in the game. The race also introduces the addition of Armpit Wings – webs of skin that run from the character model’s armpit to their hips – along with tattoos and asymmetrical costume pieces.

On the subject of a couple of those costume pieces, Pit Wings can either carry the same colors and design as a character’s skin or have “craft” variants that replicate outfit material textures. As for tattoos, those are a bit less customizable; they can only be tinted instead of textured and can only be placed on specified parts of the body instead of freely customized and placed. Still, tattoos will also be able to glow if you’d like your character’s ink to be extra special.

Our Thoughts

For those of us who can spend literal hours in a character creator putting together the perfect avatar (self included), these new options that the Apkallu represent are definitely exciting. We’re not so sure about the Pit Wings feature, but it’s always good to have more choices.

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Ship of Heroes Debuts Villain Group as Character Creation Test Begins

If you’re going to be aboard a literal ship of heroes, you’re going to want some villains to fight. Luckily for you (and probably unluckily for the average citizens), you’re not spoiled for choices as another Ship of Heroes villain group has been revealed, which also happens to reveal new possibilities for character creation as the feature enters alpha testing today.

ship of heroes villain group

First, a bit of background on the villain group in question, the Yekus Mercenary Clan. The Yekus, as mercs often do, operate on both sides of conflict, with a multi-species membership that utilizes cybernetic implants and high-tech weaponry.

The group’s presence aboard the FHS Justice is led by one Matthew Ingles, AKA Mad Matt – so named for his recklessness and penchant for personally leading his forces in a fight. Whether Mad Matt is a super or not is unknown, as he uses such a broad variety of homemade gadgets that it’s unclear whether there are innate powers involved or just a lot of deadly toys.

The new villain group has some ramifications for the Ship of Heroes character creator, which has begun alpha testing today. Namely, the group’s clothing styles, female officers, cybernetic implant pieces, and a number of face and hair styles can soon be built within the creator itself.

Additional details on Ship of Heroes testing and new powerset videos are planned for the week. Until then, you can check out concept art and details about the Yekus Mercenary clan on the Ship of Heroes website.

Our Thoughts

For players who like to build more tech-minded and cyber-enhanced characters, the Yekus provide some excellent customization potential. With all of that said, we’re more looking forward to seeing these customizations in actual practice within the game instead of just through concept art.

Source: press release

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Ship of Heroes Shows Off an Upgraded Character Creator

Vets of City of Heroes – or most MMOs in general – know that character creation can be about 60% of your starting experience. The new Ship of Heroes character creation demo could possibly raise that to about 70 or 80% as it shows off new features for crafting your perfect avatar of justice.

ship of heroes character creation demo

The dev blog and subsequent showcase video expand on features and footage that was provided at PAX West this year. The new Character Creation Tool (CCT) offers a longer look at the list of Archetypes as well as numerous Primary and Secondary Powers players can select from. According to the dev blog, about 50 of these powers are fully complete.

The showcase also provides a look at the “big guy” character model, as well as an improved camera that zooms in tighter on your avatar’s face in order to help players fine-tune their character’s facial features.

Testing of the CCT is expected to arrive in a couple of weeks according to the post. Until then, you can watch the full character creation demo below.

Our Thoughts

Seriously, though, crafting a superhero or supervillain in CoX was easily the most entertaining aspect for me personally, so watching Ship of Heroes’ CCT in action was certainly a real treat. We’re looking forward to seeing this creator begin testing and for continued updates from the team.

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