Here’s How You’ll Dress Up Your Ship and Yourself in Sea of Thieves

One could call it the true end game; the process of character customization. Of course, the devs at Rare Ltd. aren’t ignorant to this phenomenon, particularly since there’s no in-game gear or stat-boosting equipment, so they’ve got into more detail in a recent video all about Sea of Thieves customization options.

sea of thieves customization

Building your Sea of Thieves pirate won’t involve fiddling with sliders, but will instead have players looking at a Pirate Carousel which randomly generates a variety of body types, genders and other customizations until players find the avatar they want.

Once you’re in the world, character clothing options open up, granting players the ability to choose from a variety of jackets, undershirts, trousers, hats and more, including the obvious peg legs and hook hands. Many customization options are tied to reputation progression, with certain items denoting one’s status with a specific faction in the world. Of course, players don’t have to wear the fanciest hat, perhaps choosing to hide their reputation level beneath the rattiest rags.

A pirate is only half of a pirate without their ship, and numerous customization choices are available on that front as well. The Shipwright will let players completely adjust a number of different options for their vessel, including figureheads, sail colors and sail livery.

Sea of Thieves is once more running another scale test this weekend from now until Sunday, March 4th at 2am PST/5am EST. You can take a look at how fab or drab you can make your pirate in the video below.

Our Thoughts

While we certainly question the wisdom of having character creation tied exclusively to a random generator – which seems like it would take just as much time as fiddling with sliders would – we can’t argue with the way a number of the customizations in Sea of Thieves look. Personally speaking, you’re not really a pirate unless you have a big, fancy hat. Just my opinion, anyway.

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