Sea of Thieves Shows Off a Non-Verbal Communication System

When you’re in a crew of several other salty dogs, you’ll want to be able to communicate. But perhaps you’re shy, or something about your situation limits your ability to utilize voice chat. That’s where the in-development Sea of Thieves non-verbal chat options come into play.

sea of thieves non-verbal chat

in the latest behind-the-scenes video from the devs, senior designer Andrew Preston discusses the importance of communication and shows off the new feature. “Sea of Thieves is best played with voice comms, but we always wanted players to be able to enjoy the game without having the need to use [them],” explained Preston. “Non-verbal comms is something we’ve always wanted to get around to…there’s been a lot of dialogue on the forums where players asked for it, so we’ve bumped that up our priority now.”

Similar to the radial item menu, non-verbal communication in Sea of Thieves will be handled with a series of selectable pre-set phrases. The phrases in question will change depending on what item the player is interacting with, such as specific orders if a player is manning a ship’s helm versus simply standing idle. Additionally, the phrases will be translated automatically across all regions Sea of Thieves is open to, letting players from around the world communicate together.

The new communication system is set to arrive to Sea of Thieves sometime in the near future, and is also due to be expanded upon with additional phrases based on the item a player is wielding. You can take a look at the non-verbal chat system in action below.

Our Thoughts

Pre-determined phrases have been reasonably useful in MMOs like Final Fantasy XI and XIV, but have also been somewhat limiting. Regardless, in a game where communication is key, any advantage is a good one. We hope this upcoming added feature will help further bring Sea of Thieves players together.

Source: YouTube

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