WoW Wednesday: For the Children

The World of Warcraft certainly has a plethora of wild and rather out there holidays packed in to the yearly calendar. One of the more appropriate and tender-hearted events throughout the long game-year is one that tackles a topic we don’t discuss much in a world of constant warfare. Orphans. Children’s Week, or Week of the Wardens, is an in-game event to try and tackle the sensitive subject.

The loss of parents in a world of war is certainly inevitable, but that doesn’t by any means tarnish the wonder of Azeroth’s youth. Instead, most spend their time growing up in the city hoping to experience the wider world of adventure they could only dream of. Organized by Orphan Matrons Nightingale and Battlewail, heroes of Azeroth can temporarily adopt several of Azeroth’s innocent youth and show them the wider world about them.

The main draw of Children’s Week is indeed adopting your own Orphan. Starting at level 10 you can adopt your first young-one from Orgrimmar or Stormwind depending on your faction, with further being available to adopt the higher your character level is. At Level 60 you can adopt either a Blood Elf or Draenei orphan, depending on your faction, from Orphan Matron Mercy in Shattrath City. At level 72 you can adopt either a Wolvar Pup or an Oracle Hatchling from Orphan Matron Aria in Northrend’s Dalaran. With the introduction of Battle for Azeroth this year, you can now also adopt either a Casteless Zandalari or a Kul Tiran Orphan at Level 110, depending on your faction.

Each of the above orphan’s has their own particular quest chains, all of which are unique. Most simply want you to take them out to see the wonders of the world. Some just want you to take them down the street for a cone of ice-cream. Each year you can adopt all four orphans from their homes to complete their chains, each resulting in unique Battle Pet Rewards. Almost every orphan has up to four unique pets available, meaning that you could feasibly collect them all if you had four level 110 alts.

For those that have completed their collection there are pet supplies and cash rewards sprinkled through the questing (or just cash if you want to be that kind of scrooge). However, one of the achievements for the event, Veteran Nanny, requires you to obtain three of the Shattrath Orphan Battle Pets all on one character. Buying them from the Auction House will not give credit, meaning that it will take you three years of questing to complete it. Thankfully this achievement is not part of the holiday’s over-arching meta.

Like most of the Wrath of the Lich King era holidays, Children’s Week also has its series of achievements. It’s meta-achievement, For the Children, ties into the holiday meta What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been, and also awards the title of either Matron or Patron depending on your character’s gender. While most of the following achievements can be completed within a day or two however there are several that will take incredibly focused dedication to complete within the short week the event runs through.

Aw, Isn’t It Cute? is the first and most easily finished achievement on the list. Simply collect any of your available orphans and take them into the world. Complete their quest chain and get any one of their pet rewards to fulfill the requirement. While several pets can be purchased on the Auction House, this achievement can only be completed by receiving the pet directly from the questline.

Bad Example requires you to, very cruelly, eat a series of delicious and wonder deserts in front of your poor Orphan. Monster. Most can be purchased from various vendors and innkeepers throughout the world, however several require Northrend cooking to make. Most items can be purchased either from the Auction House or from Aimee in Dalaran.

Children’s Week
Daily Chores requires you to complete any five daily quests while your orphan is out. For newer players that came into Warcraft during Legion or Battle for Azeroth, Daily Chores cannot be completed through the World Quest system. Instead it can only be completed by the old Daily Quest system that persisted up through the end of Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor. If you have a particular reputation you wanted to start grinding, such as the Netherwing Flight or the Argent Tournament, now is the best time to get them started.

Hail to the King, Baby thankfully doesn’t require you to complete Duke Nukem Forever, but instead finish one dungeon. Head out to Utgarde Pinnacle in the Howling Fjord, Northrend and defeat King Ymiron with your orphan out. This can be completed with any orphan on either normal or heroic difficulty, meaning it can be a fine addition to your Blue Proto-Drake runs.

Home Alone requires you to use your Hearthstone while your orphan is out. If you, like me, prefer your fancy hearthstone alternatives such as The Inkeeper’s Daughter or the Lunar Elder’s Hearthstone these will also complete your achievement. Astral Recall does not work for Shaman, nor do the Ruby Slippers.

School of Hard Knocks is the most difficult achievement to complete on this list, simply due to current queue times on both US and EU servers and the sheer competition you’ll face. This achievement required you to perform the several following objectives in PvP Battlegrounds with your orphan out. These can be done in either rated or unrated battlegrounds.

Capturing the Flag in Eye of the Storm is perhaps one of the more difficult, simply because the others can be relatively completed without engaging in PvP. While in Eye of the Storm you’ll need to race to the center of the battleground and collect the flag from its spawn point, afterwards returning it to a base your team holds. This will be easier to perform after the first collection, as most teams will flood the center at the start of the battleground.

Assaulting a tower in Alterac Valley is slightly easier, as all you need to do is click one flag in one of the enemy team’s tower-bases. Keep in mind you’ll also be competing against forty other players on your team, so be aggressive and play wisely.

Assaulting a flag in Arathi Basin is perhaps one of the easier ones and can be completed almost immediately as the battleground begins. Simply race to the closest base from your faction’s home base and get to capping! Make sure you set your orphan out right away once you zone in, as they’ll be able to keep up with you on their own mount.

Returning a flag in Warsong Gulch is the most difficult achievement to perform, simply due to the high-speed nature most flag carriers act with in Warsong Gulch. Some good Samaritan players will often appear to drop the flag repeatedly for enemy players to collect, but this is not always the case. After an enemy flag carrier snatches your emblem, you will need to kill them and then be the first to click the flag and return it. You’ll be competing against everyone in the nearby area as there are multiple PvP achievements for returning flags in Warsong and the enemy team will want to collect their potential point.Q

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