Equipment and Inventory in Chronicles of Elyria Eschews Silly for Realistic

If you’re the kind of person who likes to stuff five different longswords into the pouch of an inventory bag, then you might not be a fan of the Chronicles of Elyria inventory system. Also, if you like having a helmet that increases your intelligence, you’ll also likely not be big on the upcoming MMO’s equipment angle.

chronicles of elyria inventory

The most recent development blog offers deeper insight into the design decisions behind Chronicles of Elyria’s approach to inventory management and the benefits of gear. According to the post, the devs are looking to provide a sense of realism, with belts that have a limited number of slots to attach bags or weapon scabbards, bags or rucksacks that can have additional pouches added, or armor that can have pockets sewn into them.

As for armor, the concept of equipment conferring strength benefits or magical properties was considered too “silly”. That said, that doesn’t mean armor won’t be good to have, it’ll just be more about survival than stats. “We are aiming for a relatively realistic feel to equipment and inventory,” reads the post. “Instead, your skill as a character and a player will be the source of your skill. Crazy, I know!”

Our Thoughts

We can certainly appreciate the line of thinking behind these decisions, but we also have to wonder if managing inventory and considering what to bring and not to bring will be worth the effort, especially if finding a neat piece of equipment suddenly becomes a source of aggravation as you futz with your bags and belts.

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