Solo Features Star Wars Galaxies Easter Eggs

Its been 7 years since Star Wars Galaxies shut down but hardcore fans found not one but two Star Wars Galaxies easter eggs in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The most notable of the two references was from young Han Solo himself who mentions that he spent part of his childhood boosting AV-21s, a two-seater Correllian speeder. This vehicle first made an appearance in Star Wars Galaxies. The vehicle was quite rare in the game and has never been mentioned outside of Star Wars Galaxies until now.

The second reference was to the valahorn, a musical instrument. This instrument was first introduced in Star Wars Galaxies and got its first big screen mention in Solo. In the movie, Woody Harrelson’s character Tobias Beckett says he plans to retire to Glee Anselm where he wants to learn to play the valahorn.

For most people who see Solo these easter eggs will go completely over their heads, but for those who still pine for SWG, it is a welcome nod to a part of the universe they loved. Hopefully, this marks the beginning of a new chapter for Star Wars Galaxies and we will see more things from the beloved MMORPG make it into the mainstream Star Wars continuity.

Raph Koster, the game director for Star Wars Galaxies seems to be quite pleased about the mentions, having taken to Twitter.

We’re just wondering what took them so long. Star Wars Galaxies is an obvious place to go for any random Star Wars things you need to have mentioned without having to make up something. The writers for Solo were either SWG fans or they really did their homework. The big question on our minds now though is if that means Star Wars Galaxies is canon. Disney got rid of a lot of Star Wars’ previous canon when they took over, something which angered a lot of fans.


Source: Syfy, Slate

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