New WoW Cinematic Hints at a Horde Not Fully Behind Sylvanas

The lore hits just keep on comin’. While the World of Warcraft community – and Horde players in particular – continue to try and come to grips with the events of the War of Thorns story in-game, a new Battle for Azeroth cinematic has offered some intriguing hints that there are people among the Horde who aren’t blindly following all of Sylvanas’ whims.

battle for azeroth cinematic

The new cinematic, titled “Old Soldier”, takes us to the early morning hours before the battle highlighted in the debut cinematic for Battle for Azeroth. In the short, we follow Varok Saurfang as he comes to grips with the loss of his son, the dishonor of the actions in Darnassus, and an eager young recruit’s ideological view of the Horde.

“The fires of war rage across Azeroth, but legendary Horde warrior Varok Saurfang wants no part in the fighting. After a lifetime spent on the front lines, he has outlived most of those closest to him, even his own son. On the eve of a battle that will determine the Horde’s fate, the old soldier must choose whether to finally lay down his axe for good.”

The cinematic is a stirring look at the Horde and appears to add a splash of the much-joked about missing grey from the decidedly villainous actions of Sylvanas in recent events. If somehow you haven’t already, take in the full video below. Or just watch it again. We know you will. It’s okay.

Our Thoughts

…and suddenly, Metzen’s advice to wait and see where the story goes next doesn’t seem so insane. We do get the impression, though, that this cinematic was maybe kicked out ahead of schedule; they still have one more Warbringers short to debut and this cinematic seems to lead nicely into a release just before the expansion’s launch, but considering the outrage at the War of Thorns story beat, perhaps they felt the need to tell this side of the tale earlier.

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