Star Citizen Launches Alpha 3.3 and New Squadron 42 Trailer

This year’s CitizenCon had plenty of new shiny things to reveal for Star Citizen devotees. Among them were the features of Star Citizen alpha 3.3 and a star-studded new cinematic trailer for the single-player Squadron 42.

star citizen alpha 3.3

Alpha 3.3 is due to launch to backers today, bringing several features like the addition of enemy AI during FPS sections in the Stanton system and improvements to object streaming, which is said to bring a 100% improvement to the game’s framerate.

The new alpha build has also included a facial recognition feature that uses your webcam to map your face and animate your in-game avatar in real time, letting your avatar mimic your mouth as you speak and broadcast whatever odd facial expressions you wish to convey.

With the launch of 3.3 also comes a number of new ships that can be bought and flown in the latest test build. These range in price from the $30 Mustang Vindicator fighter to the $725 Aegis Hammerhead heavy attack vessel. For those wondering when you’ll be able to get these ships without cracking into your retirement fund, the devs have said that progress on an in-game economy is being made.

Finally, the latest Squadron 42 trailer has debuted with a suitably vague yet cinematic look at the single-player campaign’s story beats. The trailer also features a number of top-tier acting talent such as Mark Hammill, Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson and Henry Cavill. That trailer can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

All things considered, we really could do without the face mapping avatar tech, especially if dropping development of that feature would mean that time is spent releasing the full game. Really, though, that’s more assumption than anything and we’re glad to see that Star Citizen is making some strides forward regardless.

Sources: VG247, YouTube

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Star Citizen Backpedals on CitizenCon Livestream Paywall Decision

Star Citizen‘s decision to lock the CitizenCon 2018 livestream behind a digital pass has been met with the fire and fury that only an internet mob seems capable of producing, and so Chris Roberts and CIG have decided to reel back their decision to lock the event’s keynote and closing presentation behind a digital ticket.

citizencon 2018 livestream

Chris Roberts made a rare personal appearance on the game’s official forums, both announcing the reversed decision and explaining why it was made in the first place. According to him, the choice to require a digital pass wasn’t marketing’s idea; it was his.

So what’s the deal? It ultimately comes down to money, according to Roberts.

“I felt if we were bothering to put these panels on with all our top developers we should record all of it for the community to see. And if we were recording all of it then couldn’t we also stream it all for the community members that were interested? And since we constantly get criticized for our home-brew approach to videography and streaming, let’s bring in a specialist company that can handle multiple simultaneous stages, cameras and streams.”

This line of thinking, combined with the additional costs of holding this new larger CitizenCon, meant that a way to be “fiscally responsible” had to be devised, and since subscriber revenue already covers the cost of community content and events, the digital pass idea was born.

That said, the outcry has been heard, and the opening keynote and closing will be available for all Star Citizen accounts. “What we didn’t anticipate is how dearly some of you value watching the main CitizenCon presentation live,” Roberts admitted.

Our Thoughts

…um….duh, guys.

Source: official forums

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